661 Miss Calculation.

Allergy medicine makes me super sleepy.  To the point of barely being able to function.  Having bad allergies makes me miserable to the point of barely being able to function.  Basically every day I choose what type of dysfunction I want to experience.  At least with the sleepy style I can sometimes fall asleep at random and then feel refreshed for a brief while.  This has easily been the worst year for allergies ever for me.  Apparently this is true even for some people who’ve never experienced them too.  It’s like there’s something new in the air.  Makes me wonder.


Allergy-wise this year has been great in some ways. A bunch of those morons who couldn’t figure out what my complaints were are getting hit with them as well as myself. Only I’ve had some experience at dealing with it.

By now you’d think people would have figured out that damn near everyone has a cell phone at virtually all times and would stop making the picture lasts longer taunt. It almost makes me wonder what the pokemon forums are going to look like tomorow…

This may the funniest and yet sexiest thing I’ve seen all year. I hope she never wears pants again. Also I wonder if that shirt exists.

I normally get utterly railroaded by allergies during early Spring and mid to late Summer. Not so much during the latter this year. I guess the combination nasal surgery/tonsillectomy I got back at the end of March really helped.

I have allergies to animal dancer, dust, pollen etcetera. Normally not so bad, they hit me hard LAST year an not this year. It was weird. Then again, I kind of lived in front of my computer this summer, so meh.

This comic is awesome. I’ve now read the entire thing start to finish in one sitting. Unfortunately, the timescale is so insane that I don’t think I can read it without a huge backlog. *sniffle*

Seriously, awesome. Just the right amounts of hilarity, snark, and cheesecake. Yay!

At least she has the thingy. That’s gotta count for something right? Right?

Sure, sure. She’s certainly won the battle, me thinks. But I’m not sure she’d be welcome to introducing a third party into the conflict (cue the awkward pokèman) that will most likely finish the war. If she hasn’t any dignity, however, I’m sure she’ll be comfortable playing with the thingy outside while he takes pictures to fap to later. Everyone wins!

I donno. Jess doesn’t strike me as being particularly shy about her body. Now granted, getting caught in the hall way minus pants, shoes, make up or a bra probably isn’t on her list of “Good times” but again, she’s doesn’t strike me as being particularly ashamed of her body.

I never had allergies before this year, and now it seems like every time I step outside, I sneeze and then proceed to get a really stuffy nose, to the point where people continually ask me if I’m ok every time I sniffle. :(

Loved the cut viewpoint so we could see what was going on from both sides of the door :)

It just took me the last 2 days to read through the whole archive and what I got to say is :
realy impressive work you have done – it was so fun and all the characters were so well done and everything fit together!
Keep up the good work I love it

(Sorry for my bad English im no native speaker)

Many thanks, I hope you can forgive my bad English too. I’m a native speaker, so I really have no excuse… T^T

Anyway, many thanks for reading. I appreciate it. It’s nice to know my stuff can appeal to people from far away lands.

Try local honey if you can get it. The bees make honey from pollen which is what you are possibly allergic to. The honey should help you build immunities.

… Or so I hear anyway.

I hope we see more of New Guy. No pointless questions, no useless stammering or a terrible attempt to woo her. Despite the loin-tingling unexpectedness of the whole situation, he had the presence of mind to just take the damn picture.

I request he be upgraded to protagonist status, or at least given a name. After all, he’s the fictional fat geek fictional ladies wished their fictional fat geeks smelled like.

Strange this post is totaly unrelated to what I was searching google for, but it was listed on the first page. I guess your doing something right if Google likes you enough to put you on the first page of a non related search.

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