941 Just Me.

For the record, in my head, Nina parries the axe out of Mike’s hand. It kind of looks like she just comes in and whacks it in such a way that he lets go. In either case she manages to get the thing out of his hand in a pretty impressive way. Impressive enough that neither of them are prepared for it.


In panel 2 it looks like Nina has dome some really strenuous exercise (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more)

right, right. (wink wink) I’ll say. (nudge) ya certainly do have a point there. (wink nudge)

Is Nina deliberately quoting Transformers, or does it just accidentally happen from being around Thomas too much?

My god, Nina’s hot. I mean, I always knew this but for some reason it double struck me here.

My heart will always belong to the thickest but Nina is amazing.

Also, Poor Mike. I did not expect him to lose the Axe. I hope he and Brooksie’ll turn it around.

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