795 Magical Nookie.

I tried to have Nina deliver the nookie line in a more adult manner, but she wasn’t having it.  For whatever reason she wanted to call it what she wanted to call it, and I gave in.  Thomas also had a line at the end too, but I realized it didn’t make sense and didn’t add anything that his face wasn’t already expressing.  In this case, less was more.  Generally I believe that more is more, but I’m open to other ways of thinking.

I got invited to that Google + and have been trying to see if it will be useful in any way.  So far it’s exactly as useful as facebook, which is not at all.  Expectations are falling off as each day goes by.  It’s probably going to be another one of those things that I log in to occasionally so i can wonder why I logged in at all.

I’ve done pretty much every internet fad you can think of.  Livejournal was the start.  I think it still exists.  I know my account does.  I logged in not too long ago.  I tried to see what was up with Myspace a while back, and it’s become a totally useless site.  It kept me sort of connected at one point, but Facebook won out.  Which is sad considering how poorly it manages to do the same thing.


Ok, so I had fan-crushes on fictional characters (hell I fell for Hermione, and now by association, Emma Watson) but I gotta say, “Magical Nookie” encapsulates so much in both that it describes it so well, and is hilarious. Well played sir.

Wingardium leviosa, Albus! Leviosaaaa!…… WHEEEEEE!!! lol XD Not to mention engorgio, rictusempra, or just plain sweet orchideous. Flowers for every date!

Two posts ago, you expressed you wanted some information on what we think of how Nina looks now, to previous depictions of her (and other characters?). I liked previous versions, the one depicted in the last two weeks has slowly become more child like, as if in an alternate universe. The same goes for Thomas, but most of the other characters have evolved little (in styling I guess). Carol has….gotten bigger. I just mean proportionally, in earlier comics she was more busty and…uh…lost the word….rounded I guess, she had more curve like an hour glass, and now she has more curve like….a globe. Which I suppose is not bad, but it’s just something I’ve noticed. I care not either way, as far as Carol is concerned, her brain is hot.

But I liked Nina as she was before, this kind of hippy vibe, but the demeanor and stature of a young adult. Thomas has kinda evolved this way as well, and he had a more strong presence, and these recent discussions with Nina seem to…make him look more child like.

Maybe it’s just me, but something about this discussion seems to have brought Nina’s expression away from the bemused intellectual and into the smitten fangirl.

Oh. Wait. that’s right…. The plot. Damn you plot and your devious plotting ways!

It almost looks like Thomas imagined himself as that fair young maiden for a moment.

haha yeah. I can see that. Though I thought he was thinking about being Dumbledore and thus battling for said maiden.

Going to say that my business wouldn’t exist if not for facebook… so while I’m biased certainly, it’s good for me, heh. I only have about 60 friends on my personal profile, but I’m an elitist in my personal dealings, so it’s good there too~

It’s an easy way to stay informed… and I love knowing everything~

Wow. I haven’t read this comic in months. I have more time on my hands now, so I can get back to being a regular.

Anywhoo, onto the content of this particular comic.
I think I’ve read a few fanfics like that.

For me, I have set things I look for in fictional characters, mostly video games or anime, rarely book characters, if ever.
I fell HARD for Rydia from Final Fantasy 4.
Fran’s sister in FF12 was also a cutie.
Katt from Breath of Fire 2 is downright adorable, if not pigheaded.
Ako Izumi and Fei Ku from the anime Negima..

and a few others I could mention, but I think I’ve proved my point. I’m a pure dork and think pixels and drawn fictional characters can be cute or “hot”. Sue me, hahah.

I keep thinking that I want to read this magical fanfic, but fanfiction is a dark, deep hole I don’t want to go down… There be tunnels…

Oh, no, the tunnels are fine. It’s where the tunnels lead and what live in them whats the bugger. Other than the buggery that is. The buggery is pretty much buggery.

It’s more like, you think it’s just the one hole and you get down there with your pick-axe, and your shovel and your lighted helmet. You’ve gotcher’ rope and you think “this isn’t such a deep hole. I’ll be okay.” But, then you find there is a tunnel connected and you think, “Well, I’ve still got time to get out of this before dark. I’ll just explore this tunnel real quick.” And that tunnel, invariably leads to another tunnel that is equally enticing and pretty soon you’re so far away from the original hole that you can’t find your way out and you’ve lost your rope and you’re late for work and covered in dirt, sweat, and shame… SHAME!!! Not even for the dirty ones. You know you shouldn’t have gone down that first hole in the beginning. Every tunnel compounds your shameful act of wasted life.
And then… you begin to think, “I have an idea for a tunnel… perhaps I should dig my own…” and before you know it, you have some random unfinished half-tunnel full of run-off water and stolen boards to shore it up. And one day, in a fit of shame and clarity, you stop. You abandon your tunnel, half-formed though it may be, and you vow to never touch it again.
But you still go back and visit your tunnel (when no one is watching you) and contemplate digging it out just a little more even though it’s lain abandoned and forgotten for nigh on 6 years…

Yo! Stopped in from Drunkduck…
I’ve actually only been using Drunkduck as a link to get here for awhile now, anyways?
But I suppose it’s high time I comment?
or something.
But anyways!
I’ve loved this comic from the first page and it’s won my heart on the transition from black and white to color. Amazngly done. I suppose I could put up a whole wall here but I’ll keep it kinda short?

I imagine part of the problem was how childlike she came out in the last panel? I mean, wow is that some serious Squirrel Girl channeling going on right there.

I always liked Nina anyway, but that last panel may just be the cutest thing in the whole span of the comic.

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