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Before I forget, many thanks for all the various computer/word processing advice you’ve given me. I appreciate it. For whatever reason none of the programs so far have been able to convert my old files into new formats. I’m trying to download Libre Office, but it’s taking forever. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Man, the last couple of nights working on the comic have been rough. I don’t know why it’s been taking me so long, but I am just not getting them done in a timely manner. I was really moving right along for a while but now… I need to get back in the swing of things. I don’t know how I got out. I like to swinga about the moona and the Juna and the springa. What?

So I’m not a big fan of DC Comics, or American comics in general, but the shows based on them are just great anymore. Young Justice is great and, after a questionable start, Green Lantern has turned out to be great too. I’m not thrilled with all of the mini cartoons that they’ve interspersed throughout the lineup, but seeing the Teen Titans again is cool. There was a lot of stuff that didn’t get explored on that show that I would have liked to see resolved. It seems like there might be a chance for some of those characters to appear in Young Justice. They set up Beast Boy’s backstory at one point, and a few characters have been added over time that make it seem like the possibility exists. The Young Justice Robin is #1 Teen Titans Robin was… Let’s see… It goes Dick Greyson, Jason Todd… Tim Drake. So Teen Titans Robin is Tim. In that universe he becomes Nightwing and gets with Starfire. I’m not sure which Robin is the Titans Robin in the comics, but I think it’s Greyson. I know that Cartoon Titan Robin is Drake because Beast Boy mentions Jason Todd in passing in one episode. Which indicated that he had died and the torch had been passed by that time. Young Justice established that Robin was a very young Dick Greyson early on and had a Robin centric episode recently where his backstory was still as a circus performer. That backstory is eventually going to have to be changed because I can’t remember the last time I even heard of a circus existing. I’m sure there still must be some sad holdout circus around. Because we can’t let that bullshit tradition die, but really, it’s time to update that shit. I’m sure I’ve brought this up before…

Do any of you guys read regular American comics? Actually, what do you read generally? I’m mostly a reader of easy access manga, stolen and translated stuff that never makes it here otherwise, and webcomics. I don’t think it’s right to steal comics like that, but not having them available at all kind of puts us in a quandry doesn’t it? I have shelves and shelves of supporting artists that have broken into the American market. I would make room for others if they became available. I also like old European stuff, like Smurfs.


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Related to the post, rather than the comic-I think the Teen Titans Robin was meant to be Dick Grayson as well, actually. Though, my only actual piece of evidence was the episode where Robin gets his own Admirer from the 5th dimension. Given that Myxlptk (Or however you spell the name of Superman’s bad guy) is also from the 5th Dimension, and the use of his name backwards is plot significant, the same should be true for Larry.

If you look closely, his ‘unpronouncable’ real name is ‘Dick Grayson’ spelled backwards.

It’s been a long time since I saw the episode, so I may be remembering this wrong. Don’t hold me to it.

It could well be that Titans Robin was meant to be Dick and the Jason Todd line was an oversight.

The Teen Titans show existed within it’s own continuity outside of the rest of the DCAU or comics or anything, though it was heavily influenced by the eighties reboot of the Teen Titans comic.

Mostly, it’s a mythology gag. Long time DC fans would catch the Jason Todd reference, but it doesn’t actually have a real effect on the story(unless you choose to believe that Red X really was Jason Todd).

Given the implied StarfirexRobin shipping, you’re definitely looking at Dick Grayson.

There was also an episode where Raven looks into Robin’s mind and see’s the whole circus situation. http://teentitans.wikia.com/wiki/Haunted
Also, second fun fact, in the Teen Titans Take Tokyo episode I looked up the numbers that were displayed when robin got arrested and they are the date the first batman comic with robin in it came out.
Thirdly, it was revealed in the comics that went along with the tv show.

