2319 She Sneak.

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I got a little sidetracked by inclement weather so this is going up 40 or so minutes later than usual. It’s that time of year when the wind tries to kill people. My schedule is still a bit off from the vaccine, so I didn’t finish the last panel until other things took precedence for a couple of hours. Anyway it’s here now so that’s the main thing. I feel like I’m forgetting something but I guess that’s all I’ve got for now.


In the comic, you have forgotten nothing! All is perfect, slow reveals, hints, plot twists and sub plots! All expertly drawn in clear yet unconfusing details! But in you comment, it could be a good idea to reference people to supporting mechanisms, such as Patreon or Subscribestar? I believe these help keep talented artists from monetary disasters, like starving? Look after yourself, and us Patreon’s will help look after your overdraught!

…he’s been promoting his Patreon here for the last few weeks. The only way it could get more obvious is if he did it in-strip. Possibly as part of a wet t-shirt contest.

The point has assuredly NOT been missed.

Marketing works best when it becomes so obvious that everyone says, “Well, of course, we should buy X. It only makes sense!”

I also forgot she was there… of course I have the excuse of her not being shown… which might be intentional

It’s like Jo has Kuroko’s ability to be forgotten despite having an unusual hair-colour.

Finally caught back up the comic again about a year in the wilderness. Glad to see Reggie’s unexpected journey toward being a honest to god likable guy that started with storytime continues.

I’ve found him genuinely well written. Him along with Nina and Ed’s interactions have been some of my favorite in the comic. Glad to see its still here!

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