796 Weird Direction.

Nina seems to approach everything she likes with an innocent sort of glee.  Thomas seems to get swept up in it before his brain catches up.  THIS AMUSES ME.

This is kind of a weird thing to be sad about, but I never got all the awards I should have when I was on Drunk Duck.  Since I recently stopped posting the archive there I got to thinking about it.  Pretty much from day one there was always something wrong with how that site treated my comic.  They have these little awards you get for doing stuff, like being #1, or what have you, but whenever I did them they wouldn’t appear.  I didn’t say anything about it at the time, but it always bugged me a little.  Much like it bugs me when I don’t get an achievement in a game when I should have done.  This is a new feeling for me since before my 360 I didn’t care about achievements at all.  Now I care about them just a bit.  Not enough to go after them for the sake of having them, but I want recognition for having done things I have done.

Somehow I still managed to end up in the top ten there several times, even though much of the time my comic wouldn’t appear in searches.  people found it however they found it and read it anyway.  Which isn’t really that big a deal.  It takes a very small number of views to get in the top ten there, but still.  It was something.

Sites like Drunk Dunk really should do something to pay back the people that create their content.   The idea that the hosting of your work should be compensation enough is bullshit.  Even Youtube has a partnership program for people who produce popular videos.  I think it’s time for artists to stand up and ask for payment for services rendered.  If nothing else, any site that displays content created by users should allow users to place at least one advertising spot for themselves.  I don’t think that’s asking too much.  And it shouldn’t require a lot of coding knowledge either.  It should be simple enough that anyone could do it.

I’m going to make this a quest.  Artists need to be valued…  We need to get paid.


In payment I award you +1 internets. This can be redeemed anywhere internets are sold.

AWESOME! Soon I’ll have enough for the x ray specs!

X ray specs ?
oh please …

Everyone knows that the only thing you can get with internets, is pr0n !! :D

With X-Ray specs, you don’t need pron.

Heresy !!

The modern human will always need porn !
If nothing else, than for annoying your stuck-up parents with.

With pr0n, you don’t need X-ray specs. (Unless you have some kind of X-ray fetish. And if the ‘net has taught me anything, it’s that everything is somebody’s fetish.)

That’s what I like about Blip.tv… they’re all about financial compensation for content. I just started a vlog over there to go with my movie blog and I’ve already gotten a little bit of money (about 40 cents, but for less than a week and only one video up, that’s not too shabby). It’s just cool to see an internet host want to reward their content creators.

BTW, since I am the queen of self-promotion, here was the first episode which was coincidentally about Deathly Hallows pt. 2: http://blip.tv/kschenke/driving-home-the-movie-harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-pt-2-5378811

Crave, did you ever hear about Hero By Night, and DJ Coffman? I have a pretty poor opinion of DrunkDuck (and Platinum studios) solely because of how they treated him.

This conversation seems familiar to me. Perhaps because I am perverted and/or evil…

And yeah, you should get compensation from host sites. Spread the wealth and all that. Not that I’d want to be the one running things, mind. Seems like a lot of hassle for way too many people that aren’t me for my tastes.

I had not checked this site for a while and had not realized how much I had missed. I’m catching up with the archives now.

So, does Hogwarts have adult distance education? I’m thinking of a class or two I could enroll in.

Don’t dwell…ACT! ACT NOW! XD
This strip almost makes me want to go to the antique store and pick up a copy of the Necronomicon…

Would that be the reprint by Chaosium or the original release bound in the top quality leather of the time? [if you know your CoC OR history you know what I mean]

It amazes me how so many artists will let themselves get screwed over by web hosts like Keenspot or Drunk Duck, just because they don’t(sometimes) have to worry about paying for site upkeep. To this day I fail to see the appeal of joining Keenspot. Maybe if the comic only had a few hundred views a day, it would seem sensible for a little while. But two comics I read (Head Trip and TwoKinds) have gotten tens of thousands more daily views than any of the other comics hosted by them. I’ve heard good things about Dumbrella and Smack Jeeves, but I wouldn’t know personally.

DD is now just Duck and its even less user friendly. It’s update also broke wads of links, pages load like crap, there is no option for archive access and it already crashed my Black Box Win7 system to bluescreenofdeath. [or is that this heatwave?]
I hate it and will be encouraging my favorite artists to abandon that scurvy host.

You don’t even need to think of nookie-specific magic. Lots of ‘ordinary’ spells have… well, let’s just call it Power Perversion Potential.

As much as I love Drunk Duck’s ability to give audiences to comics, their TOS/TOU is very sketchy… It doesn’t surprise me that they’re making a profit and not giving much back: It is horrible finding suitable hosts, so, for plenty of people, it *is* worth it.

Huh. Who ever would have guessed that blushing was contagious. Tom caught it from Nina!

I agree 110% with your evaluation of your shabby treatment by DrunkDuck. In fact, I think their users — content suppliers and viewers alike — should show their disapproval by voting with their feet (as it were) and staying away. In droves. I hereby announce my boycotting of anything hosted on DrunkDuck and their sponsors. And I’m going to eMail them all to tell ’em that.

Actualy for D&D there was a suplement about blue magic, it was hilarious, and some of the spells where useful for things other than sex, and some of them are down right dangerous if you aren’t careful.

Ah yes; reminds me of the way Hermione says “That’s Wizard Chess!” when Harry witnesses the crazy chess game in the first movie. Somewhere along the way my friends and I were talking in a similar vein to this conversation, and I used the same innocent tone to say “That’s Wizard Sex!” and it’s been a saying within our little group ever since.

Sad thing about Magical Nookie…it kinda ruins you for the rest of the world, and then you’re stuck hunting for nerdy girls with spell books who might actually know how to use one…

As if sex wasn’t magical enough by itself!

I want to support webcomic artists, but I like about 50 of them, and just donating a few bucks a month to each would take most of my time, not to mention my discretionary income. I do subscribe to a few who have worthwhile extra art or side stories for “members”, but I won’t support an out-and-out paysite, no matter how good it is. There’s too much good art for free out there.

It’s rather difficult to find any good information on sex magic, as it’s typically knowledge reserved for VIII° and up, but there’s a few things one could actually read. Not sure how much use they’ll be without the means to decipher their symbolism, though.

I LIKE SO MUCH how they blush with their ears! I’ve never noticed it before and it’s such an awesome, sweet detail! (I love details)

LOL no no this converstaion is not weird its just pure unadulterated awesome and seriously i cant bealive they havent come across this before i thought every geek new about the secret and somtimes forbidden sexual magical arts its only gets scetchy when you start manipulting minds and summoning 10th lvl tentacle demons others then that its mostly harmless, but i supose the depends on your deffination of harmless

“Artists need to be valued…We need to get paid” God yes, dude, not just comic artists of varying medias, but artists in general. If you march for this, I will march with you, sir.

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