1677 Ramon.

I decided to pull the trigger on his first name anyway. I haven’t seen my friend Ramon in years, so as soon as I thought of it my heart was kind of set anyway.

Okay, so I made a general reader Discord server just to see how many people will join. If it isn’t many I might just converge the two. Let’s just see how things play out. I expect the same level of courtesy there as in the comments here. The only rule is don’t be a dick, unless it’s really really funny. LINK

For those of you who don’t know, Discord is a chat client that is free and isn’t choked with adds and annoying shit like Skype and everything else. LINK You can use it in browser, or download it to all your devices. It’s pretty straightforward. I wouldn’t be able to use it if it wasn’t, so you can rely on that.


No more blushes for ramen now that nina storms the scene~ Wb to ramen I suppose?

He’s pot noodles??

sadly I can’t edit, but yeah. I fell victim to rush+phonetics

No worries. I’m an amateur linguist so when I get really tired my brain does really weird things. All sorts of language pronunciations progressively mix into one weird spelling structure.

Sample sentence: Jack has a yellow pencil > Jack jas a yellow pencil > Jack jas a jellow pencil > Jack has e jello pincil > Jack jas e jeullo pincil

As I read (and reread) this comic, I fall in love with Nina more and more!

A tall, athletic, sweet, book loving, motorcycle riding, blonde what more do you want?

For her to be real and a part of our lives?

But this is the next best thing a virtual hugs to Jackie for being such an awesome writer.

No reaction to holy shit? C’mon religion guy

Maybe he realized that, for once, a little profanity was justified. These two ladies, after all, haven’t seen each other for a solid decade and have genuinely changed. Evrina is wearing contacts and a more flattering wardrobe, and Nina is no longer a goth. Which is a real shame, because there’s something about her cocky goth persona which I find alluring. Not to mention the short cropped hair, while it doesn’t do justice for her ears, but does open a wider window to her face. I believe we could all agree that seeing more of Nina’s face is a gift of divine magnitude, am I not right?

Haha not the profanity, it’s blasphemous to say holy and anything other than God, spirit, Mary, Jesus, etc, and shit does not fall in that category. In Catholic preschool you pick up a few things.

To be fair, punk rock Nina is a wonder to behold.

Just because I haven’t seen it in comment form yet, Evrina looks downright slinky in that crucifix T-shirt. Crave should draw her in nothing but that, or maybe just add a G-string, to keep the front tastefully covered. We haven’t received a truly good view of the little mouse’s butt yet

Soooooo is this Discord server for specific scheduled events? Like “Hey, everyone; we’re all gonna hang out on Discord on Thursday at 7pm EST!” Or just hoping that two or more people happen to be on the server at the same time? I’ve downloaded Discord for a virtual meeting with some people, but I’m still not totally familiar with it. How are we gonna use it?

Generally you join the discord server and hang out in it while you do other things. Think of it like having other people in the room with you as you work/read/play/whatever. You can join in the conversation, just listen, or ignore it….But you’ve got the option. That’s what Discord does, is give you the option.

“Hey, Ramon, long time no see – I named a character in my comic for you!”
“Oh, cool, what’s he like?”
“Um… he runs a Jesus-themed cafe with barbed-wire crosses on the wall and overtly moons after a lesbian in his employ.”

That would not strike him as odd…

That makes it sound like either he’s the best kind of friend, or he just knows you so well that he’d expect something like that. It’s really funny to me that I can’t tell which it is.

It would not be out of line for a business — any business — to have some kind of language use policy. Especially in the sales area. And even more especially if it’s a customer service/ retail business.

Really interested to see how this plays out, especially with the Nina/Ramon/Edward/Possibly Reggie dynamic. I’d love to see Reggie just randomly turn up in the middle of this for some coffee or something. Just because the antagonism between Reggie and Evrina

no way. not without someone forcing him, his character would see this as trashy and slumming it, no way he’d go to a place like this for coffee, he’d see the barbwire and turn around and leave

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