Yeeeeeees, easy to talk, too. Worthwhile and engaging conversation with tons in common. A height difference that she would enjoy. Its all falling into place.

Yeah. It’d be nice, I think. They seem a decent match and both seem to long for someone in their life.

Alas, attraction’s hard to predict. No math I’ve ever heard of has it sussed. Often times people you’d think or even hope would be a good match just don’t find a spark.

…C’est la vie.

“As your DM your mental health is one of my primary concerns.” is SUCH a expert take. Playing D&D with my friends, I literally used it as an excuse to check in on everyone and make sure they got out once in a while and had help if they needed it.
Like, I’m probably self aggrandizing here, but the position gives you such an easy way to help your friends that how can you not feel that way?

Good DM’s are basically over-qualified psychologists who work for free.

For Free!? They have to put in all the work and effort! they are basically paying in time to give you that service! And I for one am very grateful for it, and try to reign in my murder hobo tendencies as much as I can to at least make there life a little easier.

I did hear about a guy in Texas (mid-90s) who had put so much time in being DM to three different groups that he basically told them if they all wanted to keep playing he needed paid.

His groups put together and basically paid him a salary to be DM. I don’t know how long it lasted, or if it did. But the first professional (or at least paid) DM I ever heard of.

I had a buddy of mine who I referred to as my mental health medic. No coincidence he was also dm. I think the two go hand in hand.

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