1375 Bunny.

I am so sore. One side of my back is messed up from something. It doesn’t bother me unless I’m sitting for a while. I’m fairly sure it’s from twisting to my right when I’m doing regular activities, but for some reason it hurts me to do them now. It’s less bad when I sleep on the floor, but I really wanted to sleep in my bed for a while and it made it worse today. I don’t sleep as well on the floor, but my body hurts less during the day if I do. Damned if I do and all that. My mattress is too weak for my body. I need a new one that’s much harder.

The Teen made a bacon and cheese thing for dinner last night. It was good, but it’s too much grease for me apparently. I can eat bacon with no issue as long as the grease dries off. Cheese in large quantities also causes problems, but I ate in anyway just to see what it would do. It hurt my insides. XD But I still had some for dinner because I was too lazy to make anything else. Which is a fine representation of my priorities.

Anyway, this page was made before the switch to MS. I wonder if you can tell.


Hah. They already have Reggie thinking about WHICH fursona to choose, rather than IF.

They’ve already won, Reginald. They’ve already won. :P

Reggie strikes me as the sort not to do anything halfway, at least not once he’s committed. He’s been through their rights and is a member of their tribe now. He’s gonna get a damn fursona, even if it makes him extremely uncomfortable!

Pretty much my take too. He did most of this just to show up Evrina, and he’s going to do it all the way just to prove… I don’t think he’s even sure what he’s proving anymore, but by god, he’s proving SOMETHING.

After all, he is REGINALD WATSON BOOTHE, and he doesn’t do anything by half-measures. He dominates any arena he enters, S-ranks any game he plays, and he will NOT let this diminutive angry woman get the better of him! And if he has to join the furry club, even attend meetings, he will do it and do it in the same exemplary fashion in which he does everything else. She will RULE THE DAY she crossed him! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

And someday, months down the line, he will stop and ask himself “wait, why am I going to furry club anyways?” and be completely unable to answer that question.

I was about to ask what John was talking about with the bunny reputation bit, but then I got it.

I think that everyone just looks cuter wearing cat ears. Though Reggie manages to incorporate feisty.

You really can tell. I think the levels “pop” a bit more with MS.

As for Reggie’s Fursona… He’s a rat only when he sneers. The rest of the time I have him firmly in mind as an otter.

Reggie, it’s a bad idea to pick “Bear” as an avatar/persona in any group centered on sexual inclinations with your looks.

At most you are a “cub” if anything. Hah.

Except that the group isn’t centred on sexual inclinations (any more than any group of people, that is).

It’s a group about furries who talk about sex and centers member entry on the subject. But that’s not my point.

Don’t pick “Bear” as any sort of avatar/persona anywhere ever, then.

Ahh, whatever. Thanks for ruining the joke.

The bear joke was funny.
I can’t say I bleed knowledge of furdom, but I do know there are furries who aren’t for sexyfuntimes, and I also haven’t ever heard a non furperson talk about it any way that wasn’t heavily sexualized. I imagine if you’re a furperson, that’s really annoying.
It seems worth killing the punchline of a joke to make some conversation about that.

Sorry, but beclaws this is the internet you just have to learn to bear people bruining your jokes.

explaining a joke is a lot like dissecting a frog. Afterwards you understand it a lot better, but the frog dies in the process.

I wonder if the girls in this club want Reggie to be a male-type of a Playboy bunny, for possible dates + stuff.

OK, it’d have to be a bunny in pants, I guess. I think that Reggie wouldn’t want to dress up in a Playboy Bunny’s dress. hm.

Well ya gotta admit the boys not wantin’ fur balls …

Did you just … I mean ….. whaaaaa? ……. ewwwwwwww………

As for the classic bunny suit, if he has the legs for it, why not?
If two old type comedy types could pull it off, badly, yet still make it a successful movie that is now a classic, then why not?

Now John may have a harder time of it, what with the Tribble latched onto his chin, but with a lag shave and the appropriate foot and leg wear might be able to pull it off.

Oh god, now I want to see the whole cast in Bunny outfits … for science (¬?¬)

Sounds like a great idea!

Anyone want to draw the cast in Playboy Bunny outfits? I’m sure that that would be appreciated by the crowd!

*shrug* I’ve already considered him rat-faced so it was either going to be that or weasel in my eyes.

But a bunny or kitten would be funnier.

Nah – gotta be a badger – a honey badger…

Reggie’s not physically aggressive or tough enough to warrant a honey badger, but he’s certainly cantankerous enough for a true badger.
Rat, weasel, and otter all sound good. Cats are too universally applicable for his fitting them to matter, but I suppose he’d make a decent bunny. Like him, they’re docile until provoked/cornered, then horrifyingly vicious.

The lines aren’t as vector-like and anti-aliased as in MS. Didn’t really notice it till I was looking for it though.

Reggie strikes me as a Raccoon.

Nothing about Reggie says bear or lion anyway.

Not to you or me maybe, but I have the feeling that someone in that room might have pictured him as bare and lyin’ … in the bushes …

The Lion Tamarin mayhaps?

The Jesuit Antonio Pigafetta, who documented Magellan’s voyage around the world, referred to lion tamarins as “beautiful, simian-like cats similar to small lions.”

Bunnies and Weasels and Rats, oh my!


Sounds as though you’re right; your back has repetitive motion stress issues. Are you working lately, or out on disability? Anyway, a new mattre$$ is definitely in your future, expense be damned. I struggled along on a tired old mattress for years, ruining my back. One day I realized the original warranty was for 15 years, and I’d had it almost thirty. Ouch.

In a pinch, you might try slipping a piece of plywood between the mattress and the box spring. It works like a back board, but much cheaper, especially if there’s a chunk out in the garage.

Jackie –

This is an excellent suggestion by Perfesser_Bear … moving your mattress onto the floor might also help, but either way please get help doing it!

Also, is there anyway your household could collectively back off on the heart attack special meals?

A Snapping Turtle would be a good alter ego for him but if he wants the ladies it looks like a Cabit would be more their style?

Behold the Power of Cheese! *runs to the bathroom*

This would make a great contest (Winner gets to choose 3, author picks favorite) or user participation vote. “What fursona should Reggie have?”

Reggie strikes me as a rat, a weasel, or, as someone above me said, a raccoon. If anyone’s a bunny in that room it’s John.

Well, from a distance, Koalas are cute. Up close, not quite so nice.

Yep. They’re kinda dangerous. If you want to frighten yourself this morning, check on google for pictures of a soaking wet Koala!

* I hereby await for the innuendo jokes to show up* :D

Hey Jackie. Long time reader, first time poster. Just caught up after about a month away. Reggie’s monologue (in “Like a Diamond” and “Bookish”, especially) really resonated with me. I’m in a situation similar to his. Like him, I doubt I’ll ever have that kind of connection with anyone again.

I just wanted to thank you for validating what I’ve been feeling and lifting me up a bit when I was approaching my lowest point. And thank you again, in general this time, for the whole comic. You and the comic have been my companions through a lot of hard parts of my life :)

Do you have a messenger bag, Jackie? Uneven load support can be hell on the lower lumbar region for some. Sitting with a slouch for extended periods of time can also screw with your lower back. Then there’s the “fun” of multiple contributing factors.

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