646 Holes.

I don’t think there’s another person in a hundred miles that plays Dragon Quest IX.  I’ve taken the game with me to canvass for guests twice now and haven’t even seen a single person.  It must be way easier for viral type play to catch on in Japan, since they’re stacked 3 deep, but the American desert doesn’t lend itself to it.  They need to make a lonely person channel you can log into over the net or something.  Otherwise I’m never going to see half the game’s dungeons.  T^T

Things have been pretty  desolate out here all over.  DVD shelves are empty, no one carries manga anymore, Wall-Marts aren’t even restocking toys at this point.  It’s not like I collect much at this point anyway, but I enjoyed having the option.  Coverage of comic conventions to me is like a chronicle of things I’ll never see.  Products exist in the aether like the ravings of a lunatic.   “There were once action figures based on the character designs from War For Cybertron”, I’ll say, and the people will cry “You’re crazy!  The only thing that was, or ever will be, is Revenge Of The Fallen”!  Dark times…


Ed’s situation is really hitting close to home for me here. Like him, I had no ambition, but I was stuck in a grocery store instead, which is far less intellectually stimulating. Hence the setting of my comic. My characters would sneer in envy at your Megatainment uniforms!

Years later I still have no college under my belt, but I do all right, and I’ve found a few more worthwhile things to keep me busy.

Treading Ground v. Between Failures Deathmatch?

I just figured out what the art style reminds me of. The old gundam cartoons, don’t know what took me so long to think of it.

But yeah, I was just think of this same thing the other day.

I’m 23, never went to school let alone get a degree. I have no skills 1 baby and a 2nd on the way. I drive around and ask people if they “wanna fix the bodywork” on there cars, I also sometimes sell cars.

So yeah, I’m screwd as well…and the Internet called me gay.

It’s more like 70s/80s manga in general. I didn’t watch Gundam.

On a biological level you’ve already won, if the kids live to breed.

Being gay isn’t the social stigma it once was. Be proud of your gayness, even if it’s just namecalling.

I ment no disrespect, I love those old shows and I love the way these look.

It just looks right with wonderful this story.

Maybe that’s why I like the art so much. A little Battle of the Planets, a little Macross, some Lupin and Urusei Yatsura for flavor maybe?

Still, though, BF transcends its influences. Plus the varied body types and facial expressions are all yours.

And hooray for your level of acceptance! Well spoken, especially after the awesome decision overturning Prop 8 (seriously, go read the full ruling if you have time, Judge Vaughn Walker is so made of win).

Like Nick Wright, these last two pages really hit close to if not directly on home. I’m in what is supposed to be my last semester of computer networking and engineering program at a college that I’ve lost a lot of faith in. I lost focus as the course work got harder and my classmates and teacher were being ignored and worked on my own interests more. I now have handful of courses to take again before I graduate. Ironically, enough I also work in retail but in the electronics department. I guess this is why I’m rooting for Ed so much especially where Nina is concerned. If it weren’t for the love of my life as well as my very supportive parents, I wouldn’t have gotten into that college in the first place much less seeing this program to completion. Sorry about the rant but seeing Edward like that reminded me of how I was and how a little push could get you going again.

I know this is strip #646 and “the title is “Holes,” but I momentarily perceived it as “Six-hundred-forty-six holes” and considered what wonderous hidden meaning it might have before my mind snapped back to reality. Reality is over-rated.

I’m not sure I understand what connection you’re talking about…

I’m thinking he was thinking it was something to do with the book of the same name about Stanley Yelnats and his summer camp heck.

Nah. I’m not that subtle. And there’s really no connection. It was just a sort of amusing brain wobble. Underneath the comic, above Crave’s first words, “I don’t think there’s another person in a hundred miles that plays Dragon Quest IX,” it says “646 Holes.” Now of course that means that this is comic #646 in the Between Failures series and the title is “Holes.” Fine, no problem, except that for a moment, my brain saw “646 Holes” and thought, briefly, that the title was “646 Holes” and wondered, “What does he mean by that?” Then reality snapped back into place and I saw it as intended and that there were no hidden meanings. ‘Course anything that requires this much explanation ceases to be funny, so… never mind!

Heh, just yesterday I told a college that it’d be at least another year that I’d have to delay going there due to lack of resources. Yeah, when they call you up and ask if you’re able to come, it really hurts to say no.

Wow, getting called an not being able to must suck on a whole other level. That’s good creating pain right there. Save it up for your novel.

“Discovered” your strip today thru Girl Genius- hope they’re not tracking my internet usage at work too closely.
I’ve already caught up with the story so far and just wanted to thank you for your outstanding and original contribution to the culture.
I like that Ed seems to be thinking about school– I remember thinking that at 28 I was too old to return. I knew that I would be at least 32 by the time I was finished, probably much older. Thing is, in 4 years we’ll all be 4 years older anyway– the degree took a lot of the sting out of it, even if I did go considerably over the time budget. To my surprise I found that college as a somewhat older student was much more fun than I thought it would be– It was like having a very large room full of puppies to play with. To anyone considering it, I would strongly encourage you. Maybe ease into it with a single evening class in something you’re interested in.
Makes me think, though– if it’s taken nearly 3 years to advance the story 3 days, how long will it take to put Ed through college? :)

Gotta chip in my 2 cents on this page. My situation is basically the same as Ed’s with one exception. I didn’t even finish high school. Major mistake on my part but there were a few major factors. Now, I am 24 and working a job that I like, for the most part. The pay is shit but when it requires nothing fancy knowledge wise, that’s to be expected. So, until I leave BFE, Texas I will be bidding my time and saving money for building a better future for myself. That means college, housing, and such. Hell, I even BOUGHT my own car at 22 in 1 payment because I saved money. This life’ll take some effort to straighten out and get it back on track but it’s possible. Hopefully, Ed will realize he can do the same.

Those of you wondering why I dropped out, it’s simple. If you’re working 60 hours a week to keep a roof over your head WHILE living with your parents(we had our own business, it wasn’t easy to make it work) and sleeping through half your classes because you get home at 1am and have to be at school by 7am, you are GOING to fail. I was sleeping through classes because I’m not someone who can just go to bed shortly after getting off work. It takes me about 2 hours to relax and unwind enough to sleep.

Just stumbled on the comic yesterday, and I was immediately hooked. I’ve already completed the archive and I’m looking forward to keeping up with the comic. Just thought I’d let you know your work is appreciated (though by the following you seem to have, it’s a bit of a redundant compliment). Cheers!

Yeah, genius ditch diggers are like Legendary +5 Pump Operators…
Then again, pump operating could train his strength to Unbelievably Strong, and then he could be drafted into the military to help get rid of those pesky cave spiders. He would really fit in in that environment.

(Anyone who gets the whole joke loses)

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