Being a huge DC nut I can tell you that Teen Titans was Dick Grayson and Young Justice was actually SUPPOSED to be Tim Drake, but they seem to have messed with a lot of the timelines and characters in the show so really it is its own thing. (eg: They have Zatanna as a teenager close to Robin’s age when she was originally a love interest for Batman and therefore older)

I can understand why they put Dick in as Robin though. Most people don’t even know that there were other Robins, let alone their names and the order they came in. Dick is by far the most well known and popular Robin, so its easiest to put him in everything.

I’m… actually impressed.
Congrats, Wes, you just got yerself a +1.

Keep it up and we’ll get you outta the negatives yet!

Huge DC comic book fan, can’t say I much watch the series. But as far as the current DC comic Universe goes. Damian Wayne (Offspring of Talia Al’Goul and Bruce) is the current Robin, Tim Drake is Red Robin, and Grayson is Nightwing.

Noticed that Wes is cheating already– he has a chalk spot on him… He should be out.
As for comics/tv, I love all the DC animated stuff. I was always confused about which Robins were supposed to be which in the newer stuff. I usually just assume that it’s Dick. Young Justice is definitely Dick, but I think the Teen Titans one is Dick, also. If you look it up on Wiki they give you a lot of clues as to it being him but you can also just kind of tell because of his serious attitude. I don’t think Drake ever got that way in the animated world (er… aside from the Batman Beyond “Return of the Joker” movie…).
I did used to keep up okay on some books. Not so much now that the “new 52” started. I liked Damian and Dick as Robin and Bats together. They had a great relationship and it was fun to read. I will follow some writers around but the books I pick up right now are:
Journey Into Mystery (Marvel — this book is awesome and you don’t really have to read Marvel books to like it or follow it.)
I, Vampire (DC: Vertigo– I’m behind on this one. I just picked up 5-7 and just read 5 this morning. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with this one, but I loved I, Vampire in Dr. Thirteen. It’s too bad that version is nothing like this one.)
iZombie (DC: Vertigo– I’m honestly not too broken up about this one getting canceled. I’ll stick with it till the end since it’s close, but I don’t care too much about it.)
Pet Avengers (Marvel– I buy this when it comes out. Hasn’t been one for a while, though.)
American Vampire (DC: Vertigo) Just good.
Sometimes I’ll buy bat books but it kind of depends, I guess.
Screamland is a fun series that I really love and the guys that work on it are super nice.
Buffy season 8 (ugh…. -_-; Why do I waste my money? Shut up. Season 8 is over and season 9 is in full swing. I get this in TPBs.)I also pick up the random Angel/Spike stuff that comes out in HC or TPB but I’m not into the Dark Horse stuff. I liked the IDW stuff much more. I’m still getting a backlog of the Spike HCs but after that I won’t be getting anything but the specials, probably.
The Unwritten (DC: Vertigo– is anyone else sensing a pattern here? I buy this one in TPBs. It’s just damn awesome.)
I also still pick up Yotsuba! books when I find the new ones and I’ve kept pretty current on that, otherwise, I’ve gotten out of manga. My collection is still pretty hefty and I still rally behind pretty much any CLAMP stuff that I can get my hands on– well, most CLAMP stuff, anyway. I wasn’t that taken with Tsubasa Chronicles. It might be because I friggin’ love Cardcaptor Sakura.
If you can stomach her formulaic brand of fluffy cute awesomeness, I recommend Yukako Iisaka. She’s a relative unknown here and next to impossible to find scanalations of (grrr…) but here is a list of some of her manga: http://www.mangaupdates.com/authors.html?id=379
Basically, her manga are about girls getting supernatural boyfriends. :) They’re cute and silly but I do like cute and silly crap. :) If you want to try her out, I recommend Luna Lunatic or maybe Uwasa No Risky Boy. This site has some of them but it might be easier to just look for them on your own.
My tastes have changed a bit over the years like I used to read a lot of Jhonen Vasquez (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, I Feel Sick, Squee!) and similarly bitter, disturbing things. Nowadays, I pick those up and I’m like, “Wow… he is both mean-spirited and a lazy artist. Why does he have so much human bile inside him and what the hell was wrong with me that I thought this was the best thing ever?”

