542 Imaginationland.

The inside of Jolene’s head is a magical place indeed.  XD

I was watching a show the other day that suggested that no memory is ever truly forgotten.  We may not be able to access them, but they stay with us forever.  So anyone who sees this comic will take a little part of me with them wherever they go.  Even if they hate it.  XD  The idea made me happy for some reason.

Anyway, I’ll keep the blog brief so you can bask in this colorful page instead.


im pretty sure a lot of people would go see it no matter how bad she can act and they wouldnt even need popcorn with that much eye candy.

….as a long term reader, I can’t help but wonder if those two images in Brooksie’s mind are movie references. It’d make sense as far as her character is concerned being a movie nut and all. =)

Yay for Fan Service!

I don’t comment often, but I follow every MWF – keep up the great work. You have me enthralled with your multiple story lines it’s like an american drawing style manga.

To your comments, I think that would depend on how you define memory. Every experience adds to or alters the physical structure of our brain, but “memories” (as in specific instances in our lives) are stored as electrical signals and chemical emotions. When you try to remember something, your brain basically runs a simulation based on the stored data; this data becomes corrupted with time and intervening data storage. We don’t forget, we save over and defrag.

…that was more than slightly off-topic. I apologize. My mind runs like Jolene’s sometimes.

“and visions of sugar plums danced in their heads”

delightful eye candy, and certainly a branch of the story that could bear fruit.

Makes me think of Kingdom Hearts.. they say that kind of thing all the time.
Except it sounds way cheesier when they do it. 8D

Along with a few others, I’d say this one will definitely stay in my memory. I’d like to say the depth and the shading have most definitely improved, the characters have a more…realistic feeling, almost as if they leap off the page (screen, whatever).

However when the inner lines are drastically thinner than the outer ones, it kinda gives the impression of cardboard cut-outs. Better though. I’ll follow you until the end of your days, well as far as this comic book goes, when we start getting to NBC TV shows, episodes, and collectible dolls made in Malaysia by starving children mercilessly beaten with whips, then I think I’ll stop.

As far as the memory thing goes, I’ve always felt that my memory worked like this.. every memory has some sort of tag, and if I can remember the tag I can easily get to the memory.

Unfortunately, I’ve misplaced a lot of those tags over the years, and can now spend an hour or two trying to remember it, give up, then have it spring up sometime (possibly days) later. I really need a google search for my brain some days.

you know, looking back….I guess there were signs… yeah. Power to you Crave, you seriously worked this out, I’m impressed yet again all over how good you are at story telling

This comic reminds me of the comment Jackie made about “This comic exists so I can draw women” ;)

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