1670 For The Love Of God.

Evrina, the unlikeable character I like very much. She speaks crassly, so don’t bother getting bent out of shape with her word choice. If she starts out perfect there’s no character growth.

Thank you for all the well wishes on my birthday. I’m glad to know you appreciate myself and my efforts.

I wish I had something to report but I’m just trying to get caught up enough that maybe I can have a rest at some future time. I’ll let you know how that goes.


Just the other day I was wondering when we’d see Evrina again. Speak of the Devil and she shall appear… in a Christian-themed café, of all places.

Wait, weren’t the sleeves on the shirt Nina is wearing supposed to be light blue?

Evrina’s an interesting character for me. I completely hate everything about her personality. Sort of. She’s someone that if I met in real life as a coworker or the like, I would loathe her to the highest degree, but as a character, I feel that her being unlikable in a realistic way makes her well written.

That’s why I’m kinda torn on this. I guess what I mean is she’s a great character, but a rubbish person. Does that makes sense? I’m having far too many problems gathering my thoughts, here…

I kind of know what you mean.
Just like, I like the character of The Comedian, from the graphic novel- The Watchmen by Alan Moore. Of course, [in my idea of a perfect world], he’d be written as a cool guy [who doesn’t] do horrible crimes to people.

I like him as a fictional, braggart-like, anti-hero, wise-butt kind of a guy. But if he was a real life person, I’d totally hate his actions.

I with Just Some Guy, except that while I agree she’s not the kind of person that I myself would want to be, I appreciate her good traits and, well, naivete enough to love her. She didn’t strike me as the kind of person who thinks about what she did before she does it, and I kind of love it. Just watching her go through life in her own world as her own person…I’m honestly glad she’s in the comic again :)

I want to know who the voice over is because I’m picturing it as someone over the speaker system with Morgan Freemans voice.

Really? ‘Cause I went with Chris Evans…

I was thinking more along the lines of a William Conrad, the narrator to the Rocky and Bullwinkle show among others.
Either that or a close approximation of Charlton Heston using his deeper voice.

I was thinking more like Spock. Or Galvetron. Maybe Leonard Nimoy.

None of the above, actually. I thought it would be another woman.

Chuck Norris, really, … He knows what you are thinking:
“I know what yer thinkin’, Kid. Did he shoot fives times? or six?”
That’s mystical Yoda powers right there. Right?

Bwa ha ha ha!
Evrina is probably the LAST person in the BF cast, that I would’ve hired to work in a [my words- a very socially-conservative, religious-themed coffee house!]
Uh oh. Why is Evrina’s boss speaking “from up on high?” Is her boss wearing a messiah-like costume, and lounging around on an empty-crucifixion-type statue? Hoo boy.

Hmm..Now I’m wondering who it is who could have hired her. I’m guessing he/she doesn’t know about her life style, or do they? She kinda sounds like she can be abusive to them without them being overly cross at it. Could it be another person from the group? Neil or Bridgitte- they seemed subservient? (I had to look them up)

Speaking as a libertarian from a long line of social conservatives, I can tell you that her personal life doesn’t have to mean anything to a Christian employer. There are many out there who actually keep their nose in their OWN business rather than prying into everybody else’s.
I dare say they are even in the majority, tho of course the ones who DON’T are far, far more vocal… leading to the popular impression that all Christians are that way.

Ah we meet again evrina. So Reggie’s gone a round with her, now we see Ed go. This should be good. Hell it might even lead to round 2 with Reggie

I don’t dislike Evrina because of her crass talk. In my experience, the language one uses doesn’t relate at all to the strength of one’s character. Two of my best friends in the world, one my children’s Godfather, have similar “tendencies”, shall we say.

I dislike her because she is casually, deliberately cruel. Even to her friends. Which in turn astounds me that she even HAS any friends.

‘A Cask of Colombian Supremo’?

“For the love of God, Montresor!”

I don’t know. I’ve met [some] rude waiters, +waitresses, that I’d like to seal up in a wall! : )

Also, just wanted to add this as a direct comment to Jackie: I think you’re really good at writing complex characters, especially those who would normally fall in the “Jerk with a Heart of Gold” by adding something that makes them feel very real and allows for a lot of interpretation. Reggie being a good case and point as, despite being a jerk at times, he’s propably evolved into one of the most complex characters and quite honestly my favorite character. And I feel like it’s because I interpret his jerkish attitude and behavior as a result of a lot of insecurity deep down. Like, he wants people to like him, but he constantly feels like a failure who’s only where he is because of his family connections, so he lashes out. And I think the main reason is the flashback Joe had to before when he called in his aunt about the manager stealing, and he seemed less of a jerk. Like, he feels like people don’t really like or care about them, so he’s decided to keep people from getting to close. Maybe I’m just projecting. But yeah, really good, characters that might seem a little two-dimensional at first to new readers, but then turn out to be practically four dimensional. Which I guess is why despite this is only her second “scene” so to speak, I already kind of like Evrina. Because in her only two appearances you’ve already set the groundwork for a complex character who is currently mysterious. Like, who is she really? She’s a furry who disparages uptight Christianity, yet works in a (judging from her very casual attitude towards her boss/supervisor in this strip) family-run heavily Christian coffee shop. So it gives the impression that she’s both rebellious and trying to find a proper way to express herself that comes out as “bitchy” towards others as a result. So, in short, I applaud your writing skills Jackie. Also Evrina looks really cute in that shirt. And that’s the other thing, you do an amazing job in character design. Most if not all of your characters have what society would consider “physical flaws” that add to their attractiveness despite what society tells us. Be it Nina’s teeth and ears (would generally be considered unattractive in a more mainstream character design), the various female characters who defy the “skinny=beautiful” standard that’s been shoveled down our society’s throat, Mike’s jovial stoutness, Ed’s more “Wolverine” (from the comics) or “Neanderthalic” build (short but muscularl and powerful, with the addition of body hair) or in this case Evrina’s combination of short height with a lot of curves, you make it really work. Heck, even Jess’s female sideburns and classes would, in a “normal” work, be considered something that hinders rather than enhances her appearance. So in short, I’m in awe of what I consider your amazing talent. I should be done gushing now. Don’t know why I felt like finally saying that on this particular strip at this particular time, but it just felt like something I needed to say.

I have to ask. Was the placement of the speech-bubbles come from above for the off panel voice intentional? A joke about the owner being the “Voice of God” in their establishment?

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