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Yesterday I got my second covid shot. On the way home mom decided to get some ice cream as Dairy Queen. As we were pulling around to the window the truck suddenly locked up. Completely. The steering wheel was stuck in place, it couldn’t be put in neutral, and the electronics partially quit. No power windows, AC, or dash board, but the dome lights still worked. What followed was a very stressful experience in a town that Kansas has declared a covid hot spot where they require you to quarantine yourself if they find out you interacted with anyone there. Everyone was stumped by whatever the issue was. hey all were convinced they knew but none of the fixes worked. We still don’t know what’s wrong with it. Anyway, it got transported to a mechanic. When we got home finally I went to sleep without doing any work & slept for 8 hours like I was dead. I was fine when I woke up & started working on this page, but then the symptoms hit me. Freezing cold, weakness, headache, which transitioned to a fever eventually, then finally after laying down most of the day, I was able to start working again. Probably not my best work because I don’t feel like I’m thinking clearly, but still, I got something up. I’m going to lay back down now & hopefully I’ll be okay by tomorrow.


I got hit the same way. Glad you got your second shot!

Indeed. This isn’t the best condolance, but those symptoms are driven by your body fighting covid. Not directly, but by responding to the vaccine, your body is building the antibodies to drive off the actual invader if it shows up. Thank you for fighting the good fight.

Mate, do take care of yourself – if you missed or were late with the comic and added a note of “feeling like shit after getting second shot, normal service will be resumed” we would have understood.

We would and will indeed. Do leave a note, though; we’d rather not think something more serious happened.

I’m glad you got that second shot. It was the right choice. In two weeks you can start doing things again! Yeah, I know, two more weeks. It stinks, but it’ll be worth it, trust me. Sorry about the car, hope it gets fixed soon! Good luck out there!

Very glad you got the second shot, even though it hit you hard. Out of curiosity, which Covid vaccine did you get? Some vaccines on average seem to cause more side effects than others.


I got that too last month. I felt fine after the first shot until a week later when the arm I got it in started aching. A week after that it became inflammed but not aching. I took something for that (benadryl and ibprofin) and that help until it went away a week later. Then I got my second shot and woo boy. Early in the morning of the next day I felt bad. Had difcultly sleeping and aches and nausea. I ended up in bed most of the day, but I started feeling fine in the evening. I felt better the next day and by the day after that, I was up and around like normal. The second shot I heard tends to hit you harder than the first. Just hang in there and take care of yourself!

Depends on the person. Most people have the most adverse reactions with the second dose on Pfizer. And I had one. But it wasn’t near as bad as the first. On the first I was on my bootie for 3 days like I had the flu. The second, I was on my bootie for 16 hours then ok. The arm pain though? Still there and it’s been 4 weeks since second dose. Our bodies are such strange and fascinating things.

FWIW, I had almost no side effects. 1st shot – only the very slightest of tenderness at injection site. 2nd shot – the next day my upper arm was sore, a 1 on the 1 to 10 scale of pain, but no worse than other vaccinations I have had. It was gone on the second day.

I’m not writing this to gloat, but rather to let those who haven’t yet been vaccinated that after vaccination effects aren’t always bad. It depends on your body. Unfortunately that cannot be predicted.

Regardless, just get the shots, for everyone’s good.

Fortunately, my only real side effect from getting the second shot was a fever. Unfortunately it started the evening I got the shot and lasted all night, preventing me from getting any sleep and leaving me dead tired throughout the whole next day.

That’s a weird one. Maybe the ECU in the worst case? Or in the best case it’s a short in the battery terminal cable.

It could also maybe be a alternator, but I imagine you guys tried to jump it and if it didn’t start with that, then it’s probably not a alternator.

I somehow posted this to the previous page by accident so I copy pasted it here instead.

Random guess, is it a ~20 year old hybrid that had the battery system break? My friend went through that as a cause a year ago and the results he described were along similar lines of some things working, others dead, some went off and on, and in the end they wrote it off as “haunted, deal with it later” until someone tried to steal it last week and it drove onto train tracks in protest.

I’ll have to dig up his story of what actually happened, it was a bizarre mix of symptoms and our only response was “couldn’t they have included a warning light on the dashboard instead?”

Just rest. It passes after a day or so. At least it did on second round of Pfizer for me. Everyone’s different. But it’s way better than the virus :)

Hey, don’t worry about it! Comic looks great, as usual, and the pacing of the story itself makes me happy.

And I don’t know if this’ll mean anything to you, but I started reading web comics on a 5 day a week basis in 2009/10, keeping folders for each day on their update day so I could catch them all. At my peak I was tracking and reading over 40 different web series and as time went on more were added and others removed. Today, that is down to 7.

Between Failures has been a staple in my life for almost 12 years now, and your story and the work that you do will continue to be for as long as you continue it.

Thank you for telling your story.

– Erik

“Yesterday I got my second covid shot. On the way home mom decided to get some ice cream as Dairy Queen.”

Wait! Your mom dressed up as the Dairy Queen to get ice cream at Dairy Queen? O_o

Have been fighting with my Chevy since Saturday. Had to jump, wouldn’t stay running. Charged battery, then it wouldn’t crank. Got a different starter, didn’t work. Tested both starters off the vehicle, worked fine. Had another starter, wrong mounting holes (but otherwise same). Bought brand new starter ($153.24), cranks great. Won’t start. No fuel pressure, pump not running. Relay fine, no signal to relay. It was a broken ground wire from engine to body. (and battery negative to body was loose. Check grounds first!

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