2520 Little Tommy.

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I have nothing to report on my cyst apart from that it has finally gone from rock solid and painful to slightly mushy and less painful, so the antibiotics are apparently doing something.
I spent most of the day in bed but I’m still kind of tired. Anyway, let’s just call the blog there with the reminder that you can support my efforts with the links above. I will see you Friday God willing.


I have had a heart condition since 2005. Last Friday it decided to have me visit the emergency dept. After testing, prodding, poking and wiring me up like a robot they changed my meds and have me slated for many other tests in the very near future. However on to my point. When I was first in the ER I of course did not know how bad things were, but I did think at one point, damn, I will never know what happens in that comic I follow. So thanks for taking my mind off things even for a few moments.
Cheers, ~ulrich

Is Roulette older than Thomas? Did they go to school together? Can’t wait to hear more on these two :3

Roulette doesn’t yet have a slot on the cast page but I think it is established at her introduction that the is a little older, say 2-3 years. Given that her father started the store Thomas could have started coming in around age 14.

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