Rules are not “one hit is out”. The winner is the one with the least evidence of assault at the end of the day.

I’m guessing they’re on an honor system for washing up and such.

don’t know if anyone mentioned this already but i don’t like the current robin. primarily and this may seem silly but primarily cause his costume features a hood. This is stupid. as is pretty much any hero costume with a hood. for all its faults all star batman and robin did a good job pointing out why. all a hood needs is on lucky grab too pull that hood right over your face blinding you.

sorry for that rant. love the art and i’m loving the heck out of this story line. i’m cheering for jo XD mutants for the win!

I think Weasel-y needs to take a few more shots — at least one to the crotch. Good arm, Big Mike — let’s work on that aim!

Does anyone remember an animated Batman that takes place in the future (well, considering Bill Finger and Bob Kane brought Batman out 73 years ago, we’re already living in the future)? On this one, the former Robin has donned the cape, cowl and Batman persona, but keeps a radio in his ear to take suggestions from a now-retired Bruce Wayne. Someone has probably already mentioned it above, but I didn’t recognize it. I thought it was fairly well executed, with robust stories, good art and decent animation.

As mentioned, Batman Beyond – and Terry McGinnis wasn’t a former Robin, he found out who Batman was and basically jacked his neo-tech batsuit to avenge his dad. (Terry’s, not Bruce’s.) It was from a hybrid crew who had done the old Batman animated series, and part of which would go on to do Teen Titans.

Justice League Unlimited actually did a follow-up story in which we find out some interesting things about Terry and Bruce, and is a nice capstone on the whole animated Bat-mythos.

Thanks, all. As usual, crowd sourcing is a good way to find obscure information.

Sorry about the all bold above. You can’t preview with this site; I guess I’ve got to go back to testing marked-up text in my editor…

I’m a huge DC reader as well and as far as I can tell, with the exception of Dick Grayson in the original animated series, every Robin after that’s been an amalgam of all the others, with one being more dominant. Even in that same series, Tim Drake was kind of Jason-ish, especially with how things ended up in Batman Beyond.

I can’t really remember Robin in The Batman so I can’t really judge that one, but as people have said, in Teen Titans, there were a lot of little hints that he was Grayson, but he had Tim’s computer skills and bo staff, and kind of had Jason’s recklessness, especially when it came to Slade and his Red X persona.

In Young Justice, they added the new Robin, Damian into the Robin soup pot, so he has the computer skills(Tim), the recklessness(Jason), the acrobatics and obviously the past of Dick, along with being younger and more impulsive(Damian). I don’t know where the word puns come from. >.<

I left Stephanie out on purpose for the same reason they probably did. She was Robin for such a short time, it was kinda forgettable to be honest. And what would they have done, anyway? Made Robin blonde and gave him boobs?

Lessee. American comics. Haven’t been much into those lately. They’re kinda bland and try hard ever since Civil War and Darkest Night.

I’ve been reading Kick-Ass 2 whenever the hell that comes out. Once every few months I guess. The Adventure Time comics are a lot of fun to read. I was just recommended to read Cassanova so maybe I’ll pick that up too. Danger Club too. I can’t vouch for these two though. I guess I’ll have to check them about.

I expect “Team Double-Cross”, to get it self wiped out. “Team Alpha Prime” may just hold up at the front desk and wait for the survivors.
“Team Tolkien” will sweep the store with flanking attacks. The remaining rogue elements (the Wizard, the Ninja, and the Cowboy) are hard to call.

i live in las vegas, and every now and then barnum and baileys “greatest show on earth” comes to town. so circus’s aren’t completely dead yet.

American comics begin and end–for me, at least–with Warren Ellis. His magnum opus is Transmetropolitan, but he is prolific and has had the opportunity to be prolific, and virtually everything he’s ever had a hand in is brilliant.

