269 Not Even a Little.

Dear Gieco.com

 Please stop with the commercials.  I’m sick of the cavemen, and I’m sick of the gecko.  Just let it go, okay?  Just let it go so the hurting can stop and the healing can start.




There is no healing, there is only a short pause before the next scarring horror.

great comic! recently found it, and i am amazed it took me so long to do so, it has quickly become a favourite.

Geico used to have good commercials! No, really. I can’t remember them too well, but I know they were funny. I guess they thought they had to blend in with the rest of the crowd. Jolene doesn’t have much of a sense of sarcasm, huh?

The joke of would be customers calling the poor gecko instead got old, so the gecko had to opt to be their spokesperson. And so their commercials went from being absurd to just another company with a mascot.

Gyasp! Sorry for double posting, but I remembered the name! Feel pleased, very very pleased! I hardly ever remember the name for more than a page later. I remember it mainly as “blue hair” “green eyed slightly chubby” etc.

Sashay through it. (Planning revenge on yo friends)

Is that a pic of Ayane on the wall there?

Is it just me, or are John’s eyes red? Is he going to turn out to be an evil demon, hellbent on one-upping Thomas or something?

I noticed too! Well, he isn’t a werewolf, as these have yellow eyes, nor he is a skeleton or lich, who have either none or glowing eyes, neither is he a zombie of flesh golem as these are too dumb to pull off such a ruse. That leaves demons, like you said, or vampires or some kind of shapeshifter.

Just found the comic recently, and coming from 2015, your sad little plea to Geico is the definition of schadenfreude .

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