Do I really want to know why a comic shop has a sledgehammer under the counter? Same reason that Coffee of Doom owns a broadsword, I suppose?

You say that like you DON’T keep a sledgehammer handy at all times.

Every business I ever worked at had a tool kit of some sort. The video store had one for breaking down shelving. The comic shop had one for breaking down drywall. I don’t know why Gamestop had one… I found a drill in the ceiling there once too. I assume a builder just forgot it.

“I don’t know why Gamestop had one…”

For breaking down morale, presumably.

My locsl gamestop has a longsword and kite shield. Specifically link’s.

My local ice cream shop has a chainsaw

I offer this as an oddity.
I dont know that I approve of thsi idea, but I imagine it may be a necessary one.

I knew an Emergency Medical Technician/EMT [who was the size of the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island].

He kept a [5 inch?] stick on his equipment belt. Maybe it was plastic, or wooden.

He said that sometimes EMT people need it… sometimes, to subdue a very injured patient,…who is struggling too much,…but you need to subdue [him, or her, or them], so that you can get that person to treatment.
Please, make of that, what you will.

The DG I worked at had one set of every tool set the store had sold (special or otherwise) for the past two decades the store manager had woorked there.

One in my garage and two more in the basement. Ooh, I forgot: I brought home Dad’s little 4-pound, 14-inch long sledge a few months ago.

A sledge hammer seems like a bit overkill for most tool kits but whatever, some times you just want an excuse to have an assault weapon.

Did you see my post about how to fix your nav bar a strip or two back? It’s driving me crazy now that I’ve seen it.

Mmn … I am remembering Reggie’s luck on his father’s sites and the thing with the display he was supposed to put together.

The sledge hammer might be safer.

Any freakin’ mystery worth its salt has to have a sliding panel or hidden door in it somewhere! I think it’s an OSHA requirement or something.

8 out of 10 cats does countdown is amazing! Also if you haven’t seen the “big fat quiz” stuff is just as good. British Panel shows in general are funny and entertaining.

Would I Lie to You, Mock the Week, QI (of course). There are so many lightning-witted comedians on those shows. On the other hand, there’s Johnny Vegas …

All the ones I was going to recommend.

Taskmaster is also very good. It’s more physical comedy (comedians compete at various ridiculous challenges) but hilarious to watch them fail, often spectacularly.

Just be ready, Reggie…for when you put your hand out of sight, behind a wall, for the possibility that an unseen hand might grab YOUR hand.

This is perhaps the most edge-of-your-seat plotline I’ve seen in this comic ever. I’m definitely looking forward to the conclusion.

Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa! WHOA! whoa. WHOA! i have that clone high clip saved to my computer, for good luck (because nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys!)

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