942 Yield.

This page was almost two pages, the second one being an extra page posted tomorrow. I decided that it didn’t really need to be split up, because most of the other page would have been Nina Greedoing Jo. The last two panels work well enough, and you don’t have to wait for your resolution. In the cartoon version of this though, Nina shoots first, so to speak. XD

The last two days i have been so itchy. I think I put too little, or too much, blue stuff in my laundry water. I’m very devil may care with laundry. I don’t know why I do the things I do. I just saw my mother do them and I ape the actions like an… ape. These itchy time are the dire consequenses. It’s almost as bad as being in a room with a moose.

There have been a lot of spiders around the house since it got super hot. And by a lot I mean 5 or 6. There have also been some harvestmen, which I always thought were daddy long legs, but it turns out that is a mistake. They are also harmless to people and eat stuff I don’t like, so I leave them to their dark harvests. Apparently a daddy long legs is different depending on where in the world you are. In America it’s a kind of spider that is also harmless to humans. I found all of this out because I was trying to identify what sorts of spiders might be in the house. I saw a new kins and thouhgt it might be a brown recluse. turns out it was some common kind of spider that’s not fatal to people. Although that knowledge doesn’t make me want to get bitten by it any more. I know there are widows in the garage, but they’ve never come to the house. which is fine by me. they can live out there all they like. I rarely go there anyway. The house spiders are free to do what they like so long as they stay hidden. That’s my only rule. If they come out far enough that I can hit them they are in danger. if they run away I don’t chase. If they advance then it is on. Some of them get weirdly agressive when they are spotted. I don’t want that trait getting into the next generation. I like my spiders propperly scared of me.

One of the baby swallows fell out of the nest apparently. I thought maybe it had done it on purpose, so I let it be. It was gone later on when I went to see how it was. So I was hoping it flew off, or whatever it is they do. Today i found it dead, or maybe it was one of the other ones. In any case the nest still has several in it. I suspect fowl play. That’s a thing birds do I understand. Maybe that’s how it got that name. Anyway, it was sad. if I had known it was not out on purpose I might have tried to raise it. Then we could have had adventures as J.T. & Sparrow: detectives to the stars!

Alas, it was not to be.


That first panel NEEDS to be a banner ad, FYI

Second panel would work pretty well too. Awesome indeed … and *heterosexual pervert male mode activated* I reckon if Nina had slung Brooksie over her shoulder and carried her off as spoils of war, Brooksie would have gone along with it.

God dammit. This is not the sort of thing I want to think about my first 20 minutes at work. Now all of you have to think about purple elephant boners.

+1 internets for the QC reference.

Especially since I had *JUST* done my weekly catchup and the purple elephant boners strip was where I had left off from last week so it was the first QC I loaded up before reading the rest. Kudos.

I’m really loveing this mini gamethey have going and it make me want to get a job at a retail sotre so we can do this one day

A daddy long-legs over here in Britain is just another word for a cranefly. I wasn’t aware it meant anything different anywhere else.

Anyhow, I’ve finally finished this Archive binge, and on a rather appropriate page too. I can slink away to the shadows for another few years or whatever.

And in passing, I can’t help but wonder whether my needing to change my commenting details to something slightly different every day is evidence that someone has been trying to stop me commenting at all…
… And if so, why?
Have I inadvertantly pissed someone off here too, or is the Universe just determined to make my life as miserable as humanly possible?

So can I hire you to come to my house and train my spiders? Sounds like you got a good thing goin’ on. Perhaps you can train those damned centipedes with the million legs that go shooting across the walls and floors at 70mph? I know they eat things I don’t like but…christ they freak me the hell out. Those things die on sight. They gotta learn to keep under things ’cause I’ma kill ’em when I see ’em.

As long as they don’t get right in my face, I tend to take a live-and-let-live approach to spiders. Centipedes, though? Swat on sight. Nothing needs that many legs.

Crave that first panel is an awesome shot of nina! It really brings out the “warrior Princess in her.

What’s bad is when there’s a huge gray spider on your pajamas on your favorite handmade throw at the bottom of your bed. People call them wolf spiders (big, gray, and hairy), but thats a misnomer. I don’t know what they’re really called, but they can be aggressive. And you can’t just smash it on your pajamas or your favorite throw. A softair pistol works perfect. Dead arachnid with minimal collateral damage. I’ll leave them to their own devices in a lot of places, but not my bed. Also, ever wake up to a centipede running across a piece of paper? You’d be amazed how much noise they make. That’s a story for another time.

Where I live brown widows have been moving in and displacing the black widows. The biggest difference (aside from coloration) is that brown widows are way more brazen in where they build their webs. Black widows keep to hidden corners and out of the way nooks, brown widows will build just wherever. They’re not aggressive at all though, so they’re actually pretty easy to deal with.

We have these little 1cm brown house spiders that kinda look like brown recluses (probably the same kind you have; “southern house spider” according to Wikipedia) but are relatively harmless. You’ll get bitten in your sleep every once in a while, but they’re not much worse than mosquito bites. I don’t like those ones, and I’ll kill them if I find them in my bedroom, but I don’t actively seek to eradicate them.

We have “daddy long legs”, though ours are the spider ones, not the harvestmen ones. I’m totally cool with them, and will even rescue them from unsafe areas (like the sink or the shower) if they try to build there.

There’s also yellow sac spiders, but I don’t encounter those very often. They’re very gross/creepy, and purportedly venomous, so when I do see them, I go out of my way to kill them.

In summer there are these huge orb weavers that build giant webs in people’s front yards. I don’t know what they’re called, but they’re grey-on-amber striped, and have fat abdomens instead of skinny abdomens. The webs are huge, like 1-3 meters, and the spiders themselves are 1.5-4cm. I don’t think they’re venomous, but they’re large enough that the fangs alone could probably give you a good jab. Never heard of anyone getting bitten by one though.

A classmate of mine when I was a kid caught a green lynx spider and brought it in to show and tell. Freaky in size and shape, but beautiful despite that due to it’s coloration. Imagine a spider made from spun jade and/or emerald. I’ve never seen another one since, and have always been a bit disappointed about that.

I’ll see a woodlouse spider every once in awhile (always outdoors). They’re gross/creepy, but in an oddly fascinating/cool sort of way. I look at them, but leave them alone.

..And Jumping spiders! Lots of assorted jumping spiders, which I think are awesome and cute.

Sad but I took the “You have my axe” reference more for Shorty from the Portal series on the old G4TV. Even if he was a parody of Glimli, still….funny little Dwarf that could rock.

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