939 Everyone Is Dicks.

I have been waiting for the net to come back online. It was fine when I got home, but I didn’t instantly sit down and upload the new page, so I was punished. I was just about to drive in to town to see if I could use some free wi-fi and things came back up. Good thing too as I’ve had quite enough travel for one day, thank you very much.

This page is so odd in its construction, but I like it. Cutting away to John amuses me to no end. His withered form melting into the cold tiles of children’s books… Cursing those who left him behind. XD

I found my set of Pokemon TCG league badges the other day. I have a complete set from the second… wave? Round? Whatever they called it. I’ve got a couple from the first wave too, but not a whole set. I’m not sure why we never got all of the original run in my store, but as janky as everything we did was it’s just as surprising we had a Pokemon league at all. I actually liked the Pokemon card game. I played Magic before that, but swore it off after I realized I was in a little too deep. I only ever got a few hundered Pokemon cards, which is not a lot in TCG terms. A standard deck set came with something like 60 cards prepackaged. I only got enough cards to remake my deck from the Gameboy Color game they made. Unfortunately the actual game rules and the gameboy rules were slightly different, so my killer deck in game was muted somewhat in real life. That said it was still a good time. I actually kept those cards whereas I sold my Magic ones. Excepting for a complete set of Homelands. I thought I had a deck of each color saved too, but I haven’t seen them in years, so i must have sold them or lost them. By the time Yu-Gi-Oh came along I was OUT of patience for that kind of thing. Every so often I have moments where I think I want to play again, but they soon pass. Thankfully.


oh i dunno i thinkits about how deep into card games you get and how you play them because there are ways to play some of them for free

I had a soft spot in my heart for Mike – and I guess it was well founded. Nina hit it on the head – they’re adorable.

Acceptable use of failed grammar. Usually I would be a grammar nazi, but in this case it is used quite well:)

I played M:tG for awhile competitively, made a fair bit of money doing so. I still have my Cruel Control/Five Color Control deck running about somewhere.

I played for the social aspect, mostly… I loved being around the type of intellectuals who build decks, as it requires an interesting method of thinking… I tend to despise people who can’t think as fast as I can, so being involved in something that has a decently high requirement of knowledge, lateral thinking, and associative thinking means I don’t have to deal with as many idiots.

Relatedly, that’s one of the reasons I took up hacking and gaming as well.

That’s how I started, but somewhere after about the fifth expansion it stopped being people that built decks, and competitive dicks building decks. What’s the difference, you ask? Fun. Competitive dicks want to grind you into the woodwork in no less than five turns, spend ungodly amounts of cash perfecting that deck (adding in an unfair advantage to the economically gifted), and for some reason don’t see the purpose in a five card combo that results in absolutely nothing (re: no damage, no control or countering, and no tapping or otherwise shutting down an opponent’s cards. Seriously, if you can’t see the sheer genius in finding that combo, let alone the audacity to play with it, you don’t have a sense of humor. Or a soul…)

Then again, I think the same about most games. I recently re-quit Magic because it isn’t worth the financial effort to stay competitive; The majority of the people I play against have thousands of dollars invested in cards I will never likely pull from a randomized booster; I don’t feel the drive to learn all the new cards every three months just to know how to adjust my deck anyway (it’s a game, it’s supposed to be fun, not work); and it just isn’t any fun anymore. As to that last part of the statement, it should read: it just isn’t any fun anymore, again.

By the same token, I still play Warhammer and 40k, despite the economic factors (damned new Necrons replacing my old figures…) albeit at an admittedly slower rate. The main difference being that I can actually win at those games despite terrible luck (I can have a sixty card deck with 55 lands in magic and not draw a single land. I have witnesses, and yes, it IS mathematically impossible. This translates into ‘the dice are trying to kill me’ in other games…) Not that it is any more than an excuse, but there it is.

I guess the short of it is: I just can’t stand the thought of being forced to play Magic: The Gathering anymore. At least for now.

I couldn’t help but notice that John has nearly no junk in the trunk. Nothing at all. It is about as flat as the tile floor he was slain upon.

Everyone… is dicks…?
Everyone is dicks?
Everyone is…. dicks?

It doesn’t makes sense! What does that means? Is he just tired and needs a smoke? Sick of being hit? Got bored? What is going on here?!
Everyone is dicks? It still makes no sense…

Everyone is dicks….. |:/

It’s in reference to an oft misquoted line. I forget which one, specifically, but people tend to fix the grammar on it. Something along the lines of ‘The world is a idiot’. ‘The publis is a fool’? Damn, that’s going to keep me up trying to remember now…

@ crave: Nice literary/historic reference from Nina, there. Shows she’s doing more than just stocking those books. Greasy double finger point thumbs up anna head bob to you on that one.

@chaos: everyone in the store is a dick. All of you. All dicks. Shortened to “everyone is dicks” very simple.

@ crave cutting away to John is amusing. You made the right choice good show.

@aita Couldnt agree more. before ebay was around i had turned my 200$(spent) on mtg packs into well over 1000$ worth of cards through smart trading.(seriously my manticore alone must have made me 150$….trade it for 3x its value, 2 weeks later they dont want this “bad” card any more, and i get it back at cost…trade it to someone else…good times) Anyway i loved the brains you had to have back before they changed the tourney scene to where EVERYONE’s deck is preregistered and available online. it removed one of the biggest skill aspects of the game, not only the ability to play a deck well, but to build one well. I loved nothing more than putting together a deck that cost less than 50$ and beating a deck with more than 300$ worth of cards in it. Though i have to say my favorite deck was my type 2 green stomp during urza saga. 3-4 turn kill, around 250$ worth of cards and the only thing it couldnt beat when played right was wildfire(god what a beastly deck that was). my favorite set of games with it though was after wildfire won the championship and was put out with gold borders for 10$. buddy of mine who had more money than brains(was buying 2-4 booster box’s a month) got it in the hopes of finally beating my green stomp deck. i crushed him 3 games in a row. he declared that he was going to throw the deck away because it was garbage. so i told him to trade with me for the day (his wildfire for my green stomp). people that were a challenge were a joke….my deck vs wildfire i rolled it. so yeah never did quite get the hang of the 2-3 turn kill decks so i wouldnt have won many major tourneys without “borrowing” someones idea for a deck, but i was content with my deck building skill level, especially considering my card collection was just about the worst in my school.(very rich school i went too) Anyway back to the “new” tourney scene, i dont see how anyone could be proud of a victory, everyone is playing essentialy the same deck, and once you learn how to properly play that deck, the only skill involved is luck of the draw. that and that wotc freely admits it doesnt WANT “fast” games. to me that was the entire idea, how good can you make/play your deck. how fast you could kill was the truest measure of your skill. i mean i can get that you dont want to make cards like stroke of genius/tol academy/black lotus/sof but to not have ANY power cards or power combos is just ridiculous. so long story long, i too quit mtg, and got into poker, at least until that game gets nerfed too.

p.s. <3 2600

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