354 Why Did You Take Me To A Gay Steel Mill?

Okay, for the record, I use a Windows machine and I’ve never had any real problems with it, or the long line of them from the before times.  I manage to cobble together my art without the alleged magic contained within a Mac.  I don’t hate Macs.  I’m not the kind of person who is unreasonably loyal to brand.  If I could afford a Mac I’d consider owning one, but I can’t wander into a nearby store and get one.  I’d have to find a Sherpa, and mount an expedition.  Things have gone fine with my PCs, and will have to continue going fine well into the foreseeable future. 

Why bring any of this up?  Microsoft’s latest operating system, Vista, sucks.  They’ve been scrambling to make it not suck for some time now.  Knowing what I do about how Microsoft works, I realize that the chance is very low that their countermeasures will succeed.  Vista will most likely continue to suck right up to, and past, the moment that windows users are forced to upgrade.   

The latest attempt to stem the tide of negative press is a series of commercials wherein people are fooled into trying Vista by renaming it Mojave.  The codename must have been chosen because the long term effects of using Vista are like those a person would experience if left in a desert, presumably to die.  Much like a taste test challenge, people are surprised by how slick Vista seems.  “You mean I’ve been drinking Vista all along?  Hahahahaha!”  Jolly times are had by all.  I don’t doubt that in the short term Vista is probably neat.  The devil, however, is in the details.  Details like my scanner, printer, and God knows what else won’t work with Vista.  I didn’t upgrade to Vista, partly due to the cost, and partly due to the fact that even my Microsoft keyboard was not guaranteed to function under Vista’s rule. 

Once the press has gotten so bad that the only way to get people to even look at your product is to engeneer an elaborate ruse, you have failed.  Sure the windows “Mojave” commercials are cute at first, but if you take a second to realize the desperation that would lead to such a move, then it begins to seem pathetic.   


I’ve personally been using Macs since I was old enough to walk, and I’ve generally had less problems than with PCs. I recommend them (plus now you can boot into Windows too).

Alternately, if you want to keep using Windows XP long past its sell-by date, you might want to search to figure out how to bypass Windows XP’s Product Activation if you need to (obviously I don’t condone doing anything illegal, of course.)

Vista’s not so bad – most of the bugs were fixed when Microsoft released SP1. The only reason they got bad press was that when it was first released, most of the hardware companies were behind the ball and hadn’t got drivers out yet. Your printer and scanner and probably supported now (as long as their not completely ancient) – just check the manufacturer’s website to see if they’ve released new drivers. MS mice/keyboards definitely work – I’ve got both.
The key to getting a good experience though is making sure your system exceeds the minimum requirements by a bit – these are grossly understated. I’d recommend a dual core CPU, 2 GB RAM. The RAM is pretty important, since Vista is terrible under 1 GB. The low minimum requirements was another thing that contributed to the problems. Most people are better off buying an entire new computer than trying to upgrade their existing system to Vista – that’s why the uptake has been so slow.
I’ve been using Vista for over a year, and I like it way better than XP. But if your still against it, just wait 2 years for Windows 7 to come out – its based on Vista, but there won’t be any hardware problems then.
But I do agree that the whole Mojave campaign is really pathetic – just MS trying to fix the problems they created by lowering the minimum requirements for Vista so that Intel’s current laptops could run it (see http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-9882376-37.html).

BTW, I love your webcomic. Keep up the good work!

I am studying in IT and I know people who work in IT, sorry Vista was a black hole that time and energy was thrown down with no discernable effect.

I bought Vista to be up to date and very quickly realised I had made a big error. Vista is and will always be a job at my Univerity, a job that some people like me fell for!! No professional in their right mind would use Vista, even back at the start of 09.

Anyways, I don’t ever remember having to pay for a single Microsoft operating system in my life, since I’ve always just bummed a CD off of him. That being said, I still support PC’s and will probably continue to do so for time to come. I can use both of the operating system just fine, so I’d rather just go for the one that immediately associates me with self absorbed assholes.

*Warning I tend to write a lot*

I was running XP media center Ed upgraded with a Vista home premium disc. the upgrade took about four hours, and another half hour to fix the driver bugs.Issues. Also my compy has a Quad-core, 4GB RAM so operation speed wasn’t all that bad, but what I really hated was how every single time you’d install an update to Vista at least one or more of your older programs was no longer compatible, and it seemed like it was always the ones that companies wouldn’t have a patch for so you had to buy their latest copy at roughly $100. I also had to force a few programs to work or else I wouldn’t of had sound or a printer.

Well I managed to get back down to XP (A hard drive crash makes the downgrade easier), and I love it. Also I’ve heard lately that the newer copiers of Vista are coming out with a built in downgrade to XP option.

