2086 Right Tool For The Job.

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We have had most of the tools in our house longer than I’ve been alive. My father is a firm believer in buying quality so you never have to buy it again. Of course he gets tool sets every year for Xmas, but he also destroys even the best tools from constant use. That said, we still have this sickly yellowish drill that smells like ozone when you use it hat may as well be one of my siblings. I’ll legitimately be sad when it finally breaks because it’s been around as long as my memory of existing.


Oh, Reggie: If you are electrocuted, any signs of the afterlife will show up only on an ammeter. Let John know this; he probably won’t figure it out himself.

Just glad Reggie is finally becoming one of the gang

I’ve been watching a bunch of YouTube videos about restoring old tools and other objects. Disassemble, de-rust, repair, repaint, reassemble. They’re interesting, especially when they find things that are obsolete. Like the engine from a Maytag washing machine. Not motor, but engine, gas burning internal combustion engine. For a washing machine.

Reggie, are you channelling Groucho Marx?

In a Groucho Marx voice-

“Yesterday I shot a elephant in my red, varsity jacket. How he got into my red, varsity jacket, I’ll never know!”

I thought the line was, “… in my pajamas.”

Everyone is like “awww, we’re having a reggie moment” and I’m just remembering how he thought microwaving his uniform was a great idea, and I’m just hoping he does actually cause the whole building to collapse into some semi-serious life threatening accident

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