1993 Honest Debate.

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If your premise can’t stand up to scrutiny it might be worth taking another look at. I can’t really talk about this concept because these two are going to & it will undercut my script. I really want to though. XD I guess I’ll just have to wait till they get to the point.

So… The cathedral of Notre Dame, huh? A tragic loss of a historical treasure. It’s an iconic structure. Probably more French than the Eifel tower depending on what metric you use. The setting for a literary classic. Even typing this out in my glib style I find my eyes getting misty.
‘You can lie to yourself & your minions, you can claim that you haven’t a qualm, but you never can run from nor hide what you’ve done from the eyes- the very eyes of Notre Dame.’


Apparently, most of Notre Dame is fine. The wooden roofing was overtop a stone structure, and pictures of the interior of the cathedral actually look alright. It mended my broken architecture loving heart to see them.

Not fine exactly, just not as bad as we had feared. Thank God. Most artworks have been saved, as has the organ, supposedly. Reports vary though.

Notre Dame has lasted for centuries. This isn’t the first time it has burned. This isn’t the first time it has needed to be rebuilt.
It will stand for centuries more. And, most likely, will catch fire again some day.

Your second “premise” is missing an “e”. Sorry about last time; I was too tired to realize my impoliteness.

Actually, it’s premiss, with a double s, when it’s the antecedent in a logical argument. At least that was how it was spelled in my old logic textbook long ago.

Premiss is the archaic form of “premise”. Seldom used these days, but not incorrect, even though spell check won’t likely recognize it.

Notre Dame is an iconic structure not only for the French, but for the entire world. Even if you aren’t French or religious, you can see how strongly treasured the cathedral was to all those who visited it.

I legitimately shed a tear when I saw the cathedral burning on TV and I am as agonistic as anything!

As a civil engineer and lover of old buildings, I was horrified when I saw the video coverage of the fire. I was greatly relieved when I saw the pictures today, and learned that most of the priceless artworks and relics were saved, particularly the coloured glass windows. While the damage is extensive, it was not fatal.

If this talking about [mediocrity] bugs you, on page 1929, in the comments, Jackie basically says- work on your dreams, and, “Everyone has a place in the world”, and other uplifting, “warm fuzzies” stuff, like that.


P.S.- I didn’t comb the BF’s archives, to find a strip that counters the…”lots of things are mediocre”-kinds of statements. I just found # 1929 today, at random.

Jackie, buddy, I love you and I love your work, but didn’t you just say you had gotten yourself an editor? Two spelling errors in one comic means something went wrong there, I feel. I realize I have never commented or communicated before, but I have been a faithful reader for at least 6 years now. If you ever wish to make use of my proofreading services I am at your service.

I was late getting done so he couldn’t get to it. I thought I had found everything, but after a few hours you can become blind to these things.

It’s always harder to find mistakes in your own writing. You know exactly what you expect to see, and sometimes that’s all you see.

“If your premise can’t stand up to scrutiny it might be worth taking another look at.”

As a seeker of Truth, this is how I try to live my life. If what I believe can’t stand up to honest cross-examination, then I need to change what I believe. Unfortunately, the willingness to place your beliefs on the chopping block just to see how well they stand up isn’t a thing with many in the upcoming generation (as evidence, just look at most of the “flame” … excuse me “comments” sections on the internet.) Because of this, I am concerned for the future of our country.

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