645 World Warrior.

Friendship is an important theme in my comic, so it would be kind of stupid if I didn’t at least try to help mine. To that end I’d like to direct you to the site of my friend in the north Newgirl.  Aaron has been supportive of my work since the early days.  Days when I wasn’t sure if what I was doing had any value.  In the grand scheme of things what he needs is very little.  100 people with one dollar is peanuts on the Internet.  A pebble by itself isn’t very strong, but 100 with a common goal can be dangerous.

I’ll warn you up front, Newgirl is a superhero story about b team heroes.  Even in those terms it’s not a traditional superhero story.  Newgirl doesn’t even have the most common superpower.   Maybe I just have a different set of standards for my friends, but I’ve always thought that Newgirl is just some polish away from being the kind of story you might see on television.  Anyway, this is as much help as is in my power to provide, so provide it I will.

Some people say that there’s no point in helping anyone but yourself when it comes to comics.  They may be right.  It may be better from a business standpoint not to support your friends.  I can’t be that guy.


Ahh not a problem. God knows we’ve all been there. I will be helping out by Friday. Payday and all and my last check was eaten by car transmission >.< But… you probably didn't want to hear that lol. I thank you though, for BF keeps me company in the misery that is my job. You are a shinning point in my day.

Ya, I know how that is. Me and the guys are much like these characters. We feed off of eachothers insights, and learn from eachothers mistakes. we pull through all the different problems inour lives just by asking those close to us. Hell, even in simple matters like our pencil and paper game endeavors. We constantly pick and choose and use different ideas and systematics from either of the games all of us have running, in hopes of someday making a fun and functional game anyone can easily play.

To conclude, lonliness just sucks, so friends are really good to have. for better of for worse. I know I myself make it ap oint to stand by my brothers no matter what they need me for.

I love how they’re having this meaningful conversation while they’re both HALF NAKED

Well, they are siblings after all. Once the shock wears off it’s kind of a non issue.

once you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it all, right? I’m sure at this point he doesn’t care, and she didn’t seem to bothered by it in the first place… she wouldn’t be prancing around topless anyways. haha

if you know the person who makes “The Girl Next Door” webcomic, can you yell at her to update her comic? i love her comic, and she has not updated in at least 2 weeks

I expect she’s busy with school again. Once she has some free time she’ll update it.

Besides, two weeks is hardly the longest Tempest’s gone without an update, is it? Patience, Elaborinth. This is the web, where if your favourite comic hasn’t updated this week (or , indeed, year) you can always go and do an archive binge on one you’ve not read yet.

About supporting fellow webcomics: QuestionableContent does it all the time, and I don’t think it detracts at all. It’s easy to follow multiple webcomics, seeing as most of them update only 3 times a week, and it only takes a minute to check, this is in fact the fourth comic I’ve added to my list. Would be more, but VGcats became constant late updates and overall poor comics, and PAX became a blog with mostly unfunny comics. I don’t insist on funny comics, but if it isn’t a story line comic, then it needs to be funny.

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