1671 Haggle Rock.

First of all thank you for the birthday presents, Joh. They are very much appreciated. I hope my work continues to inspire strong feelings of gratitude. XD

I wish I had something interesting to say but I’m too tired to think of anything. All I’ve been doing it comics and patreon stuff. Someday when I’m ahead of things again maybe i’ll be interesting. Until then stay saucy my sexies.


“Haggle Rock” is a delightful pun and brings much joy to me.

Also, I’m interested in seeing how this web weaves with furry girl here.

Belated Happy Birthday to you Jackie!

I was going to say that Evrina seems a little cross today … but after a second look, I think maybe she’s a bit ankh-ious?

Either that, or she’s from Sacramental, California. Hm.

That seems like a capital idea …

“God boy”?

Excuse me, but if he owns a restaurant, he must be a “God man”…

…I mean, well, not God/Man as in Jesus’ hypostatic union, but…well…you know, a grown man who believes in and follows God.

Man, that got awkward fast.

Hmm. It makes me wonder.
Unless the cafe’s owner likes getting bad attitude, or is good at tolerating it, Evrina’s job is probably going to Titanic pretty soon.

I’m guessing that no one is stupid or tolerant enough of the retarded ass hippie’s bullshit to work there. Not to mention Edward said the cafe is new, so almost no one would’ve gone there to consume the goods or apply for a position.

I should also add that God Boy must have a saintly level of tolerance, because I’m sure that Evrina’s attitude has gotten her fired multiple times. Which is a real shame, because she’s cute when she isn’t fuming, and chockful of practical knowledge to boot. Did I also mention that her sense of humor is similar to mine when it comes to snubbing topics we view as stupid?

If that’s how these two coworkers feel about each other, then I’m both happy and sad that they have decided to make a living together.

You’re overthinking this. It’s Evrina we’re talking about here. She said God Boy and she meant God Boy. Nina and Ed like her because she’s uncensored.

First thing that ran through my mind when reading the title wasn’t Fraggle Rock, but Hoggle from Labyrinth.

Didnt Evrina used to be a lot bigger? Whats her weight loss secret?

If “God boy” loves bad puns maybe he has a recipe for a ‘Cheesus bred’ and before baking it he always says ‘the proof, he is risen’ …

OK enough loafing around for now I knead to get back on task …

Those three are the ones who should play D&D (plus Jo. Jo’s awesomeness should never been kept away from the gaming table.)

I just wanted to say, you came really close with Jo and Carol, but this girl is EXACTLY MY TYPE. I Love her and would marry her on the spot.

PLEASE keep her around haha. I love her already.

marry her on the spot? it’s coffee, not tea! :)

yeah, she’s a crispy biscuit

definitely cute and cuddly in a most abrasive way, kinda like a teddy bear made of sandpaper.

I’m kidding, of course, she seems to be very much the personification of a good cuppa coffee, tho, a little bitter, a little sweet, takes some getting used to her ‘flavour’…

oh my god I forgot this isn’t her first appearance. Been a while since I saw her, I am simply rediscovering my love for her haha.

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