Are they working at what GameStop used to be? This scene eerily looks like what my life was two years ago… I even had a manager named Mike. O.o

I get the impression it is the equivalent of a Hasting’s superstore. Video, music, books, and some electronics.

Pretty sure everyone had a manager named Mike at least once. There is no shortage of Mike The Managers. They aren’t born so much as let off spores that mature into full grown copies of themselves.

Like the people of the Mushroom Kingdom?

If that were so, then Thomas’ theory from page 32 is incorrect, as mushroom spores are not compatible with the human female reproductive system. At least as far as I know (please keep all tales of various cases of yeast infection to yourself, it’s seriously gross… seriously)

I had a manager named Mike, Best one I ever had. He died of cancer just this year.

Thanks for nothing, God.

Losing people sucks … but the universe doesn’t and can’t care.

However, it has seemed pretty clear to me for a _long_ time that “Thanks for nothing” is precisely appropriate for deities and other supernatural non-entities …

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