Guess I’ll start.

And I already have nothing to say.

I’ll drink to that.

I drink to you drinking to that.

I’ll drink to drink to drinking that.

I’ll drink to drink to you drinking to drink to that.

Clink, clink, no more to drink
I had a cellar full but now its gone
Drink, drink, the glasses clink
Like the anvil chorus and my head is splitting
Uh, brinking, uh, busting, oh brother

Oh, ow, what’ll I do now
Pink elephants are running after me
Oh, that stuff is smooth as silk
From now on I’ll stick to milk
Nothing else to drink for me

Thank you, Mr. Jones

huh, I believe Ed’s last line is by far one of the most intelligent things that I’ve ever read, be it in comics or in printed word.

as a nothing, i applaud you kind sir

Ahhhh, geez, her walking around in her underwear is so distracting.

You are an evil evil artist.

Bless you.

Here’s to hoping for a more revealing look at her, ahem, character.

I’m starting to wonder if Ed and I were separated at birth. I don’t fight the world but for what I believe in. When I’m down I’m as down as him is if not lower. Really hope Nina can help him as he is too stubborn to follow his sister’s advice.

Reading these last few strips examining ed has been like looking at myself in a mirror. I’m not sure what to think about that.

Entertaining is the rest of your family on vacaction leaving you in charge of the house and locking yourself out with two dogs with you and one inside on the first day. This is followed by panic, an inability to remember the garage door to get the spare key, trying neighbor one’s house and not being able to call out, knocking on neighbor two’s door without an answer, and finally getting a phone from neighbor 3 just to hear your siblings voicemail. That’s entertainment.

Aww, he seems so unsure of himself! He should channel the power of his hairy chest and sideburns to bring him self esteem and become a super manly scholar!

If body hair gives you power I should be able to lift a truck over my head.

I have the urge to offer Jessica yummy chocolate chip cookies so she’ll have a nice yummy tummy sporting above her waistband c.c

The next time you feel the need to share you should run it by a few people first to see if it sounds super super creepy. I, for one, have the jibblies now.

I know enough people who would share that opinion, no worries about that. But since it’s obviously not well liked to voice one’s opinion here I’ll refrain from commenting further. You know, participating in the whole Web 2.0 thing. Guess I’m getting old :p

Sheesh! Not too old to be angsty!
Sayin’ you lust to see Jess as a full-figure is one thing, sounding like you are fattening something for slaughter is just a little too…. well, creepy.
It’s not what yer sayin’, it’s how yer sayin’ it!

That’s what I’m saying. If you think I give a crap about a person liking tummies then you aren’t familiar with my body of work. The opinion is fine. The presentation is what bothers me.

I look at her and think she is hot. But then I remember what a friend of mine said when he considered dating my sister.

“No way guy. She looks like you but a chick. I couldn’t even hug her without creeping out.”

I must say that reading through the archives to get to this point has made the summer a lot more interesting, and gave me a lot to think about. Truly, reading this been a high point for me as of late. I’d feel bad if I went much longer without saying something.

I imagine you don’t do it for the gratitude, but thanks.

I do it for a lot of reasons, not least of which is gratitude. I’m glad it made you think. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Well, just read through the entire archives in the past hour and a half. I like it! I also like that there are comment boxes directly below!

For some reason, reading this commit makes me want to make an epic cgi fighting video…

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