1186 Little Things.

If this text is here when you see this page I fell asleep from fixing fence today.

The Teen was in a serial killer documentary mood this evening… So that’s in my head now. We can’t find decent movies on netflix. It seems like their choices have dwindled. Did they lose a contract or something? I was going to subject her to Short Circuit, but nope. We’re watching Masterikkkkkk kk, I kkkkklknhcftihyii bjkbgmnbbbvv of Disguise. (She’s right next to me at the mmnnjjmmoment…)

The Teen begged her brother to come vtiry visit today. We had a nice lunch with him. She forced him to watch Sex Drive while I fixed fence. She’s very demanding, if I’m honest. Anyway, it’s a school night so now it’s time for bed. If Master Of Disguise doesn’t put her to sleep nothing will.


Then they both GOT SICK!

Rain doesn’t give you sick, your immune system has to be weakened already.

Well then I’VE BEEN LIED TOO! #Thanksmomanddad

Have you really never done this? Some of my most cherished romantic memories are basically this scene.

Find someone who loves you, who also loves rain, and play in it.

Be sure it’s not thunderstorm, and stay a safe distance from power lines, trees, and other hazards.

I have, but its never been long. As a kid, I’ve been allowed to screw around in the rain for like 10 minutes *Just realizing that I’ve been robbed hours of fun* and was always told I could get sick.

Took a lot more chances in the rain when I got older, but I still believed I could get sick most of the time. Eh, guess at a point I stopped caring and went “Come at me bro!” towards the falling droplets that is water.

Recent studies have indicated that cooling the inside of your nose may decrease the efficiency of you immune system there, making you more susceptible to rhinoviruses.

Holy Crap, this is fantastic. I love these two together :)

Also, Jo is totally right. In the rain with her hair like that, Jessie looks almost exactly like a tall Ed with boobs!

I don’t know how adorable you think Ed is, but Jessie with her hair wet down looks way better than that to me <3

They really are cute together.
And hey! I liked Master of Disguise. Dana Harvey did a solid job of showing us just how trite some of our stereotypes can be while making us laugh at them at the same time.

I’m like Jessie. I can see well enough without my eyes on that I can take them off for playing around. Driving at night, a new locale, or looking at stuff on the white/blackboard are things that glasses are a necessity for.

Oh, and since my 20″ TV is what I use for a computer monitor, I have to wear glasses to see stuff on it. It’s about 5′ away from my eyes.

The rain does make me moody when it’s warm enough to tolerate it. Spent so much time wet while I was in the Marines, I tend to call cadences. Romance isn’t something I have much experience with, so there’s no fondness for rain in that regard.

It’s weird. If I get wet from the top down, whatever. If my feet get wet, it’s all over. My mood is effected.

Ah! Just spotted her glasses. I didn’t catch that the first time around. Oddly enough, I’ve started the habit of hooking them on the back of my collar. It was embarrassing when I “lost” them there at a friend’s house once.

Actually, as I understand it, most of Netflix’s content is under temporary contract. That’s why their offerings are ever changing. They were the first full streaming video company, and at the beginning, the only way for them to get any agreements at all from content producers was to make things temporary. Things haven’t changed since then.

I believe there was a huge list of movies and tv shows that were going to be taken off this year. So there’s that.

I really wish Netflix on TV, Phone, etc, would show the date of expiration on shows. I don’t like that I have to look it up online. #Lazymanproblems

You know I was always analyzing who Brooksie would be enamored with. It flopped from John at first, to Ed, and then I lost track as I went through the possibilities. I love this comic and how it always surprises me with just the right touch of realism and wishful thinking.
So thank you for this and keep up the amazing work. I say get this stuff published.

Theyre gonna bang, arent they?

What about John, Jo? Don’t forget your cancer stick buddy! you were going to quit this year!

Crave, you seem to be having some issues with your keyboard. Try these possible fixes:

1. Reorient the keyboard in reference to the monitor.
2. Clean the connectors where it plugs into the computer.
3. Remove The Teen from the keyboard…

Where is my head?! I didn’t put two and two together until this post.

Ugh, I can be so slow sometimes!

Had a good laugh when the realization hit, though.

so 1200 comics in two days
nothing to do now
guess i’ll return to my own life
thanks for letting me live vicariously through you

Too adorbs, Jo, too adorbs! <3

I was a little thing online for about 10 years. It was my whole life. It started off well, but i lost myself somewhere along the way and got very self-centered and sensitive. Nothing wrong with being a little person, of course, but I was trying to be someone I thought I was but actually wasn't.

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