1672 Three Sixteen.

I almost forgot! Count Grey, thanks for the birthday gifts. I actually needed those things to help with making the comic so they are doubly appreciated. If you let me know who your favorite character is I’ll make a free to everyone post on patreon. That goes for anyone who sent me gifts at any time btw.

I debated over this guy’s eye color for a while. I know someone is going to have a fit over it, but there was this dude I used to know a little who was half white and half some kind of brown with dark features except for eyes as blue as mine. The ladies loved that. I have to admit it was a striking look and the memory has always stuck with me. I wanted this guy to have that sort of feature. I haven’t settled on a name for sure yet.

I’ve been questing for a Nintendo Switch online for a while in hopes I might get one before the Spla2n test fire, but have failed. There was a slight dip in scalper pricing when the restocks were announced, but not enough to convince me to buy from one. Later that day there were many, many, new listings on Amazon and Ebay, but the overall pricing hasn’t gone down as most everyone selling wants double their money back. I’m not happy waiting, but I’m pleased to know that a lot of those people will be stuck with those systems once Nintendo quits the manufactured scarcity bullshit they always pull with system launches.

I’ve been avoiding information about Breath Of The Wild as much as possible in a futile attempt to be surprised by something about it by the time I actually get to play it. The special edition version I was able to preorder when the Switch preorders sold out must wait patiently along with me.

I’ve never understood the limited preorder thing. The point of a preorder is to know how many people are guaranteed to want to buy your product at launch. You should take them before you make the fucking thing and then make as many as you need to fill the orders. I know why companies choose not to do that, but it’s really annoying and the backlash is shelves covered in things like “rare” amiibo that no one wants now.


Long John 3:16?

… What?

It’s a reference to John 3:16…the bible verse? I’m sure you’ve heard it…”For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son…” if my very rusty sunday school lessons are being pulled from my brain correctly. There’s more to it about believing and everlasting life yada yada you’ll have to look it up yourself though.

As for dude’s eye color…I was “in love” with a guy that had eyes like that with a skin tone like that. Sometimes we, as humans, celebrate uniqueness like we should. If only it was all the time…


I know about the verse itself. I’m just astonished at the guy NOT KNOWING HE’S SELLING A PENIS.

You got the right start. “…that whoever believes in Him should not die, but have life everlasting.” Great papers have been written on the word “only-begotten.” It’s very cool.

Meanwhile: Long John 3:16. With my love of baking and theology, this man is doing what I should be doing with my life.

I hope they are filled with the Holy Spirit Kreme.

I hope that they also have a Japanese flair and sell Fishes and Loaves Taiyaki.

Old rugged sour cream doughnuts.


Here’s the translation I prefer. It may be Masoretic text, but it’s translated directly from the Greek it was originally written in to (relatively) modern English.

John 3:16Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only and unique Son, so that everyone who trusts in him may have eternal life, instead of being utterly destroyed.

If this guy had a mustache and goatee he’d look exactly like one of my IRL best buds. Same exact tan complexion and blue eyes. Neat seeing someone in the comic that looks a lot like someone I know.

I knew a guy with a Carmel complexion and light blue eyes, spoke “the Queen’s English” yet had a hint of an accent. And to top it all off, his name was Amora. The ladies loved him.

I just recently managed to get a Switch myself. I had to watch for restocks online and on a map using different websites for both of those things and Amazon happened to have a big restock, most of the online stocks don’t last 5 minutes unfortunately. The one on Amazon recently required Prime membership which I hadn’t used their free trial thing, so I activated it on the fly to get a Switch.

Are they related or is he just really, really too good natured to be bothered by Evrina’s swearing too much? Also, holy shit he looks like historical Jesus and Scandinavian Cross Jesus had a sexy baby together to make the Ultimate Sexy Jesus. Who’s name is…Jesus (pronounced Heyzoos for extra humor).

This is the best description of him I’ve read, oh my lord XD Also, for the record, the whole dark hair/skin with light coloured eyes is just like a universally attractive trait to me, I have no idea why, but a lot of people I talk to are the same way. There’s just something very striking about that contrast.

It might also be that it makes us actually notice a person’s eye colour. I can look at 15 different blondes and I could not tell you which three of them had green eyes instead of blue, but show me one person with dark hair instead and I’ll immediately pick out the one who doesn’t have dark brown eyes. It works similarly with people with light features and very dark eyes, but not quite as often, I find.

If you’re still questing for a switch, check out GameStop. I detest the company but they have open preorders available right now and I was able to get my bundle scheduled for delivery in about 8 days. Good luck, and keep up these pun-derful strips.

If you want REALLY striking… My ex-wife’s best friend’s husband was fairly dark African-American with almost cobalt-blue eyes.

