I don’t know if this has been asked yet. How have the lights and all lasted such a long time?

Well it is designed to last a life time and be independent.
And there are real life cases of people dying in front of a TV and it playing for up to 3 years.

You’d at least expect the bulbs to burnout on their own

A lot of the stress on a lightbulb is turning it on and off, so if it was a good bulb, staying lit for that long isn’t a big reach.

There is a light-bulb that has been on for 117 years (Centennial light bulb).

I didn’t know that. :) It must be specially designed for long life. I guess, given the way this guy built and stocked this place, he might well have installed such long-life bulbs.

It’s in a Firehouse and lasted through several earthquakes, the shake of horse drawn pump wagons, fire engines. Hell, the filament probably isn’t even tungsten carbide. Regular bulbs last just fine.

Not specially designed just well built and not encountering any “accidents”.

The modern bulbs used in the first generation pixel signs were rated for a nominal 30,000 hour life and they went longer than that due to the brightness being dropped significantly for nighttime use.
These were originally spec’ed for for military installation use. Longer life = less space needed in stores.

The lights I get, but the electricity is funny. I guess there’s no reason you can’t wire your bomb shelter into the electric system and just have generators as a backup, but it seems odd to do, unless it’s not even really a bomb shelter and was designed from the getgo to be a…hermitage, I suppose.

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