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Reggie doesn’t exactly like being the “bad guy” but he also doesn’t particularly shy away from it. Especially if he thinks he’s right and everyone else is being silly, or weak, or whatever. If he had intended to hurt Maddison’s feelings he certainly could have.

I’ve spent most of the day is a haze because the wind is so bad that the air is filled with dust and it’s absolutely screwing with my allergies. You can smell it in every breath and taste it all the time. I tried to mitigate it with a humidifier but it just can’t get ahead of it. Rinsing my eyes doesn’t even help. Apparently I just have to live through it until it’s over. Sometimes you just can’t beat nature.

Anyway, as always, I would appreciate it if you would consider supporting my work via the links above. I hope you have a pleasant couple of days and I will see you Wednesday.


Just when you think he’s getting better. It’s always two steps forward; one and a half steps back.

My mom uses these portable air filter things to scrub her rooms of allergens. They’re slow, but they help. If you put one in the room you use most often and keep the door shut must of the time, that room should be okay.

Oh Reginald, that’s Black talk… watch your pure-blood speech afore you ruin it with Alexandra.

Yesterday the local NPR station was reporting that, at least in this part of the country (south central PA), the weird winter weather is causing a lot of people to experience nonallergic rhinitis. Basically, the swings in temperature and barometric pressure torque the sinus tissues around and cause the same symptoms as allergies, but allergy treatments don’t help, because no allergen is involved. Said nasal sprays sometimes help.

I know this isn’t particularly helpful, but it might be part of why the dust storms are affecting you worse this winter.

As someone who lives in Central Central PA (Hi Type!), with fairly severe allergies, I can confirm.

Basically it comes from the fact that everything south of the Mason-Dixon line is in full-swing Spring right now.

Up until that last line, the worst you could have said was that he was out of line, but he wasn’t wrong.

Then the last line hit and he became That Asshole Reggie again for a few minutes.

I’m not surprised by his statement (it is in character), but I’m hoping that after the reaction to it he talks to someone about it to continue his development as a character. The budding thing here could have been good for his development, but I don’t see her as being willing to explain his problem to him after hitting that soft spot so it will need to be someone else (can think of a few different characters that could do it in different ways) that can explain it to him for him to have a realization.

It seems to me less like “Reggie’s being an asshole again” and more like, since he’s being by definition put on the back foot as “the bad guy” in this particular situation (at least in Maddison’s head/ what he thinks is in her head), he’s leaning into it to make the interaction and aftermath pass easier, even if only/ mainly in his own mind.

You know that often-meemed scene where Hulk just suddenly throws a punch out to his side and knocks Thor across the room?

Oh no, why did I choose today of all days to catch up wit Between Failires after a few weeks of being almost completely offline? Now the suspense of how this situation is gonna resolve is killing me!

I swear, when I read that last panel I didn’t even get the implications of what Reggie just said, I was like “whoa man, a bit of too dark a humor there, maybe?”… But then I read the very first comment and it dawned on me just how hard and heavy this is about to hit Alex. At that point, I audibly drew in air that way people do when your body involuntarily starts bracing for what’s about to go down.

Oh man, I can’t wait for the next page… Kudos to you Jackie, I can’t remember how many years has it been since I’ve last felt this kind of expectant feeling! It’s not an easy thing to inspire in someone else, and it speaks to your ability as a writer that you’re able to set this up and cut the scene to leave us hanging like this without making it frustrating. Bravo!

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