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I think if it were anyone other than Thomas Nina wouldn’t be as nervous. Even though she probably doesn’t need to be. She’s out of practice for subterfuge. I think it’s safe to say that she knows on some level that her plans will only annoy Thomas a little bit but she still wants to spare him the worry. Of course there’s no winning with him when it comes to that sort of thing. Anyway, it’s fun to see her acting odd, although she’s pretty odd generally.

It rained a lot recently and it drove a bunch of mice into the house again. We’ve been catching a lot of them in the pantry because we got a bit lax about keeping food containers shut. If I were a mouse I’d want to get into the open cookie packages too. Anyway, it’s sad, but there’s not really any option that is more effective than regular traps. We can’t have mice getting into the food. Especially when the food costs twice as much as it used to.
Still, I really miss when the neighbors had 30 feral cats on their land. We had several basically mice free years. Makes you get complacent.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to your weekend. If you’d like to support my work please consider using the links above to do so. Mind the storms.


Hi Jackie! Regarding your Mice problem, have you ever tried bucket-traps? It’s basically a lidded bucket with a little trapdoor on top (typically, those big orange buckets you can often see at construction sites),with a little diy ramp leading to the top of the bucket, and depending on whether you want it to be lethal or non-lethal, you either fill it halfway with water, or just enough water to cover the bottom. The downside of the non-lethal option, is that you have to drive REALLY far away when you go to release the caught mice (like, 3 hours one-way by car), or they will just come right back into your house.
If you go for the lethal option, the great thing about getting rid of the dead mice, is that most Zoos or pet shops with carnivorous animals (snakes, mostly) will take them, since they haven’t been killed with poison. (just make sure you either deliver them fairly quickly afterwards, or freeze them until you can get rid of them.) Alternatively, you can ask any pest control where you can dispose of them, I think?
Mousetrap Monday on yt also has lots of showcases for various types of mouse traps, including one as simple as a open glass bowl filled about 2 fingers deep with vegetable oil. (It’s surprised me to see how effective that one was.) Oh, and a good bait material for mousetraps: peanut butter! (or leftover bacon grease might also work, tho PB seems to be better?)

When I was a kid my mom would buy plastic tubs of peanut butter. The mice would chew their way into the tubs and then basically drown in pb, not able to get back to the hole they came in because it was soft and quicksand like.

This is not a poorly-written play, it is a properly-written play, with none of that palaver with dangling prepositions and the like. That said, dialogue meant to be spoken is not written in the same spirit with which grammatical structure is dictated. Blimmin’ heck, that sentence was written so badly I can’t tell if it is grammatically correct or not, which I guess is the point here.
God I love Neen and Thomas’ interactions, how ’bout that?

“Perposterous” should be “preposterous” unless of course if it’s spelled as she is pronouncing it in which case never mind.

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