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I’ve had several of what, for me, count as nightmares.  Where I wake up feeling sad.  I’d just as soon not think about them, but I still remember one, so I’ll share a little.

The premise was that I was  visiting a place I used to work, I might have even been working there again.  In either case it was sucky, but I spent a lot of the dream getting caught up on things.  Then the sky went dark and aliens began invading.  Which is a really weird thing for me to dream about.  I never had an invasion dream that I can recall.  Anyway, they were shooting these earthquake rays that sent anime style destructive waves along the ground at whatever.  Long story short I was escaping, even though everyone else didn’t seem that worried, but a ship spotted me and took a shot at me.  I realized that no matter how fast I ran I’d never get far enough to get outside the blast zone.  So I just stood there.  It was weird.  I kind of started to realize it was a dream at this point, but I wondered what would happen when the force hit me.  Then I turned to my right and the character Rayman, from a series of games I hate, was sitting on a riding lawnmower.  He was like “hey.”  Then I woke up.

The dream was bad on several levels.  Not only was it a bad story, but it was also dumb at the end.  I was like >:|    I hope it’s not a long series of sucky dreams.  I’d like some good one sprinkled in at least.


That Rayman comment clears up a tweet you made. Either that or another entry under a comic. Anyway, it’s clear now. Yup.

Maybe good writers are just f’ed up the head.

Honestly, it sounds like your your mind is reacting to a change in your life and and it wants you to go with said change. Or you could just be wanting for something to happen, anything to stir things up.

But, I haven’t the faintest idea what I’m talking about. Also, I have that problem with being a complete idiot.

The Rayman at the end clearly is some form of your twisted subconscious, or some bad cheese. Either way, it’s more interesting that what goes on in most of mine.

“Drink coffee, go to office, work at desk, walk down stai– Oh look. Dead body.”

Rayman is a pretty cool guy, yuy must admit. eh stands on lawnmover and doesn’t afraid of anything.

It boggles the mind that Rayman isn’t universally loved, heh.

Anything based on a game as epic as Dynamite Headdy should be applauded, methinks~

Oh, yeah — Re: the current episode of the comic. Thomas is just so lucky he didn’t, um, soil his knickers.

There’s nothing worse than a dream that turns downright stupid near the end. You wake up and you’re just like “why.”

Also I love how dreams always exaggerate the emotions involved. I had one the other night that seemed just SO COOL at the time, but then I woke up and realized it was basically a mediocre video game.

Yay for ninja squirrels! Ones out here are dang near smart enough to hotwire a car in the winter for the engine block heat.

A: Shut up, man. Rayman rules.
B: My most recent weird-ass dream was about the movie Ink, where I was a Storyteller and I couldn’t get the Pathfinder to shut the fuck up. Every little thing I did he had some sarcastic remark to make about it. And I kept wanting to hit him, but there was some rule about not hitting blind people or some such shit. He wound up getting his ass beat by an Incubus and me and Gabe had to save him…

I wound up counting to four over and over the entire following day under my breath.

None of this makes any sense to anyone who’s never seen Ink. If you haven’t, you should. It’s awesome.

as for weird dreams, watching a postman get impaled then bloodily eaten by a land marlin is up on the top list for me, it was fucked up. I’m sitting on my porch when I see the post man walking by happy as you please across the street, when i hear this cracking like when a thick sheet of ice breaks and see a grey-black spine fin rise up and knife through the blacktop toward the sidewalk where the post-dude is at, he sees it and runs like a mofo and this thing is on him in seconds it dives down just before the curb then pops up right under the dude, the long pike-like nose impaling him, he screams and twitches then the marlin starts smashing him against the side walk till his nose-spike rips free the hard way, then just devours this guy

Not that I’m saying this is whats happening in the comic right now. But I used to have a car that the horn would blow by itself every now and then. Seemed to take about three or four day to build it up or whatever and then out of no where just one little “beep”. pretty weird.

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