1473 Icing On The Cake.

Cake based comedy. I did way too much research trying to make sure these next pages worked. What I learned is that all humans like cake across all cultures. Some individuals don’t, like me, but every human society makes cakes.

No worries, Maddie, the best part of the muffin is the top…

The teen hates anime on principle. However, I’ve forced her to watch One Punch Man because there’s not a lot left on the video services that I want to watch. Now she’s partially invested in the show because it’s basically a parody of dragonball. Her brother used to watch DBZ, so that’s about all she’ll tolerate, and even that comes with whining. Anyway, it’s funny how she reacts to how weird the characters are.


While I find both of them attractive, I hardly think Alex is in the position to be commenting on Maddie’s size…

Just because Alex is fat, does not mean she can’t comment on someone else being fat. In fact, her comment didn’t even seem to say she herself wasn’t, and she’s admitted it herself that she is on the big side.

Shots fired from the Red head.
The Blonde is goes in for a counter and….Wait. Who’s that? Is that?! IT IS!
It’s world heavyweight Champion John Cena!!!

Your time is up, my time is now! You can’t see me, my time is now!

Back to the actual subject of the comic, I gotta say I like Maddie’s confidence.
But it’s also strangely familiar.
She really reminds me of an ex girlfriend of mine who was very open minded sexually.
She also seemed to think that sex was the best way to land a boyfriend.

Resistant to anime, eh? Good for her, most of it is corrosive boring crap. (says the man currently following Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid for, I swear, the revolutionary politics on, er, display, not to mention its ferocious satire of anime tropes and anime fans themselves.)

But let her try Haibane Renmei. It is like nothing else in the anime canon, and I’ve been searching for its equal ever since.

You might consider not telling her that it’s anime; its muted visual style won’t give it away.

One of my favorite stories in any medium. Do not seek out reviews or previews; it unfolds itself in an extraordinary fashion, and almost anything you find will be a spoiler.

But I will tell you the image that hooked me: a shabbily dressed girl with wings and a halo sitting on a patio smoking a cigarette. Thank you (Fred Gallagher.)

That’s all you need to know.

Quiet, powerful, heart wrenching, beautiful in spirit, joyous and fulfilling as few stories even strive for.

Oh: and a gorgeous sound track.

I’m with Alex: “Firstly, gross.” But getting there — that would be interesting.

I suppose the challenge Maddie is proposing might best be described as a Fuck Off (as opposed to a Bake Off). Staying with the pastry aspect of things, that is.

My niece (at 17) is so heavily into anime that she has stuff on DVD I’ve never even heard of. I ought to introduce her to my lady friend and my ex — they both speak fluent Japanese.

I’ll admit that in my 20s I “dated” a lot of women similar to Maddie in both looks and feelings about sex. Nothing wrong with either of those things if you ask me, so long as you’re safe, and everyone involved knows exactly what they want and what kind of relationship it is. I had a lot of fun before deciding to settle down.

Muffins shouldn’t have icing. They are supposed to be somewhat healthy. That’s a cupcake. Learn the difference, made up comic character!

It’s good to know what Maddie wants, however, she doesn’t seem too keen in knowing what Reggie really wants in a relationship. Dis gonna be good, bruh.

You might inform the teen hat classic Inspector Gaeget is technically anime since a large chunk (nearly half) of it was animated in South Korea.

Cake or Death?

Oh, I’ll have cake.

We’re out of cake. Didn’t expect so many.

…So it’s “Or Death?”

Well…this is embarrassing. This is the first time I *truly* understood the icing joke…Which is weird, cus I think of myself as a fairly raunchy person yet somehow that one kept flying over my head.

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