778 Neighborly.

I swear…  I tried to post this page early so i wouldn’t have to worry about it while I was on the road.  So, of course, the site decides to have a spazz and I have to go in and tinker with its brain.  I’m getting really sick of this site being crippled.  If I can’t find a fix for it by the end of this story I’m tearing it down and starting from scratch.  It’s intolerable.

Also, a few of you wondered about the make of Thomas’ car.  It’s no particular kind.  It’s just a mish mash of parts from various old cars.  I can’t draw any car accurately enough for it to look right, so I just sort of cartooned one out of cars I’d seen.  I’m sure your guesses are correct though.  At least for bits of the car.


of course said headlights could just be driving along, no reason to think they’re aimed directly at them, still caution is approved.

Well, the school is kinda in the middle of nowhere…the only reason anybody would be there would be to go to the school…

thw wide flat DEATH VALLEY looking scenery leads me to believe regular visitors or passers by are not common, so yes GTFO-ing is the best course of action. i forsee engine stalling for suspense

Wow, you posted 78101 more comics since Monday and STILL haven’t finished this segment yet ;)?

I don’t know if this is where the “It’s safe” comment is from, but this was the first thing that popped into my head: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQtM1syENmQ&NR=1

Yes! I thought the same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised, either. I’ve always thought the art style in this comic kind of reminded me of Clerks Animated.

I forgot how hard the line quality was on that show.

For the record, unless I’m very much mistaken, that line references the movie Marathon Man.

Yeah- that line is from Marathon Man.

It’s usually said by a villain, and he says it in very frightening, + also confusing, ways. *shudders* :D

I like to think it’s a car with a straight-eight engine. I saw pics once and it looked great! Doesn’t matter if it’s not, (the front’s not quite long enough, to be honest,) there were plenty of other lookers in that style and I like its toon looks.

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