1673 There Will Be Blood.

I could not for the life of me remember epiphany when I was writing this. I went to a chat group I’ve been frequenting for help, but it illustrated pretty clearly why in most creative situations I’m on my own here.

In keeping with my tradition of even the unlikeable characters having depth Evrina and her as yet unnamed god fearing friend have a complex relationship that this exchange sheds only a little light upon. Ed just wanted to shift things away from the last brick that was lobbed.

I don’t have anything interesting to report. I’ve just been trying to claw myself out of this hole I’ve been in for 5 years and not getting very far with it. I’m just going to keep doing that and hope you can tolerate boring posts for a while. Stay safe, kids.


Nina looks horrified. Is she okay? Nina, do you need assistance?

she needs an adult.

Ed is an adult.

No no he not

In the legal sense he is.
On the maturity scale?
I can’t say.
For me its on that grey sliding scale and I can only distinguish logical states of yes or no.
Well that and I am such a kid at heart?
Or is that clueless?
I can’t tell the difference?
Can you tell the difference?

Weak crave, no news is good news I guess. Just know that all your fans care for you.

On a separate note it looks lolike she is holding a dildo in panel three.

I know, I went in to it knowing there was no way around that.

I’m also prone to perceiving the perverse … but in this case I see a little figure that Nina has bitten the head off of … hence the blood … and her expression …

If I’m understanding you correctly- I agree:
if a group of people start talking about erotic fiction, + ideas for erotic fiction, it’s…um, [no pun intended], hard to keep people away from- stories about consuming things, and [body horror] stories.

Being in a hole is the worst, speaking of experience here. If it’s any consolation, take comfort in the fact that you’re making something rather than just consuming things other people made. That in itself is more than enviable already. Take care.

with the saw title and all the barbed wire, the fat man that only had to get out comes to mind… welp, this is how I chose to end my night, *muah* good night everybody!

So … I guess Nina has gone cross eyed in panel one …

She’s looking right down her nose at the thing. Where the fuck should her eyes be pointing then?

I think that was a pun. I hope it was a pun because it should be.

It damn well better be. I’m on a hair trigger up in this.

If you are as you portray yourself in the notes, and we have every reason to believe that yu are; you are a very good and thoughtful person beset by problems that take a lot of time, but which seem very conquerable, if they don’t gang up on you all at once.
I love your comic, I find your art enviable, and I find you to be caring and kind, thoughtful and mature. Please don’t feed the trolls, just know, … Or rather remember how great you are. You have a community who looks to you. You Are that great. No, Really, it’s true.

I know he was just making a joke now, but accidentally chose something that set me off as I was already in a bad mood.

Hey Jackie –

Sorry about inadvertently contributing to the mountain of crap you have to deal with – I love your work (Nina’s expressions are fantastic) and am distressed that my stupid obsession with puns made a bad day worse. I hope things are looking up …

I’ll try to make sure I don’t post things that could be misconstrued as unwarranted snarky art criticism … I assume that was what set you off?

Take care

I haven’t really thought about it, but Jackie’s comments typically seem pretty free of trolls. That may be a reflection of his readership, and Jackie himself. Or it could be something more insidious. What does he do with them? Have you noticed an absence of trolls on other comment sections? Maybe I’ve already said too mu

Surprisingly, I think they’d make an awesome couple. Opposites do seem to attract and all.

Opposites may attract, but the Bible’s relationship advice says to not “be unequally yoked.” Which is generally taken to mean not to have an intimate relationship with unbelievers.

In physics opposites attract and if equal in all other ways it ends up in mutual annihilation.
Electron and proton – endless dance until something rips the electron away.
An electron and a positron or a proton and an anti-proton [jeeze physics nomenclature is inane sometimes] – the both disappear in a burst of gamma rays and little bits that don’t last long.

It struck me upon reading today, but could he be a brother of the tall creepy dude that has the hots for Carol? It might explain why he’s a bit of a rebel and socially awkward.

It’s like Communion in every bite!

Crucifi-clairs, they’re transubstanti-licious!

And the cereal commercial says:
“Look! There’s Judas! And he’s getting away with our Gospel Charms!

Oh…my…word…laughing so hard at the puns!

You two just made my morning. :D

Thank you, Jackie, for taking the comic this recent direction, it has been REALLY fun to read, and some of the comments it has been inspiring have been very entertaining. ;)

Looking at the [huge] blush that Evrina is doing, I think that she’s kind of attracted to this guy,
in personality-type ways, and maybe in physical ways. But I guys she figures she’s REALLY not romantically compatible with him.
(I seem to be going all “Dr. Ruth”, today).

Unnamed friend seems nice. I think Evrina needs more nice in her life. Whether or not they’d make a good couple, well I dunno yet. I don’t think we’ve seen enough of either of them to say. But I could ship it.

…They’re supposed to be unlikable ? Because I find them both adorable, in different ways… and so god damn shippable.

Also, now I want to try and find a cherry-filled… gingerbread ? It looks delicious, even if I don’t know what exactly it’s supposed to be -__-

Also also: “boring” posts because nothing bad happened to you ? I sure could get used to it. Take care, and thank you for this story.

It’s just a cross-shaped custard bar with chocolate glaze on top and cherry filling inside instead of the usual custard filling.

I just reread the furry arc to figure out if Evrina was the same Evrina (I didn’t remember her name) and I looked at the last panel of Alex at the end of that arc and she’s so pretty i want so much more of her

Jesus Guy: “Originally they were full of white custard. Ya know, to symbolize divine purity. But then that would make Panel #2 super awkward”

There are some interesting possibilities in a religious character who’s aware of the fourth wall…

Ah, but perhaps the cherry filling is more appropriate to the phrase, “Washed in the blood of the lamb!”

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