940 Never Surrender.

My stupid internet is so slow. It’s taking forever to load the page. I hope Arc Valley expands this way soon so I can ditch this shitty service. That would show them.

No store around here has Pokemon Conquest. It’s not that big a deal. I can get it other ways, but it strikes me as… unfortunate, I guess. I haven’t played it yet, but I suspect it will be good. I also suspect that Nintendo isn’t going to support it very well. Much like Glory Of Heracles. I haven’t finished GOH, but it was an interesting enough game. Nintendo doesn’t seem to have mastered the RPG exactly yet. They usually need some help. Capcom, or Square usually has to come along for the ride. If it’s sort of an actiony RPG they do okay, but I can’t think of a totally standard RPG they’ve done. Not one that was released in America at any rate. For all I know they are huge in Japan.

I keep almost convincing myself to get Kid Icarus for the 3DS, then I remember how tedious it can be and how they didn’t really try very hard with this version. Would a graphics update really tax you that much, Nintendo? I can’t imagine that it would. Not since you’re selling the same titles from 30 years ago for 5-7 bucks a shot forever. Plus all we wanted was a cool update and we got this weird shooter thing that you need an arm brace to play… POUT FOREVER.

Anyway I may yet convince myself to get it because I still have my password book from when I was little. I can go right to the end if I get sick of the eggplant wizards.

The value of content without physical form is still in a state of flux. I hope it drops slightly so I can have more. I’ve always been a “lower the price, but sell more units” kind of guy. That’s why I make almost no proffit on my merch. I’d rather have more out in the world and make money over time rather than a handfull of big sales once or twice. Each to his own, I guess.

I’m thinking of offering the comic as a digital download so you guys don’t have to deal with the archive every time you want to reread the story. Does that interest any of you vocal readers?


My internet is slow and terrible! Constantly cutting on and off. This comic particularly causes me trouble! Takes a large amount time to load the page.

I optimize the pages for the web now, but even then they are far larger than the average webcomic page. I just like being able to see things well on tiny screens.

Don’t take the resolution down! I think we love the HD output – a little speed increase is not greater than “really pretty”!

It would be great to download a few volumes of “Between Failures”, but I hope you’d want to charge for them, even if it was a relatively token amount. I’m looking forward to the next book, but I’d definitely accept it in digital form instead of dead tree form.

Oh – and the “content without physical form” deal. I was gung ho for my Kindle – it was great getting the brand new books for $10 instead of $25 and I bought a lot of them. I’d never been one to buy books on the break before – I usually waited a couple years until they appeared at yard sales for a quarter. Soooo .. now a few years later, they keep raising the price of the digital media. Most of the books are priced at $12-18 now. I recently bought a “new” copy of “Atlas Shrugged” on my Kindle and as I remember I had to pay $19 for the digital item – MORE than the price of the hardcover.

So .. as a result, I may wind up going back to paper books at yard sales, or at least drastically cutting my buying habits.

I guess this is a long winded way of saying that I agree with you – sell MORE books for less money, especially in the digital realm. It’s not like it really costs them anything for printing, binding, shipping or display.

I read some things where they claim that the marketing, graphic design for the book, tours, author payment, and blah blah blah add up to that wallet-raping amount. Because everybody knows that paper and printing and binding books and shipping books is totally just, like, pennies. Such a tiny amount, really. It’s almost like we’re asking them to discount our meal because they didn’t give us the garnish and what kind of dicks would that make us? I mean, really.

People can be such d-bags when their money is threatened.
Stupid Publishers: Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

It does cost something to maintain a server, pay publishers, pay the licensees of the DRM you’re slapping on the books, but I’m sure it’s less than print. We need figures. Anyone know where to find them?

..and one of the things you don’t have with digital media is six MILLION books that didn’t sell – simply sitting in warehouses. Those books you buy on the $.99 rack cost somebody a LOT more than $.99 .. and I bet it was me, metaphorically speaking at least.

If it’s cheap and shows up ok in a black and white kindle friendly format, yeah, I’d buy it. Otherwise, I’d probably just save up my money for some dead tree format.

Pokemon Conquest is kinda fun. Battle gameplay reminds me of FF Tactics Advanced, with a couple extra twists (beat these guys this fast/with this attack to recruit them, and linking with pokemon to expand your arsenal)

When I have the cash, I’m definitely going for a dead tree format. Yours and a few more I won’t mention for the sake of shameless plugging are some of the few that I would actually shell out real, physical, cash money to put on my shelf. Between Failures is a fun comic to read, because it features so many things I could do at my job. Like have all the store employees get along long enough for a store-wide Nerf fight.

If this scene was in a live-action movie, it would be in slow motion, with eerie last-stand type operatic music playing. It Rocks.

Curious about Pokemon Conquest, I read some reviews. The ones I’ve read seem to be shocked that they enjoy the hell out of it.

Pokemon Conquest was developed by TecmoKoei not Nintendo and they been putting out the era stratagy game forever.

Hi. A digital download sounds like a great way to support the effort. Could you offer it in .cbz format? That seems to be the popular format for comic reader apps.


Would I like to download all of Between Failures? Heck yes! I will add this comic to the very small list of worthy comics I keep on my hard drive as well as on my bookmarks! :D

A one-for-one trade isn’t so bad considering Who’s doing the trade here. Thus far Nina, Carol, Thomas, Joline and Reggie are hit-free.

Um, two-for-one or one-for-two depending on whose perspective you’re viewing it from. Ed got grazed in the shoulder, I think, which is why it’s bouncing back from that spot.

Just thought you should know, the link at the top of the .com version leads to the .com version instead of here like it say’s it’s supposed to. That could really confuse new readers who stumble upon the .com version.

Anyway love the comic, especially this arc. I wish we’d do stuff like this at my job.

You best not be dissing Uprising. This game is a wonderful curve ball Nintendo has thrown. All that stuff about the controls being awkward is crap, you just have to get used to it. I would say Kid Icarus: Uprising is the single greatest game on the 3ds right now.

And that’s why the 3ds will fail. they best get their ass in gear and put out some really good titles before they lose control of the handheld market. when you “have to get used to” controls that means they’re not set up properly or are just generally bad. go play Megaman 2 then mmx or mm zero, or zx, they are made totally different, but you don’t “have to get used to anything, that’s a sign of a good control scheme, tap a few buttons then go. When i started halo, and got a gun -tap lt- so that thows a grenade… -tap rt- ok that shoots, -tap white- that’s a light -tap black- … Nothing… -figure out later it’s grenade swap- ok… -run into the fray- that was my first expirence with halo. I didn’t “get used to” anything. So i hate to break it to you David. Kid icarus uprising has bad controls. You admitted yourself.

Regarding your “comic in digital form,” I’d buy that for a dollar!

Well, I’d buy it for more than a dollar, but I think my point was carried fairly well. Or well, fairly carried.

Also, we would buy your comics in print form. All the comics, precious. We must have them. I know it sounds like one of those “Hey, if you print it, I’ll buy it,” parties where nobody shows up but you and your comics, and you’re in nothing but your underwear and you have no teeth, but I’ll pre-order it, cash down first to prove my loyalty. For all that my words are worth. :/

Nina Anne _Grace_ <3

(I been thinking I really oughtta find my old comments from before I got a RSS reader extension, to see if there are any replies, but it's too much like hard work.)

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