He also did Freakangels, which is a webcomic, and gives a good taste of his writing style. http://www.freakangels.com/?p=23

Crave – tell us what application you used to create those old files? what is the file extension? There must be something out on the web that’ll do the trick! =)

Cirque Du Soleil still performs from time to time, and Barnum and Bailey’s still makes the rounds. Was working in the Garden last time I saw them, and by saw them I mean watched performers pass me in the halls. The big top might have disappeared, but the circus tradition has not, and I can’t even fully disparage the Big Top format itself.

Comics I read… Haven’t really subscribed to anything in forever. Love back issues of Asterix the Gaul and Tintin. Walking Dead was good for a while but got formulaic long before it got the small screen treatment. I liked Kyle Rayner as the Green Lantern, but after they resurrected the corp and brought back Hal it lost my interest (no offense to Hal Jordan and fans, but making an army of people with ‘Fearless’ as their dominant trait… I never figured out why there weren’t more Sinestros, fistfights to the death, and general fearless idiocy.)

Hmmm… I think that’s about it. I do pick up the occasional Deadpool, but for the most part giant crossover events, massive restarts, and Peter Parker making deals with the freaking embodiment of evil have pretty much driven me away from regular readership.

And yes, I might still be a bit bitter about the whole Brand New Day B.S….

I loved the Teen Titans but yeah they eluded to th star and robin hookin up and that it was greyson< also I liked the BB back story episodes, Raven is still my favorite Star in a close second then her sister Darkfire, somthing about powerful women gets my heart aflutter your show choices on super heros is excellant but they always do a realitive good job in that theater un less they get the voice actor shoice wrong like batman the brave and the bold while the stories line was great the voice actor for the bat wasn't right.

But what has me excited right now cartoon wise is the sequal to the Avatar: the last air bender series Avatar: the legend of Korra I've seen the first two episodes and its shaping up to be a great sequal even tho they have the huge shadow of the first series to contend with tho I do feel that in the first two episodes it feels that hey are moving very fast they have not gave Korra a main villian to stuggle against but other scoicial political problems to deal with in the wake of Aang's death to deal with and they have established a love intrest already, true they established Anag like Kitara inthe first episode in the Orginal series but it was one sided at that time and took time to develope but Korra and Macko seems to want to hook upp already true they are 16 ish so things move at a ddifrent speed at that age but it feels to me that they cheapen the love story if they move too fast but It's still early inthe series and my hope remains high for it.

I’ve been trying to keep up with Empowered, and I still read TMNT when I can find it. Typically, I tend to go for limited series and storylines that grab my attention. I’ve found that one-shots rarely hit their stride, and stories that go for more than twelve issues lose my interest.

If DC started making more Elseworld comics, I might be more inclined to start picking more comics up again.

I’m not sure if I like Green Lantern yet, but I’m loving Young Justice.

And all this talk about DC Comics is not doing my username justice.

Last time I had the cash to read comics, it was the Usagi Yojimbo omnibus. Still one of my favorites.

Wes reminds me of a line from The Ice Pirates. “I hope no one minds, but I have no intention of going through this sober.”

Young Justice the cartoon is a set in an alternate Earth (DC has a number of different parallel worlds with slightly different histories and versions of heroes), in YJ Robin is Dick Grayson which I thought was weird as I do know a fair about DC even through its 100 reboots (thank you Wikipedia). I really love Young Justice and I was a fan of the comic itself and even used to read fanfiction based on it I was always interested by the idea of Superboy.

As for what I read it is more of a case of what I don’t read

Web Comics
Dresden Codak
Questionable Content

History’s Strongest Disciple
Rosario II Vampire
The Breaker: New Waves
Zen Martial Arts Academy

I also read a lot of YA Books, some detective stuff too. Things like Morganville Vampires, Strange Angels, House of the Night, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, The Infernal Devices, Song of Fire and Ice

Yeah I really like reading.

Webcomics: too many to list, though the spread of that voting thing does an adequate job.
Books. About anything and everything I can get my hands on. Currently reading the Steven Erikson Malazan set. Good grasp of fantasy + military and as such, Not for the faint of heart, or a short read as these things are Thick.

the only ongoing comic i read is hellblazer, i do catch empowered when it comes out and would recommend y: the last man

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