Hey, a secret passage :D

That means the opportunity to find rare treasure!

…or perhaps that long-lost body, that was mentioned a few pages back…
…or, you know… …maybe both…?

What if they find seldom-printed denominations, or out-of-circulation coins?
If it’s old-enough, antique currency might very-well be worth a *LOT* more than it’s face value, to collectors!

“Reg, are you TRYING to ruin all future ghostbusting experiences here?”

“No, I’m just trying to win at it. I don’t do anything by half-measures, not even stupid things. “

Isn’t that the worst part of the whole thing? He’s done something amazing, and in so doing, he’s ruined all the future ghosthunting operations because they will NEVER top this. Still though, this is awesome, and I hope they all enjoy it because it’s not going to get better. The Scolari Brothers could fly out of a cake and it’d still be second fiddle to “that one time we found the actual hidden staircase.”

Well, I’VE discovered a big, secret treasure, today- Reggie has a MULLET! :)

pretty bold of you to assume there’ll be a next time as you’re all about to go down to the murder dungeon of some psychopath

I’d advise getting a cop at this point, just in case. It’ll lighten up his night shift, if nothing else.

What you talkin’ bout Archangel?
Call a cop?
At night?
In the states?
I have read way too many news stories and hospital ER transcripts to think that is a good idea.
The caveat is if they actually know the cop by name and they trust them, then it might be okay to give them a call.

Reggie may not be able to top this exploit but he can milk it for story telling for decades. Even when you can’t top an experience there is a tendency to look for the next one. Climbing grain elevators and water towers, exploring closed down TB wards at a state psychiatric hospital, caving or exploring abandoned missile silos, all happened decades ago but I would still be doing it but for physical limitations and the unwillingness to deal with getting arrested.

In Re Jackie’s comment about Ricky Gervais; Some of the press were crapping on him for his opening monologue but I found it hilarious.

Well if you look WHO in the press was crapping on him then you will understand why.

The radio guys up here loved it and and the only one on the morning round table that tried to downplay it was the A&E schmuck – yeah that person – what a surprise.

Just you wait, Ricky will be back next year unless he turns it down.
Me, I love the guy.
He is the comedy equivalent of 2 million Scoville Chili Peppers pickled in battery acid.
You wouldn’t want any on you but the show is something not to miss.

So, kind of a funny story. After coming back to the comic after a bit, since the holidays and stuff, I come to this page first thing before I backtrack to find out what I missed… And with my screen resolution the way it was, I thought the light in the second panel was making a butt, so, it looked like in some way Reggie was looking at Carol or Alex’s butt for a second. After reading though, I realized what it was. Still made me chuckle though.

Uhh… this looks decidedly shady to me.

The concrete is *NEW*, so whatever is down there, it’s recent, and it’s hooked up to live power. So whatever it is, it isn’t prohibition era.

My bet, to be honest, would be a meth lab or some other illegal operation. Something grossly profitable that you don’t want anyone to stumble across. Profitable enough to pay contractors to make ‘off the prints’ changes without telling anyone. And illegal enough that you’d consider that kind of money to be an investment in not being found.

Another tendency for people who are involved in highly profitable but illegal operations is that they are usually heavily armed all times. Which is an extra reason to NOT go down there.

I’m surprised By-The-Book Reggie hasn’t said ‘okay guys, this is where we need to get the cops involved’ yet.

Ready to enter Al Capone’s vault? Please step over Geraldo Rivera’s moldering corpse…

Maybe the broadsheet is an EEO poster.

That was hugely anticlimactic, who was as surprised as Geraldo? Oh, wait, no one was surprised.
The look on Thomas’s face, though, that’s so good. This arc has me all up then down. It’s getting to feel like I’m a yo-yo; scared, then relieved, now scared again….

Yeah, I like your characters, but how you portray them is the best part. Yeah, yeah, Carole and Jo and Thomas are hot looking. But it’s Carole’s wry twists, Thomas’ skewered look at reality, Jo’s deep understanding of what it is like to be ‘small’ and still be smart -but not always taken seriously, …so it’s not What they are, but Who they are, and how you write them that have kept me here for so long. … or it is not who but how they express who they are that rocks the comic. … meh, I dunno how to say it.
But Tina says stuff and I’m all “Whaaaaa?? Lol!”
If I miss Peanuts, Dilbert, or Cankshaft, so what? But when Jo says, “Yah, I get that a lot.” It not only makes me laugh but I get to relate to it. Your characters make my day better.

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