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You know what I don’t have that I think would be cool to have?  A can of green Play-Doh.  Proper green, not half a can of yellow and blue mixed.

I’m not sure how long I’ve had the cans of Play-Doh I keep on my desk.  They are new enough that the kid isn’t on the can.  Actually I have 2 older cans that still have the Playschool logo and the Tonka copyright, but the contents have…  evolved into something other than Play-Doh.  I’m not sure, but I think at least one of them might be a biohazard at this point.

One of them was my sister’s at some point.  I can tell because the lid has pen scribbles all over it.  She went through a ballpoint phase where many of her things gained alterations, shall we say?  I’m not sure how I inherited it.  Most likely she discarded it and I claimed it.

I honestly can’t remember how I ended up with the newer cans.  They must have been in some kind of Halloween set because the colors are orange. black, blue, and yellow.  I almost have to have bought them on a whim.  I did a lot of that sort of thing at one point.

Anyway, I like to squish the stuff aimlessly when I’m not focused on anything.  I guess it’s stress relief.  Actually molding stuff out of it is no good.  Detail is too hard to gain, or maintain.


I love whenever Ed has a literal blank stare on his face. And man I remember how play-doh would stick to my houses carpet for forever.

I can see the spirit of Genma bubbling to the surface in that fourth panel. Good show, sir.

This one’s very dynamic, it’s good! I especially like the “retreat”-panel. Though, overall it’s very good.

I must say I’m slightly disappointed that Ed said Have at you rather than Have at thee. But I read a lot of Thor comics.

“have at you” is from Monty python and the holy grail. one of the greatest movies ever made. so that is why it is not disappointing

It’s actually a common phrase. I was thinking of Symphony Of The Night when I was writing this, but feel free to associate it with whatever reference you like. XD

Motion, contemplation and… opposition, was it? It remember for sure anymore. Excellent reference anyway. You’d think Genma was mostly harmless, eh? Then you remember Yama-senken and Umi-senken and the cradle-from-hell and know your betters.

Play-Doh is awesome!I wish I still had the “Jabba’s Palace” set I had when I was a kid. Making multi-colored polka-dot Hutts and pretending they had strange Huttese diseases was just too much fun.

SEMANTICS! <— awesome ^___^

I understand Play-Doh can be relaxing to manipulate but I actually don't get why you would want the green variety. The colors you do have seem great to me.

P.S.: I visited your DeviantArt gallery and I drooled all over the place, I beg your pardon for the mess. Kudos, absolutely great stuff, I totally hearts your style.

You get my props from just this strip alone. I am a HUGE Ranma fan, and that little moment of a scene sure brought back some fun memories!

Is it simple coincidence, or a further homage to Takahashi, that Ed looks rather like Mousse when he does the Scary Shiny Glasses, and especially on this page?

If you really want green play-doh, that is a real green, it’s really easy- get the materials you need to make P D, and you can make your own.
I think It’s mostly a flour-like powder, + cooking oil, or something.

It’s literally a kind of DOUGH.

There are, likely, recipes for homemade play-doh on the web.
I’d include one here, or a link to such, but I’m being incredibly lazy, + dog tired, today! :D

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