1187 Raindrops.

Now that the holidays are over the local stores have completely given up on having Transformers. It’s total bunk because they finally started making some really great ones that I want, and I really don’t want to play the online buying game. These generations guys are just the best though. Swerve, Rhinox, Skids, I mean, come on. That said, I also really want a Grapple to go with my Hoist. I loved their friendship in the cartoon. Grapple was such a tortured artist. Ah well, whatayagonnado?

The other day I contacted another artist who is way more in to Pokémon than me. She breeds tons of them apparently, and I never really restarted my Pokémon Y game after the data disaster. I don’t think I even made it to the second town. Anyway I came up with a list of my dream team and asked if she would breed me a superior group of them. I’m going to focus on my team, rather than catching Pokémon all scattershot and rotating new ones in and out. That way I will have a powerful team by the time I reach the bosses, then I can go back and catch pokemon later, if I can be bothered. I just don’t have the kind of time for the old catch em all mentality. It’s time to evolve, so I can get more games played in general. X3

Games like Link Between Worlds, which is just clever and fantastic. I’ve played quite a bit of it in little bits. It’s surprisingly easy to play a little and come back to without getting lost. Nintendo really got the handheld feel right with it. Plus, the actual play is fun in a way that makes me want to come back to it. I don’t feel like I’m being forced to do mundane things, which was a problem with Minish cap and several other Zelda titles.

All I have to say is that even if the WiiU is being called a failure the 3DS certainly isn’t. It’s been a fantastic system with superior games. I wasn’t sure at first, it took a while for the real winners to show up, but when they did it was awesome. I hope that happens for the WiiU. I’m really looking forward to Mario Kart 8 and Smash Brothers Dickpunch. (From what little I’ve played of Mario 3d world I think the system has already paid for itself in terms of the fun I’m going to have, so whatever. I just want it to keep going.)

As long as I’m thinking about it, you remember that toy I couldn’t decide if I had or not? I finally decided that I didn’t ever have it and the false memory came from a really in depth review by David Willis. (Who is a cartoonist who really likes Transformers if you aren’t familiar with his work.) I’m fairly certain about this now. Although if I ever come across said item while cleaning I’ll let you know…


Jo looks as if she’s about to pounce and plant a rain-wet kiss on Jess

In other news….this would be awesome.

Yes and yes. I ship these two so hard.

I agree that a hook-up between Jo and Jess would be simply adorable. With Jo’s consistent cuteness and Jess’s sassy sexiness, how could one not want to see those two cuddled up together? =D

Why does this comic keep giving me “Now Kiss” moments! Two days in a row is crazy, I never get “Now Kiss” moments!

I’m great at foreplay.

Keep telling yourself that.

Everyone should. It’s good for the self-esteem.

It’s good to boost one’s self-esteem but it’s also healthy to be honest with yourself. Boost your self-esteem about things that you are truly good at. For instance, I’m great at healing in MMORPG’s and I’m also a geek and proud of it! ;) In the area of foreplay, I prefer to allow my fiancee to speak for me when it comes to my expertise in that particular area. Hopefully in a way that causes an awkward silence, because the world always needs more of those!

“It’s good to boost one’s self-esteem but it’s also healthy to be honest with yourself.” Pretty sure being honest with myself would be deleterious to my self esteem.

“Foreplay” he calls it, whilst everyone else is muttering “pricktease” ;-)

Foreplay is teasing of the genitals, before the main act arrives.

Actually, foreplay can consist of many different things. It doesn’t have to be involve downstairs. It’s considered a sexual activity that precedes intercourse. Sexual activities can even involve talking dirty to someone, because you are being sexual with them. Kissing can easily be considered foreplay.

Hey Crave,

I thought I would just mention this because of your posting about the toy.

I have had that experience, and just recently in fact. I am largely into video games, more so than toys or collectibles and a few weeks ago, I was talking to someone about an old PsOne game. I could not recall the title of the game for the life of me, and I could not remember what ever had happened to it.

I moved around a lot as a kid, so I pegged it as being lost or stolen. It’s been bugging me though exactly WHEN I had it as a kid, because I had a Playstation One since I was about 5 or 6 years old until I was about 14 or 15, (I’m 21 now, so by the time I was 15, PS3 was out in stores).

I spent the better part of the holidays trying to remember when I had the game, even going as far as trying to describe it to my mom, to see if she ever remembered buying it for me. I remembered intricate details regarding levels and different puzzles. I distinctly remember playing it for hours on end but could still not recall the title or when I owned it.

It was through sheer luck that about a week and a half ago, I was going through my Amazon Recommendations, to start working on some of my game list, when I came across it as my Recommendation. Megaman Legends. The first one.

I never owned the first one. I owned the second one that I had bought from a friend, but never the first one. The reason I remembered it so clearly is because of a babysitter I had when I was about 3, would bring his copy over while he watched me and him and I would play it together.

I could have swore though that I had owned it, as vivid and clear as the memories were. It is funny though how memories become manipulated with time and how easily it is something else entirely that can create false realistic memories, isn’t it?

