1676 Loose Change.

It would have been about 8 years or so if we’re intent on putting a number to it.

I spent most of yesterday taking the Teen to the store and then home. It’s and hour drive there and back from both places and it took about 3 hours at the store. That little adventure ate up all the time I gained between this page and the last page. As I was driving around I was thinking about how perfect it would be if that was the reason I missed an update without it being a medical emergency. Tomorrow I have to take her to her psych appointment. But she’s getting home some other way. Her new vehicle is in the shop so soon I’ll be giving her driving lessons I expect. The sooner the better because this shit can’t continue for months. My truck still gets good milage even though it needs a tune up desperately, but neither of us can afford the cost of that much gas over a long period of time. Plus if it goes full summer she’s out of luck because I can still only tolerate heat up to a point before I start to fade badly.

I made a discord server for patrons, but I’m thinking I might just let everyone in, or make one for everybody, if there’s enough interest. Is that something the regular readers would like, or just patrons?


That look on Evrina’s face. If she’s not gay I’m a long haired sheep dog.

I’m thinking it might be more of a situation of Evrina’s current look being based on childhood admiration of how Nina looked back in the day. And now she’s meeting her ‘idol’ and she probably looks a lot more like how Evrina herself looked back in the day.

I was about to make a Jojo reference.

But I’m better than that.

I am assuming this is reference to a particular character in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.
I haven’t followed the latest iteration so am fully out of the loop on the characters as they are now.

they said nina changed, but wow…

“Little mouse” I think I get why she got into the furry scene ^_^;;

That was my thought as well.

Actually, since I still suspect Evrina goes for girls, it dawns on me that perhaps Nina is the awakening for her…Or I could be wrong, I’m quite behind on being caught up, so I guess I’ll see as I keep going through these XD

About the Discord server, I say let everyone in, but you can make channels just for the Patrons. That way patrons still get a little something extra, but everyone still gets in.

Just curious if you’ve found a Switch yet? I walked into a Best Buy the other day and there was just one randomly in stock even though the website had said “sold out”. And I’d just received my tax refund, so…

I would be down for discord if it was made.

Also I find it amusing how drastic a difference between teen nina and now nina there is; I remember her saying she went through some really rough stuff and how old her and Thomas would not have gotten along.

I’m thinking along the lines of she could have bullied Evrina. And I agree, holy shit she has changed!

Nina appears to have passed up on a career as a world-class dominatrix.

A bouncy, upbeat dominatrix would be very interesting to see in action. An emphasis on positive reinforcement rather than negative, but still totally in control.

That sounds like the setup for an HBO series. They’ve done everything else…. Why not? I’d watch it.

“I made a discord server for patrons, but I’m thinking I might just let everyone in, or make one for everybody, if there’s enough interest. Is that something the regular readers would like, or just patrons?”

That sounds very interesting. It’d probably be more interesting if I knew what that was. Like I have to say to my occasional computer guru,”As if to a child, please.”

Also it kind of looks like Nina has a Tomb Raiderish holster on her right hip. Very cool. Have you given any thought to a print of the cast as the cast of Firefly? Thomas would be Mal (of course), Carol Inara, Reggie or John Shane, Jo River, Mike Shepherd Book, and Nina Zoe, and Ed Simon. Or whatever. Just a thought.

Thomas => Mal (yes, of course)
John => Shepherd (down to earth and wise)
Jo => River (yeah, this just works)
Nina => Kaylee (and so does this)
Carol => Zoe (second in command)
Ed => Simon (looks meek, but don’t mess with him)
Reggie => Inara (give him the poofiest dress)
Wes => Jayne (a bastard for a bastard)
Mike => Wash (both do their job and not much more, and both worry about being replacable)

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