951 A Man With A Shrink Ray Used To Be Shown Some Respect.

I’m uploading this page way earlier than has become normal because I won’t be here to nurse it along tonight. Potentially at any rate. I don’t want to spend all damn night on the road, but whatayagonnadoamirite?

I had a dream that honestly woke me up today. I don’t remember the whole of the thing, but it took place in some kind of alternate now. It was nighttime and I was helping dad do some bullshit dream task. It made so little sense I can’t even remember it now. Anyway the neighbors were all kind of out milling around in their yards. The old couple on one side had nearly a moated castle made of those standard red fence posts, and she was standing on a turret with a lantern. It was like a lighthouse almost. on the other side the lady with the nasty dog was smoking and being inattentive. Her dog started barking and tearing up the fence between our yards and in the time it took me to see what the hubub was the fucking thing had eaten one of our dogs. Not tear it up dead style, but just swallow it whole style. Which was horrifying. The dog it ate was a weird combo dog made up of Solomon and Dorothy, and it was just big enough to be a little to big to be comfortably eaten by the other dog. Andyway it was kind of choking and our dog was struggling inside it, and I’m the only one who saw this crazy shit go down. So my mind is in full crisis mode, cause I have seconds before our dog suffocates even if it’s still okay for the most part. I pretty much come out of the booth and start beating this dog to death with my bare hands, because it can’t fight back propperly since it’s having trouble breathing with my dog inside it. So I’m simultaneously savagly beating a dog to death while trying to pull another dog out of it by it’s tail, and no one knows what the fuck is up with me. For some reason my father had gone blank and not acting like he really would and the neighbor lady is spazzing out because I’m killing her fucking monster that she has trained to be an asshole. I woke up at the point where I had either beaten the dog to death, or done it enough harm that it’s unconsious, and I have started ripping it in half from the jaw. I can still feel my dog kicking. I’m screaming at my dad to help and he finally figures things the fuck out and starts to help. The lady is wailing on me and crying and I finally spin around and deck her so hard that I instantly know I’ve broken her jaw. My hands are drenched in the blood of this fictional dog, the world spins, and I snap awake in my bed, in the dark. I’m panting and dissoriented… Things start to fade. I have to get ready to go… Fuuuuuuck.

Anyway, I went with this particular series of events in the comic becasue I actually saw it happen once and it was totally awesome. Objectively shooting an Nerf dart out of the air with another nerf dart is not that spectacular of a feat. They are huge and slow, but doing it when you WANT to do it is another matter. I can’t think of a single movie where I’ve seen this happen, even with a bullet, but one must exist. I just don’t tend to watch those kinds of films. Feel free to clue me in, as I’m sure you will whether I encourage it or not. I’m sure, in Reggie’s mind some part of him belives he did this intentionally and he could replicate the result at any time. Another, more grounded, soul might react with as much awe as the casual observer. He does not. That sort of belief in oneself may be thought of as arrogance, or confidence. When one is labled one way or the other the feelings of the judge tend to make the final call.


This. This is why I stick around. Odin’s beard, man, this is awesome, truly. Gotta love this stuff.

Holy crap.

Reggie may be a douche, but it looks like he’s got a hell of an eye to make a shot like that.

Shooting Bullets:
BBC Sci-Fi Comedey Red Dwarf, Series VI, Episode: Gunmen of the Apocalypse.
Danny John-Jules as CAT playng the “Riviera Kid” in an Artificial Reality game shoots two bullets out of the air.
The episode won a Foreign Emmy.

Also the horror/action/comedy movie “Versus”. During the climactic showdown the big bad and the (anti)hero both pull pistols at the same time and empty the whole clips at each other, resulting in a rain of smashed bullets on the ground between them. They’re both immortal demon-sorcerer types though (the movie could be handily summed up as “Evil Dead meets Highlander”), so this is implied to be more or less “Flynning with bullets”.

…And with that description I am officially watching that movie! Seriously, that sounds freaking awesome and I’m shocked I’ve never even heard of it.

It’s not as funny as one would hope. With such a ridiculous premise I thought it would be more cheese. But, I could be remembering it wrong. I dunno. It’s been long, long time.

For a shot like that, he deserves a kickass phrase, on the level of “Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!”

Seriously though, that just earned him some respect.

Crom….I have never prayed to you before….I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That’s what’s important! Valor pleases you, Crom…so grant me one request. Grant me REVENGE! And if you do not listen…then to HELL with you!!!!!

