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A tornado came through this area last night.  Which is not unheard of, but it was just up the road a bit.  Even that is not so bad a deal, since it only hit a shed.  The thing that sucks is that there was NO WARNING.  Nothing at all.  The Weather Channel had a thunderstorm warning and the radar was just a big green blob.  None of the signs pointed to tornado.  Or if they did no one bothered to tell anybody.  There is a basement available, but it doesn’t do any good if there’s no warning.  >:|


Ok, the 4th panel is still making me laugh.

Also, glad to read you were not killed by a tornado.

My only warning was my brother telling me there was a tornado warning in place….after Springfield had already been owned.
I guess the system we have in place is that when sh*t is going down, let someone get owned first to confirm then warn everybody else. -.-
It’s still pretty windy here in MA, there’s no sign of slowing down.

Glad to hear you weren’t hurt.

Gotta love it when nature chooses to assert itself. It’s good to have little reminders that there are times when our advances weather tracking systems aren’t worth shit.

I’ve gotta say, I’m a little surprised Brooksie didn’t come along with a proton pack for a situation like this.

… Also glad you weren’t hurt. Tornados can form rapidly and with no warning although they keep working to get better at identifying the conditions that will make them form. That “suprise” factor is part of what makes them so bad. As an aside, my little brother lives in Joplin, MO. His house was couple hundred yards outside the path of devastation from that tornado (they just lost shingles from their roof and a chimney pipe). They just knew the storm was bad – didn’t even hear the tornado. Aftewards when they got a call to go check on some neighbors, they hiked over to where the tornado hit and were rather shaken by what they saw.


Springfield, Massachusetts and several of its neighboring towns got the snot pounded out of them by two consecutive tornadoes the other day. I used to work there before I started my current job, three-and-a-half years or so ago. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with my old director (although I helped get my last manager hired here), I hated the 90-minute (one-way) commute and now I have a third reason for being happy about not working in Springfield.

The painful part is, after working there for a few years, I got to know a lot of the old buildings. The old brick church that had the roof torn off its auditorium/gymnasium was for sale for years; I wanted to photograph it before they tore it down — too late, now.

More pictures from their local paper: photos.
Yet Moar Pitchers.


Well it’s all cool in the end! If Twister has taught me anything, it’s that a pipe and a leather belt is all you need to protect yourself from an F5. All the debris will swirl around you and you’ll just get jerked around a little. So if that can protect them from an F5, then I’m sure you can just ride out any lesser tornado in a cardboard box or something.

Well crqave that seems to be the sentiment of this year witht the weather all that extra moisture in the air adn the ground from the winter snow fall has really tossed a wrench into what we perseve as normal weather

After years of living near a shoreline I’m back in Tornado Alley, myself. We had a number of near hits recently, but despite the weather’s apparent attempts to destroy our part of the world people still do stupid things like going for the video camera when the sirens go off. So… No, warnings don’t really help.

Although, I have earned minor local celebrity status for having lived through the tornadoes that destroyed a small town nearby over thirty years ago. They even made a movie about it (Night of the Twisters), which should probably seem more bizarre to me than it does (yeah… It’s a movie, it takes movie licence, I’m not mentioned by name anywhere, and the mall was much more awesome, with this great brickwork and fountains… Man I loved that mall…). I must say, having teenagers want to actually talk with me non-ironically… that’s just wierd (never even happened when I was a teenager). Also we’ve been having lots of fun with a transplant manager from Oregon who panics every time we’re in a watch. Last year he nearly had a heart attack when he found out the Weather Chasers were in town (for some reason he thought bad weather was going to happen because they were here, or that they had some sort of inside information or something… They’re through ehre this time every year because it’s Tornado Alley for a reason… Still, I got a friend to set his ringtone to mimic the Tornado siren, so it’s been a lot of fun, despite my wasting over $50.00 at the last payphone in town…)

I had possibly the shittest day of the year (so far) and this mad me lol with mirth, cheers man!

As a fellow Kansan, (at least, you said you were in Kansas last I knew) groundswells are micro-tornadoes that give you no warning. Fortunately they don’t damage a whole lot.

Also, this year my mom was unable to make it to her Greensburg reunion (she’s class of ’53), so she didn’t need me to drive her there. Seeing that town rebuilding is definitely interesting.

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