Some might consider the WiiU a failure, but me and my Zelda theme Wii U controller disagree. Nintendo Land is solid entertainment on all levels, and so is the HD Wind Waker. Most anticipated game, though? The new Zelda, and unless it was a mean joke on Nintendo’s part, Hyrule Warriors, the mash-up between Zelda and Dynasty Warriors. As you can probably tell, I have a thing for Link.

Also, I just had one of those moments where someone you admire says they watch stuff that you do and you feel connected for a brief moment via a squeaky “I watch that thing too!” Dumbing of Age is the D to Between Failures’s B in my url bar.

Since I should probably talk about the comic, Everyone is Raindrops has one of those thought invoking rings to it.

Heh. Jo. You’re not giving me the same vibes you’re giving everyone else. Rain has always been sort of melancholy to me.

I think going to boot camp in San Diego during El Nino did it to me. I mentioned the cadence thing before. The way I heard cadences for the first time gave me a very strong sense of sorrow mixed with pride. By the way, the weather is normally always nice in southern California. But, during boot camp, it [i]rained[/i]. Movies about boot camp don’t convey just how much it rained.

So, this is part of why rain is melancholy. I always felt that cadences had a kind of haunted quality in them. They are very loud and powerfully given. They remind me of American Indian songs.

There is a great deal of tradition in the military, and I sort of … felt that in the song. It’s not a song that most people relate to. It’s a song of war, but not for war time. It remembers those that have gone before, and teaches those who are picking up the torch. In words, it is merely, “A lo hot yer left, rait a lo, rot.”

The words were the frequency on the radio (AM, for this analogy), but not the modulation. The spirit carried the meaning.

The rain reinforced this in me. It was nasty, cold, and uncomfortable. (I went to boot camp at the end of January, not the summer like most recruits.) It got everywhere, and it changed the tone of the song. It was more hollow. There were no echoes of it in the distance. When it rained, your cadence didn’t answer you back.

Other than you, your platoon, and your drill instructors, you were alone. You were cold soaking wet, and you were not going to stop for the rain. You were going to continue at full intensity. Your platoon is good company, though. They’ll not stop, either. Oh, no. You don’t get along with all of them. You’ll still carry their ass if they fall. You’ll just cuss everything up and down while you do it.

Okay, so now that people understand why I don’t find rain a pleasant thing, let me express the vibe I would be getting from Jo right now.

In spite of her smile, if she told me what she just told Jessie, I would ask her if she was planning on hurting herself. Jessie’s expression is probably similar to what mine would be.

Hmm. This reminds me. I also get moodier the later it gets, too. I read the comic again just now, and I see where other people are making the connection.

It wasn’t quite midnight when I made that post, but I should’ve seen the comment gremlins sneaking out before their time.

Doesn’t mean what I haven’t said isn’t how I feel. I just put it more darkly than I might have at another time of the day.

I just had a horrible vision: Jo tries to kiss Jess, turns out Jess is just really flirty and doesn’t actually swing that way and rejects her, leaving Jo crushed.

I am more afraid that Jess *does* swing that way, but not with Jo. Complete misunderstanding of connection, including friend-zone shenanigans and heartcrush. Yeah…

Hasn’t Jess already in previous comics admitted to swinging both ways? At least currently. I believe the line was something like, “I’m hot, in college, and haven’t decided on my major yet.” I’m not so sure that she would friend zone Jo. I feel as though Jo’s fey charm is attractive to Jess. I could be misreading the flow of the dialogue though.

As much as I hate to counsel madness (and you’ve already commented on how much you hate that site), have you tried finding the Transformers you want on eBait? What you’re looking for is a totally different world, I guess, but I just scored two six-piece sets of Walt Kelly’s Pogo premiums that came out in boxes of detergent in 1969 and 1970. One is a set of semi-poseable figures and the other largish drinking mugs. Collectors are beating each other over the head for these at $10 and up per unit, but I scored both for a nominal $24 for each set. Granted, I don’t know an Autobot from a Zeroid, but you may find what you’re looking for.

Oh, yeah. Cute soggy girls are cute. And soggy.

Jo’s perfect. If only she wasn’t a smoker!

In a comic where everyone has flaws, the only way she wouldn’t be a smoker would be is she has some sort of psychological something like most of the other characters. Her transparency of intent and action is part of why we all love her so much.

As another webcomic has put it, “A girl has to have some contradictions in her life.”

teehee, Questionable Content~

Questionable Content, the Webcomic that carried me into my Webcomic addiction. Silly side note about me; for my Small Business Management class I did my project on starting a business that helps Webcomic creators that currently don’t sell merchandise obtain the ability to make a profit off products by providing unique designs for several different merchandise items. This was done by arranging a contract with both the artists and a merchandising company that benefited the artists, company, and the owner of the business. Nailed the project, professor loved it. Of course I have no intentions of ever doing something of this nature, I just wanted an excuse to do a presentation on Webcomics in class. I was able to get about half the class into reading them. It was a lot of fun! =D

My concern is that Jess has been overtly flirtatious with everyone and so on to mask the fact that she’s never had a serious relationship. I can see this going badly in more ways than not. Plus drama is good, for a story.

Brooksie reminds me of one of those yoga gurus who spout out wisdom… except she’s cute and adorable!! The lost Guru: Wisest Guru of All ~ In theaters May 13th

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