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Now that I’ve started making pages whatever size I want it’s easier to go back, even just before it goes live, and add in stuff I wasn’t sure I wanted in the first place.  Or just redo a page so it looks more like how I wanted.  The above is an example.  The way it was before made the scene seem stilted to me, like some dialogue was missing.  Now it transitions like I think it should when read in series.

This page, for some reason, actually stressed the RAM on my system.  I’m not sure why.  I’ve done this size before no problem, but I had to restart in the middle of this one to get resources back from something.  I’m not sure what.  Probably iTunes…  I haven’t had a page give me the RAM warning in over a year at least.  In any event, I got it to fill and flatten properly in the end.

I had some weird dreams the last few days.  In one I was hanging out with a guy I used to work for.  We were driving in some fields near a river.  I don’t know why.   He was ranting about something and accidentally drove into the water.  Then he had to try and back out before the van sunk.  Against all odds he managed it.  Which may have been why I woke up because as I was coming out I was thinking that there was no way what he’d done was physically possible.

In another dream I was trying to thwart some vampires from stealing the corpses of saints from various underground temples and what have you.  I’m not even sure why they wanted them now.  All I remember was stepping into a big underground crypt and seeing that the tomb was compromised.  It was kind of constructed like a Colosseum.  The vampires were standing one level up from the tomb mocking me, and I was making some type of “I’ll get you next time” speech.  I had a really cool coat.  The vampires were, like, 90s style ones.  The main guy was a pretty boy with dark wavy hair, and he wore a denim jacket and brown pants.


I figure its like the new video cards for computers. Instead of having like flames or something to show how good they work, anymore they show pictures of scantily clad women. This is because breast physics are too difficult for computers to keep up with easily. Even when said breasts are technically stationary…

“physics and biology are bing mean to me!”

that is my new favorite line in the entire comment. Don’t ask me what the old one was, I already forgot it.

So, there’s a comma where tere should be no comma.

“what are you, crying over”

Could’ve been worse. You could’ve been protecting the tomb from Sparklepires using only uv-lamps, whilst screaming “Why isn’t it working?”
I had a dream like that once. Similar at least. But then I remembered that I had a gatling gun filled with silver bullets lying next to me.
I cackled loudly.

ah Biology, she is a cruel mistress but when combined with the trickster of physics…. all is woe. She deserves it though.

Your dreams are so great. The 2nd in particular is really cool. Do you happen to use them as inspiration for some kind of art? ‘Cuz some stuff would translate well as illustrations, and others could be worked into a story/comic/something…

Love the comic, as usual, but I’ll risk being an unpolite idiot and point out that Jess’ Gainaxing looks a little weird to me -her breasts seem too long and pointy in the 2nd panel… IMVHO. It’s probably just me!

Are you a guy? .. lol. Unbridled boobs usually make that pointy cone shape when a woman leans her body toward the ground, and gravity does its thing on them. I think the artist is illustrating a similar effect boobs would go through in running.

Natural boobies do look smaller while they’re laying flat on the chest. At least I think so. The only boobs that defy these rules, are fake ones. They usually stay in place, and maintain the same shape, no matter what’s going on.

Having said all that… XD Jess.. haha.

Yeah, Jess has pointier boobs than… well, any other female cast member. So I thought it would become really obvious in this situation. I haven’t given it a lot of thought because it’s something I instinctively know about her, but writing it down makes it seem weird. XD

She needs not be perfect by any stretch of the human imagination. Fan service is all I need.

You sir, are a genius. May I add that?

Mmm, I get it now. Something else, related, if I can be obnoxious for a little more (c’mon man you know I love your heart) -you tend to draw the contours of their breasts through their clothings, right? So, since Jess’ top doesn’t look super tight, it was weird to me also because it totally adheres to her boobs. When you see Gainaxing in real life… looks different to me. But hey, good news: I’ll shut it now. Sorry again if I come off as a total jerk, and again, I -do- love your art.

Well they lay flatter once they’ve hit around college age, high school aged or younger would stand out more, hence why fake boobs are all made the same way.

I know how boobs look when they hang towards the ground, you’re absolutely right, but I’ve seen girls running w/o a bra and the boobs don’t hang down, they bounce. But thanks for the explanation, it did help.

P.S.: yep, guy here. Why LOL?…

I don’t think I ever used a dream as inspiration for a drawing. If I have I’ve forgotten. My dreams don’t tend to involve things I can, or desire, to draw. I could make them into a script for something else, but Most of them would be too complex for me to do anything with by myself.

“Physics” and “Biology”. Was it intentionally put to make it sound like she named them?

I don’t follow the question I’m afraid.

Haha .. Well that was one of the most epic comments I have ever read on Between Failures .. and you didn’t get it? Shame on you and think again.

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