I’m thinking about picking it up. Can’t promise I won’t be garbage though.

I meant garbage as in racist and mean and no fun to play with. I doubt there’s many people like that reading my comments.

Depends. When you say people who aren’t “racist and mean and no fun to play with” does that mean you don’t like players who when you pull off a good move or surprise them and they say “wow, fuck you” playfully and laughing in earnest, but are kinda tryhardy?
Because I’ll say it, and not mean it…. and be kind of a tryhard (not like a “Final Destination, Two Stock, No items, Fox only” tryhard, either).

I assume online gamer stereotype of “question your parentage, sexuality, and ethnicity” garbage. You know, every twelve-year-old on Call of Duty.

Maybe it’s because I’ve got terrible internet and no voice system on my Xbox One, but I’d think that it’d be fun to play with racists. All you’d have to do is just be a really terrible racist in return. Be racist against civilizations that no longer exist, for example.

“I wouldn’t let one of them gold-headed jackass Mayans anywhere NEAR my daughter, thank yew very much!”

Or counter racism with conspiracy theories.

“Yew guys know that racism was started by the Zeta Reticulans to divide humanity so we’d be easy pickings when the Reptilians came down, right?”

Have fun with it! I mean, why not?

My bf has smash, was my early xmas gift to him. I play on it sometimes on my account profile thingy. What’s your friend code? I’ll add you on there :)

Sure, I’ve got Smash, if you wanted to play some games sometime! I’m pretty sure I’m not a garbage person, that doesn’t seem to be the consensus among people I talk to.

Heh, I know you were talking about something completely different, but the word “garbage” in the context of video games reminded me of the Garbage Roof in Dumbing of Age.

“Undercurrent of sexuality to everything she does.” This phrase really caught me off guard. I know women like this but have never seen them described so succinctly or accurately. Brilliant observation.
You write people I would love to meet. Kudos

Yeah, I used to work with a woman like Alex, pretty much as John describes her: “Low-key sensual all the time.”

I contacted another former coworker who seems to keep track of everybody (she helped me connect with a former girlfriend a year or so ago — who’s living in Florida and having a blast), but she told me, “Oh, no, she passed away about ten years ago.”

Strike while the iron is hot, John.

the crass vitriol going back and forth in chat is the worst experience of online gaming

I thought angry kids was a stereotype. I was waiting for match with team audio one. A very young boy was getting chewed out and he was whining. As soon as mum left and the match started the kid becomes this armchair general shouting orders. I switched off team audio before the next round.

One time someone did apologize for insulting teammates, but their excuse was a bad day. I’d hate to be in their inner circle, every time they have a bad day they take it out on others.

I *might* try to join such a thing? The only problem is my Switch is currently hacked because I’ve been working on some homebrew development, so going online with it is… Not advisable.

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