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Thomas tends to react negatively to odd things. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say unexpected things. I think when you get used to someone sharing a lot with you it becomes worrying when they suddenly don’t just let things spill out of their head at you. Nina is a very open sort of person who tends not to hide things, which I’m sure is a trait that Thomas likes in her very much. Known quantities are things he likes. Anyway, I’m sure he’ll get over it.

I’m still getting over my super fun cyst. It’s inert, but gross. I will share no more.

I made the mistake of answering truthfully on a question sheet the clinic made me fill out the last time. It worried them enough that they wanted to have some kind of counseling session with me. My mother conjectured that they just weren’t prepared for a dose of undiluted me. In fairness I do tend to be a bit much and I’m always extra unhappy in a medical establishment. I told them no and went to bed. I can’t even imagine what they would want to charge me to counsel me. Probably quite a lot to essentially tell me to think happy thoughts. *eyes roll all the way into orbit*

You know what does make me happy? Money. It’s basic, I know, but I’m a basic bitch. If you’d like to support my work with money please use the links above. I’ll even let you think of yourself as my therapist. Financial security is the best therapy of all as far as I’m concerned.

Heh heh heh…


Medicine For the doctors: ‘The best therapy you can give me is to support my webcomic with a small portion of your paycheck. Oh? Suddenly not as interested? You should read it. Well you Wanted to have a counseling session and I’m making it easy, all my background is on the internet. Make sure to read each comment section too!’

You’ll either hook in some new people, get them to shut up for good, or Both. A win win.

Sorry about your cyst, Jackie! I’m sure you made the right decision about therapy for yourself, but people should know that therapy is often covered by health insurance. In my state of the US I don’t even have to pay a copay and it seems like you can get therapy covered even if you don’t really need it (though I believe you do need a referral). Of course deductibles still exist; but I’ve heard people say they can’t afford therapy when they’re on the same insurance as me and I know they don’t have a deductible.

You have made the correct decision Jackie. The last time my doctor got a dose of pure, unfiltered me, they called in a behavioral shrink and I quickly got diagnosed with “suicidal depression” despite the fact that I have never had suicidal urges and never will.

The suggested solution was indeed “Think happy thoughts” as well as begin a breathing regimin. The bill was $150/hour. It’s just as much of a crock as it sounds.

I don’t blame you for balking at the price, but counseling was pretty helpful for me personally. Not in all the ways I wanted it to be, but it was enough. Whether or not it’s a “crock” depends on how good the therapist’s training is; I think it’s unhelpful to assume everyone in that field would have treated you the same way.

Therapy can be great but, like anti-depressants, it has become some sort of one-size-fits-all crutch for everyone and their mother to get. A limited about of therapy for a specific purpose, like getting over a traumatic event or CBT for some sort of hangup, is fine, but this notion that everyone should just go talk to a stranger every week has become counter-productive. So many people use it as a reason we should pity them, and they ultimately go to therapy INSTEAD of fixing their lives. I went to one therapist when I was young, and after a few meetings, she zeroed in on what was REALLY bugging me and helped me make the decision I needed to make to move on with my life. Great, done. My next therapist was very nice and…I dunno, I just talked to her until I lost my insurance. Then I stopped, and my life was absolutely no different than when I was seeing her weekly. If you just need someone to bitch to sometimes, that’s what friends, family members, and bartenders are for. And now we have the internet; Reddit has many places that exist just to vent about whatever is bothering you, and sometimes crowdsourcing advice and opinions gets you far more than just asking one person. You already vent to us Jackie, and we pay YOU for it, so I don’t see how paying for therapy is going to help unless you have a specific reason to go.

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