I love that both of them are having hot fantasies about the other XD. That is the best female fantasy I’ve seen to date. And it made laugh while I was at work X3. Nina’s dissapointed face is so brilliant and cute. Well done, lad.

Vistas not as bad as anal leakage. At least, not once you get used to it. I mean, the first couple times you try to bring something over from cd and install it you’ll get tired of its incessant “do you want to move this file?” “yes” “Is it okay to move this file?” “YES” “You’re absolutely positive this file should be here?” “FUCKING YES ALREADY!!!!”
Not of overshadow this comic… I find this one extremely funny and DAMN! He’s cute with short hair. ^^

I happen to use Vista as it was OEM on this laptop I use. I don’t think it’s quite as bad as everyone makes it out to be. *HOWEVER,* I do say that anyone currently having a successful time running XP on their current system should not switch now.

However, if you’re getting a new PC/laptop you may as well get Vista since the *real* minimum requirements are fairly standard at this point.

Of course, I’ve heard better things about 64-bit Vista aside from iffy compatibility with older programs and such, so that may be something worth looking into.

I run Windows Vista (Home Basic, whee) and after SP1 it’s not so bad. That and installing Virus protection. That helped tremendously. Especially with Limewire on it. Yeah. I avoided a near disaster when I accidentally downloaded a music file that had a virus and there was no music file.

Anyway, I’ve used Microsoft since as far back as I can remember, which is only till like ’95. Anyway, it almost seems like every time the climb back up out of a hole, they just walk right into the next one they’ve dug for themselves, except the hole is exponentionally deeper than the last.

I guess it’s only fair… he was having hot librarian fantasies. I love the disappointment in the last panel as she realizes that she is not, in fact, the luckiest girl in town.

I often wonder if women do have such wondrous fantasies as this.

Also it’s kinda cool to see what Ed would look like if he decided to tame his wild mane.

Vista is to XP


Windows 2000 is to Windows 98

It’s completely unnecessary, it’s all that more secure, and it’s just a way to make money.

Rusty, Win2K was the successor to NT4.1 NOT to 98. ME was the successor to 98.

And XP is just a really big expensive patch for 2k. 2k is NT 5.0 XP is NT 5.1 go figure.

Waldo is Microsoft Certified Professional for Win2k Pro and Server

And he hates Microsoft on general principle.

The fact that Microsoft billed Windows ME as a product worth doing anything other than laughing at it does not make Rusty-Knight-X’s statements any less true.

As far as I could tell, Windows Me was less of a change from the last minor update to Windows 98 than the biggest minor update to Windows 98 was to the minor update before it. It had all of the same fundamental security holes that Windows 95 had, just like Windows 98 did. If you wanted a real upgrade from Windows 98, you went to Windows 2000.

Nina makes me laugh.

Vista SUCKS! >: (
My it dosn’t work with anything. But they have patches you can download, but guess what Vista dosn’t work with those patches! Its so sad its funny.

God this comic was awesome….I simply cannot express it!
Oooooh Nina, you and your goofy mind. A scented steel mill….lol

Ohgoodness, you’re so wonderful to us readers, giving us twinned shirtless Eds <3 I wonder how long it'll be til we get some of the women shirtless…

Little fact I ran across when I took my first programming architecture class: When it comes to Microsoft OSs, only get the Odd number releases.

Windows 3.1 (OS #1) = It worked. I’ll say that much.

Windows 95 (OS #2) = yeah. It worked. But it could have done sooo much better then it did.

Windows 98 (OS #3) = Pretty good and solid system

Windows ME (OS #4) = I used to tell my customers that ME was conceived on a Wednesday, planned on a Thursday, coded on a Friday, announced on a Saturday, and shipped on a Sunday. This would be fine… except that all 5 days occurred with in the same week.

Windows XP (OS #5) = Hey, here we are 7 years later and Microsoft is actually trying to kill it off. What more needs to be said?

Windows Vista (OS #6) = I think enough has been said about this one.

See? It holds true. I’ve played around with windows 7 and I gotta say I like it. So it seems the pattern still holds.

Unpopular opinion: my experience with Vista really wasn’t that bad. Of course, my experience wasn’t necessarily typical. The only Vista box I ever had was brand new, with a fresh install and enough horsepower to make Vista work the way it was supposed to. And I still upgraded to Seven as soon as it came out. (I bought the machine shortly before Seven was released, so it came with a free upgrade.) That said, I’d probably still choose Vista over Eight. Because why the hell do I want my PC to act like my phone/tablet? They’re different devices, I use them for different things, and they don’t even use the same physical interface. Ten sucks a lot less than Eight, but for me Seven is still the gold standard of Windoze.

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