This is, in the gaming world, what we call a called shot -10, made with a nat 20 (which itself was confirmed with another nat 20)

I have almost always liked Reggie. He lives in his own world. I think it is one of the few times something he really wanted worked out for him.

Dude, no offense, but your dreams always creep me out. Have you ever considered getting therapy?

I only half agree on that – as long as nobody gets hurt and he can put up with it, why fix it?

Yes, it is disturbing but way better scripted than anything listed as “horror/shock/creepy/etc” coming out of the Hollywood liquid manure spreader.

Keep writing that stuff down and convert them to scripts for the next release of either “Far side” “Twilight Zone” “Outer Limits” “Goose Bumps” etc.

Don’t forget the potential for a future webcomic projects (you have to figure every webcomic has to come to an end sooner or later, question is if the author/artist can come up with something new) or a october special for Between Failures. Another option could be to re-write them into novels or short stories.

Not really. I don’t think it works on your subconscious anyway.

Actually, most problems therapy is meant to help with stems from the unconcious. Awareness is one of the biggest factors in overcoming such issues. That’s why women are 50% less likely to get PTSD. The nerve fibers that connect the two halves of the brain are 25% thicker in women allowing the two halves to communicate better and faster, making them better at multitasking as well as processing and describing their emotions. Understanding and communicating these issues allows a person to get them out of their system and cope with them better, the equivalent of pulling shrapnel out of a wound so it can heal properly versus letting it stay and fester. Though honestly, lot of people have crazy dreams. I think dreams are a lot like movies and stories in that if they’re too crazy your brain can’t make sense of it and thus it’s harder to remember, so I’ll bet a lot of “noramal” people have had even crazier dreams and don’t even know it. Just because you happened to remember one of your’s doesn’t make you the bad kind of crazy that requires a shrink, maybe just the good kind where all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the crazy.

PS: Sorry, that was way longer than intended, I have a habit of that which is why I don’t post often.

PPS: For the record, I get pretty messed up dreams too. I think a lot of people do, tha’s sort of how dreams are.

I haven’t heard or read anything that supports your figures or your assertions about women, I’d like to if you have links or names.

Dreams are just the way of your brain to allow your mind to process information while you sleep, the content is usually symbolic of conscious or subconscious issues, so sense information are basically abstractions representative of ideas or memories in your mind.

Take the cliché of the embarrassed student naked in school. The meaning here is fairly transparent, but it represents what I’m talking about clearly if oversimplified. Then again, all this is sort of Freudian and not all that scientific.

Some therapy schools work on the subconscious level (psychoanalytic ones mostly), others work at the conscious level (RBT, Cognitive therapy, Behaviorism), and some others work on a mix of both planes (Gestalt psychotherapy, logo therapy). The hard part is finding what works best for each person and issue. For example, RBT is good for compulsive behaviors, Gestalt works for depression (for some people, it is too touchy-feely or chaotic for others), behavioral modification therapy is better suited for kids, etc.

I know the bullet shot happened in the Alec Baldwin version of The Shadow, and I remember seeing it two more times recently but forgot where. Rush Hour 3 and Wanted (the lisenced game), I think.

The only thing that could have made more perfect is if Reggie had said this instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-OmFsuql3g

…minus the “padawan learner” bit obviously.

Of course, I don’t know if Reggie would have watched Venture Bros.

Personally, I think Reggie’s statement was much more fitting. While the reference would have been funny, for Reggie this was a time for being awesome and therefore the situation called ofr him to be serious, concise, and clear. He succeded in all endeavors.

I have always differentiated confidence and arrogance by two criteria, is it justified, and are they an ass about it. I only consider it confidence if the first is true, arrogance if the second is true.

So, assuming he actually is that good a shot, that was confidence. And awesome. Must not forget awesome!

I have to say that’s a good system, but what if the confidence is justified and they’re still a really big ass about it? Or is it the degree to which they are being an ass that has to be justified? I like to think that arrogance is assumed, confidence is earned. I guess that’s along the same lines as “is it justified”.

This happens by accident in the real world. Intense battle as far back as the american civil war, if not before, there were head-on bullet collisions. Again, the trick is doing it when you want to.

Machines can do it with larger stuff and just a little lead time. This is the USA’s SM-3 anti-missile or Israel’s Iron Dome.

You do often see it with arrows; especially in Robin Hood shows. The Disney animated version is no exception… in fact might be the best proof.

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