1376 Smarton.

I took half an allergy tablet after dinner. I haven’t been sleeping well, as you already know, and I fell asleep just as I sat down to color a page. I think I’ve been out for about two hours. I try not to let that sort of thing happen because I’ll be wide awake at 4 AM now. That’s not exactly tragic or anything. I can just work on comics then, but I prefer to get up at 9 or so. That way I’m more in sync with the places of business I have to visit.

John is trying to be friends with Reggie, but still hasn’t acclimated to Reggie’s nature. He’s trying to be friendly the way he is with Thomas, which is a different dynamic. As we all know by now Reggie tends to take playful teasing as personal attack. John hasn’t quite caught up to that yet. In his defense Reggie rarely lowers his guard enough to tell the difference. Plus he’s a little dense when it comes to other people. But John has seen a little deeper in to Reggie and maybe will be ready to forgive him his flaws. Which is probably more than Reggie is willing to do. XD

For the record, the page title was an alternate joke for the punchline. I’ve been thinking of editing it back in. I just couldn’t decide.


This may or may not be the idea John’s trying to get across, but I’ve got an image tuck in my mind of two guys watching an eccentrically dressed girl walking down the street and one says to the other “Oooohhhhh man, you see the personality on HER?”

Or, well, a similar concept at any rate.

And while Smarton is certainly the better pun, I think it works better as the title of this comic instead of the punch line.

Actually, being someone with the same kind of turn on, I like the pun; both as a page title & how it’s finally presented.

And since this condition landed me the smartest wife in town, I think that it’s a good thing; much better than focusing on some body part which will deteriorate in due time.

the mind tends to deteriorate in old age so you’ve still focused on one. it’s just got a better shelf life.

Edited back in so fast I never got to see the original post joke whatever that was…

Reggie likes him a good set of lobes.

Well, I’ve been sick as all get out of late but failed to make a comic to entertain the masses while being so. Your sick time productivity is amazing.

A girl’s intellect was always a make-or-break for me. She had to be smart or I just couldn’t stay interested. In fact “smart” was often the first thing that would attract me…

Can you say “nerd”?

I admire John for making the effort, he’s a better man than me in that sense.

I get the occasional smarton too, brilliant women tend to be the most beautiful. That and the enthusiastic.

Holy shit, “smarton” is the best term I’ve ever heard for it. I am shamelessly stealing it for future use (with appropriate credit, of course).


I’m not sure I get what John’s trying to get across here, but, my current best guess is “being attracted to a girl’s personality is equivalent to being attracted to her body”. Which… seems like an obviously false axiom to me.

It’s saying that Reggie doesn’t really care that much about body parts, they wither away with time; but with a mind that will challenge his, and make him strive to be better. The way a good couple should be.

Actually when John was calling out Reggie for being just like all the boys he was more right than he knew. Its just that Reggie’s favorite female body part is hidden behind layers of bone and skin and must be judge by observation of its effect on the world rather than directly.

Oh baby, do math for me….
Anyway even if John seems to hit the nail and I can relate
I myself like girls who challenges me, that if is not ok with something, she says it (And i mean say it, I dont understand passive agressive to save my life) I like a girl that if I tease her she will tease me back
not to say I dont notice the body just like Reggie is attracted to Nina (might be wrong but I dont remember her been an academic geniuos)

See you later

*Looking at Jackie’s Twitter messages*

Ha ha ha ha! [ That’s sincere laughter, BTW].
Jackie Drew Reggie in a Playboy Bunny girl suit! Hooray!

I don’t know whether to laugh myself silly at the picture or be grossed out…
It kind of looks like he’s pissed – as if someone dressed him up and he doesn’t approve – – – either that or he’s trying to be imperious.

I guess having a smarton gives “giving head” an entirely new meaning.

I had the same thought but hesitated to stoop to saying it… (didn’t want to admit my mind was that far into the gutter)

*Holding my temples from the effects of the huge, earth-shuddering pun*

Bravo, sir! That’s one of the best puns heard in years! :D

I am sad now, I have read through this entire webcomic in my free time, usualy when I should have been sleeping, Now I must wait untill updates happen, sad.

Amazing webcomic though truely a masterpeice.

This seems to happen to a lot if not most people when they discover the comic. I wonder how many folks here binge-read it when they first discovered it….

(one hand goes up here)

… the comic is certainly binge-worthy!

That smarton. Can someone explain to me though why it is so sexy? I guess you can say it’s a DNA thing of matching intelligence for offspring, so that one party doesn’t drop the goods. I find it goes together with a strong individuality, but there I’m certainly lost how that would have any evolutionary benefit, unless humans are built foremost to be individuals – rather than group animals. End tangent.

I couldn’t say.
Unless animals + people seek out smart mates. Then smart mates produce smart kids, + smart kids make new ideas, + new ideas make society + health work better, or something.

I am agog.
My whole life I have needed this term!

This comic is a work of staggering genius. Jackie is my hero.

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