543 Between The Loins.

If you think about it, and I have, Jolene’s mind would be somewhat terrifying to look into if you weren’t used to it.  In order to recall hundreds of movies line for line, and recite them on command, it must be very sharp and blazingly fast; changing gears radically from one moment to the next.  Once you ad in the social anxiety it would be a very difficult place to spend your life.  A rich fantasy world would be about the only thing able to keep you sane.

We’ll get to that as time goes on, I suppose.

For those of you who are fans Of Miss Grace I’ve uploaded two new desktop images to the arts gallery.  Well, variations on a single image at any rate.  It’s the spy image from the last page.  I won’t insult your intelligence by linking it here when it’s right down there.

Also, I noticed that some of the comments are being filtered into the spam folder again.  If you want to comment and find you’re being locked out just send me an email so I can fix it.


ya the loins should be protected like an endangered species. i wouldnt mind seeing inside her head even if it did cause me to babble incoherently.

“A rich fantasy world would be about the only thing able to keep you sane.”

I disagree.

Just because Jolene has a super sharp memory that can recall any line from any movie whenever she wants doesn’t mean she’s insane, or lacking sanity, or anything like that, it just means she’s got a talent for remembering movie lines.

Social interaction, just like everything else in life, requires practice to be good at; it just so happens Jolene has spent more time practicing her memory skills (which IS something you can improve through practice, though only to the degree you practice on, ie someone can practice how to memorize a hundred numbers at once, but can only really use it for that one task) by watching hundreds of movies instead of practicing her social skills by hanging with friends.

@SBB – You’re leaving out the key factor of brain chemistry though. That plays more of a role than you may think.

Perhaps Joline is clinically depressed? Seriously. Frequently retreating into a fantasy world is often (but not always) a symptom. But, depression is treatable, and fortunately for Joline, she has a few close friends on hand (such as Nina), and that’s important.

Yes, I’m speaking from experience.

I personally would love to live in Jolene’s mind. it sounds pleasant and akin to my almost equally odd, mind world of obscure one liners, random punk lyric quotes and my sad knowledge of internet subculture that surpasses my own actual culture.

shit. that sounds sad.

oh well , no regrets, ese.

Man now I want to see her become a giantess, maybe the blue one could make a formula that turns her into a giantess?

“[..]the blue one” Hahahahahahahaa Laughing so hard… can’t. Breath!

Jo’s mind must be something compared to the Old Ones themselves. I am proud of remembering pages of books and some quotes, but it is still scary to remember every movie, not mentioning to quote it at command.
There are only two words to describe this power; Jolene fhtagn!!!

After I read the comments so many things came together – “Doctor”, “blue one”, “giantess” – and there it was in my mind: an image of Nina as Dr Manhattan in his customary attire (nudge nudge), only vastly more attractive!

Could we please please have that as a wallpaper – Dr Manhattanina, meditating on Mars?

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