No problem, glad I could help :)

Is there anyone you feel like drawing, or someone who hasn’t had screen time in while? Reggie’s aunt strikes me as a candidate. I’ll post this on Patreon too, just in case.

There is one instance where limiting the number of pre-orders makes any sense to me. It’s when the company knows exactly how many they can possibly produce by launch day, and it’s starting to look like they’re going to have more demand than they can fill. For example, if you know your factories will have 80,000 completed, and with a month to go pre-orders are hitting 65,000, it might make sense to cut things off at an even 70,000. That way some have a chance some might end up in the hands of regular customers, and even more importantly it allows for some that can’t be shipped due to defects.

This little arc keeps getting stranger by the update. And the odder things go the more I find myself enjoying it.

I’m waiting to get a Switch until they patch in some fixes (such as the ability to get previous era games like the Wii store had) and certain hardware fixes as well (such as the left joy con shorting out its antenna by touching the metal plate backing the d-pad and causing a desync).

Also, by the time that happens, the first round of sales will probably be out, and I’ll pick it up for a bit less than if I had rushed out and purchased it day one.

Yeah, that’s my plan. I’m hoping there will be a Switch bundle with Mario Odyssey for the holiday season, and with my huge backlog of games (both console and Steam) I’m in no rush to get a new console.

And even if I was desperate to spend money on new games, Yooka Laylee is coming out soon and won’t require a new console to go with it.

Thinking we know why Evrina is working at such a place, or God Boy is her older brother who acts completely opposite of her. Also, the coffee cup sizes should be semi-biblical: shekel, mina, and talent.

Part of me would love to find out that the girl who wants to keep “Bible-thumpers” out of her furry group is secretly a devout Christian. Maybe she feels that there’s a difference between her and the people she calls “Bible-thumpers?”

This might explain some of Evrina’s sometimes-brusk personality:

if this, kinda goofy, overly-sweet guy is her brother, she might’ve decided to act like a tough-girl/snappy-girl, just to distance herself from her brother’s behavior. *shrugs*

It’s so funny how it’s considered cursing, even though her language is completely devoid of religious connotation. Sure, she has a potty mouth, but she’s not saying anything like “damned idiot” or others. That’s pretty cute.

It’s unlike in Quebec, were nearly every common french swear word is actually a church term or another, used outside their context (they probably started off as mild blasphemies). So when you’re cursing, it is pretty much literally so.

The Biblical mandate is: “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth” (Ephesians 4:29 KJV), and “Do not misuse the name of the Lord your God” (Exodus 20:7 and Deuteronomy 5:11 HCSB). This obviously refers to any use of “taboo language,” not necessarily limited to religious references.

However, there’s a gray area in that using taboo words in a language unknown to any of your hearers may not result in “communication.” They may understand body language and tone of voice, but not the words. So, like everything else, there’s a way to justify sinful behaviour, if that’s your goal (“sinful” being defined as “violating God’s standards as described in the Bible.”)

One of my dad’s acquaintances when I was a kid was black, but had some Irish in his background, so he was dark skinned with flaming red hair, he called himself the maroon coon.

Oh wow. *snrrk*
Please pardon the possibly taboo info, and the possibly taboo terms, but:

Your Dad’s Buddy’s story made me think of a 2011 book / memoir- about an Asian-American man who was in the U.S. Army special forces.
The title of his book is: Yellow Green Beret.

Donuts… Er, Doughnauts. … Er, I mean… Well, whatever.

Hispanic, blue-eyed Jesus doles out free donuts. He could make a series of donuts shaped like tablets with a number between one and ten on them. He could brand them as “do-nots”.

Then there could be some donuts shaped like scrolls because man cannot live on bread alone, but the word of God.

Reminds me so much of my Cambodian friend in my hometown. He has his own donut shop. Well, his whole family runs donut shops. They’re the best donuts I’ve ever had. Yes, I’ve had Krispy Kreme. Yes, I’ve had Shipley’s. Yes, I’ve had Dunkin’. No contest.

It’s amazing how many honey bees a donut shop draws. Once they find their way inside, it’s hard to keep them out of the glaze.

I’m just going to say it, Long John 3:16, it makes me think there’s a book of the bible written by a pirate. Now I want to read said book.

There’s tons of saints to choose from. The 12 Apostles tend to be pretty popular.
But, if you want to make the shop owner’s ethnic background more diverse, how about ‘Tisquantum’? Squanto was converted to Catholocism during his time as slaves in a Spanish monastary and his miracle would have been keeping the Pilgrims from getting killed by the Abenaki every time the Pilgrims did something stupid and pissed them off (like casual grave robbing).

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