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Warning Edit:  I’m getting a few reports that the regular site is putting up fake virus scan pages every so often.  It shouldn’t be able to get in as long as you don’t let it.  Kind of like a vampire.  So, if a page comes up that wants you to scan your computer don’t let it.  It’s the same thing that’s been happening to me on DeviantArt, and people tell me that some ad companies have been compromised, so that might be the problem.  It’s also possible that things will be fixed by the time you read this, but I’m not sure.  I’m just being careful, and don’t want anyone getting dicked over because of me.  If you’re worried that something might have gotten in the programs listed below will take care of it, and they are, most importantly, free.  Please let me know if it happens to you so I can make sure and isolate the problem.

Just in case anybody missed it, I did away with the forum because the host was infected with a terrible virus.  Also, no one used it anyway.  If any of you by chance happened to contract anything from the now defunct forum, or anywhere really, here are the two best free programs to clean your system.  I can’t recommend them strongly enough if you’re having issues.

Antimalwarebytes & Superantispyware

There’s a virus around that makes it so that you can’t Control + Alt + Delete your way to the task manager.  Superantispyware has a setting in it that can fix several common problems like that.  Between the two of these even someone like me can repair a lot of damage done by random malware.

A lot of you guys seem to know much more about computers and stuff than me, but the ones who don’t can maybe benefit from that information.

For those of you who are versed in the ways of the computer I ask you this:  What is it that a computer needs to have so that it can run Photoshop and also work on a site like Ustream?   When I try to do the streaming desktop drawing stuff the program is so slow that I can’t work.  Not that watching me draw is all that interesting anyway, but that’s what all the cool kids are doing and it seems like fun.


*deja vu* well first off what operating system, cpu speed, and ram does your computer have? second make sure to defrag periodically. is your harddrive full? if so that may cause your virtual memmory to be full causing your processes to slow while the computer tries to allocate more space. best if at all possible to leave about 15% empty.

@ FLK What thing is giving you deja vu? Ah, well that’s probably not important…

Anyway, my compy is running XP, has 2.99 GB of RAM, and is 65% empty. I don’t know how to tell what the CPU speed is, but has a Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz thing in it.

woot email change(feel so geeky now that i have an email address named after a dnd character)

anyway it just seemed like deja vu because i feel like i asked you the same questions before about a different problem, but i cant remember your answers. Nexy has a good point with the task manager and also it can show you under the processes tab what programs are taking how much of cpu% and ram. other than that i have no idea.

Hey! 1st time commenting. Love your comic. I was just wondering if anyone else ever noticed that the font is different for each character? I just did today :P
Keep up the good work!

it depends on what version your running, and what OS. you may need a whole new pc or just to upgrade one component. list your system specs and what versions of the software you want to run and what OS.

oy cliffy b he has already listed his system specs as 2.8ghz 3gb ram on xp.
(by any chance are you the cliff that works at wal-mart electronics?)

@Michael: I hadn’t noticed that, heh, good catch.

@Flame Lord: That’s a Dual-core 2.8GHz Intel CPU, Pentium D
is pretty much the lowest performing Intel Dual Core chip though.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentium_D . It should be up to XP with
Photoshop and some video encoding though, assuming he’s not pushing 1080p via dialup!

woops skipped right over that D there i
miss things like that when im quick browsing on my psp,
but yeah if he is trying to push it that hard its just not
going to do it. intel annoys me with their ability to sell
based on brand like sony does

As far as I can tell the CPU just can’t handle doing those three things at once, based on the advice you’ve all given me. It can do any two of them and that’s it. XD

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