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Page is going up a little later than normal because I’m out of sorts a bit. I’ve got a golfball sized cyst right in the middle of my damn chest and it hurts like a bitch. It’s been there for about a week now, slowly growing to this size, and being very disruptive. It has been triggering anxiety and releasing stress hormones this entire time. I’m getting it scanned at some point this week, but it will probably be a solid lump of damaged cells like the last few times I’ve had the same thing happen. The spot where it is flared up originally several years ago, but it drained and only left a tiny scar. This one will probably leave a big lump, which will annoy the shit out of me until I die. The one on my neck drives me nuts. Anyway, that’s what’s going on with me. I also had some weird kind of migraine eye thing that really freaked me out. So I learned a whole bunch of stuff about migraines that I never knew. Like, you can have them and they don’t cause pain. In my case, it just turned my eye off for about 3 seconds and made my body sort of half fall asleep. I did not like that at all.

Anyway, you can help fund my new medical expenses via the links above… T_T I’ll let you know what happens after it gets looked at again.


Yup. My migraines rarely involve pain, I just get weird, shimmery squiggles in my vision that are effectively blind spots for 15-30 minutes. They even move gradually, although they are usually pretty central to my vision, making it difficult to see (I have to flick back and forth over text so I can see around the spot and slowly put together the words). Especially fun while at work with a customer sitting there, waiting impatiently, wondering why the employee they are working with is seemingly illiterate. And in my experience, I usually get migraines several times over a few weeks, and then none for months, rinse and repeat, so don’t be surprised if that comes back. It’s rarely a major problem though, thankfully.

Everything about painless migraines is insane and scary to me. I guess it’s still better than losing a day to pain but randomly stroking out is my definition of terrible.

It is pretty nuts, since we have no real idea what they are or why they happen (outside of the very obvious and rare cases of a brain tumor causing it). It’s the kind of stuff that makes you wonder what people thought about it centuries ago; attack by evil spirits, imbalance of the humors, etc. Especially since it’s practically impossible to imagine if you’ve never had one. But I’ve known people who had to go to the ER for migraines because it would cause them to just be entirely nonfunctional and puking their guts out from the pain, so yeah, I’ll take the weird-ass effects over that.

Yep, relatable. Only I get both the “silent” kinds and the “someone is stabbing me with an icepick” kinds. I’ve also had the ones preceded by a classic aura first, with half my vision obscured by a glittery shattered crystalline mirage for about 20 minutes before my head explodes. (That scared the shit out of me the first time it happened.) I’ve seen two different neurologists and had a few MRI scans, but so far they haven’t found any medication that works for me. Meds either don’t work whatsoever, make the migraine worse, or they work for about a month before my body adjusts and then nada. It sucks because they’re pretty frequent (one of my main triggers is weather changes and I can’t do anything about that). At least I’ve learned a few ways to make them less intense when they happen, because before that, I could get migraines so painful that they wouldn’t stop unless I went into Emergency and got shot up with Demerol. 0/10, do not recommend.

Have you tried green light? It’s rather preliminary, but I’ve seen some interesting work that just sitting in a dark room with a green light seems to help people with chronic pain and migraines. Might be worth a shot–no real downside besides the cost of a lamp and a green bulb.

Ah, yes, “scintillating scotoma”. I get those too from time to time. Most of the time they’re not followed by a headache these days, but just in case it’s a “nice” 20-30 minute heads up to take some painkiller. But it’s definitely disrupting if you need to do something that involves reading, or you’re driving. I haven’t found any specific trigger, but I suspect some combination of lack of sleep and/or dehydration make them more likely. Like yours it’s also usually several times in short order, then months without. First time was a little scary, though, because it hit just as I was making my way through an unfamiliar airport, and suddenly I couldn’t read the signs.

Those scintillations can be really pretty. My first was in brilliant colours. It terrified me. First chance I got I phoned my wife, who was a doctor, terrified I was going blind, and she told me it was just a migraine and it would likely be over in half an hour if I would just close my eyes and sit in dark room. It ended as she promised.

I guess what I’ve called migraines aren’t. Worst has lasted maybe 45 seconds, and I was crying. Those commercials That say,”For some people, drug X can start to work on a migraine in 30 minutes or less,” always used to amaze me. If one of my ” migraines” lasted 30 minutes, I’d be loading a gun. If I could. Usually brought on by extended coughing fit or laughing too hard.

Sounds exactly like mine, and it terrified me at first. Blindness is a special fear for me. Now I mostly cuss and stop whatever I’m doing to go wait it out.

“And looking good while doing it”

Maybe I just haven’t read the archives enough lately, but I don’t remember this being a ship.

You don’t necessarily have to be in (or want) a relationship to compliment someone. Sometimes you just want to be nice.

It’s sort of unfortunate that we’ve reached that stage, huh? Can’t give a compliment without the risk of sending the wrong signal, making someone uncomfortable, or even getting accused of sexual harassment in extreme cases. We’re so worried about “being nice” being misconstrued that we can’t be nice to each other, unless it’s in a sarcastic “I’m joking but I’m not but I kinda am but no really you look good” way. It’s why I think social media is based around giving noncommittal “thumbs up” instead of actually saying something positive.

For migranes, all types, acupuncture. Go to a pro and they have a one pin between the eye that works. as in fully GONE migraine n a minute works. Mom and myself confirmed.

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