1839 Rivers.

The trick to manipulating situations is tiny moves that slowly alter the course of things. Not big changes that people notice. Just skew things a little and they will be way off course the longer it runs.

There’s a character in the old Popeye musical, Olive’s father, who asks people for an apology no matter what is said to him. After the last few days I kind of feel like that’s how 50% of people on the planet are like now. Perpetually demanding apologies from everyone, for everything.

I want an apology for Rocket Power. That garbage ass show. No apology is forthcoming. Also Ahh Real Monsters. The last season of Doug. I feel like I actually have a shot at getting an apology for that one. The Disney season of Doug was such a betrayal to what the show was.

I wonder if the people who created Doug are sex offenders. It’s starting to seem like everyone who made everything ever is some kind of sex offender. Like the Allison Mack thing. It’s like the world just keeps doubling down on the crazy. I’m starting to think that reality is jusr a simulation being fed directly into my brain, but a tumor is making it crash really slowly.


What? No, I’M real. YOU’RE the simulation.

Oh nooooooo!

Once they are counted and compelled they can quickly be dispelled like figments it’s my own imagination.

I remember hearing that poem on the Muppet Show. Was it from anything before that?

That makes me think of the moral quandary in Blade Runner- if you found out, by accident, that someone is a robot-type of thing, would you tell them?

Man, I had a friend in college who used to say I was a figment of his imagination. It got to the point over the space of years several people on campus used to call me “Figment” and I only realized it after I graduated it. That’s the evidence right there for incremental diverting of rivers. One guy’s regular, everyday comments changed my self-perception without my ever realizing it.

It’s the truth. By just adjusting the motion of a few snowflakes, you can convert what was to be an avalanche to a handful of snow rollers. The trick is knowing where to make the changes, and how much.

Not that it means anything- but Jackie’s thoughts on Doug, + other shows made me think of Timothy Dalton’s James Bond films.
IMO- I was a big fan of the previous Bond films. I thought that Dalton’s 1st Bond film was pretty good, + then they made his 2nd Bond film, which was gross, + awful in lots of other ways.
I never was really into Bond films, after seeing [Dalton’s] Bond films.

Poor Timothy Dalton. It wasn’t that he was a bad Bond. It’s that the scripts he had to work to were so bad. Actually, they are, in some ways, the culmination of the ultra fanciful, totally unbelievable arc of stories started with Roger Moore. Roger was getting too old to play the part and they got Tim. The only thing is that Roger had the smarm to pull that silliness off, and Tim didn’t. Maybe because Roger and the fanciful stories co-evolved into it over time, and Tim was stuck straight into it from the get-go.

As you said, “Living Daylights” wasn’t bad. Would have perfectly suited a younger Roger Moore. Although Joe Don Baker’s role was a disconnect from what he played in later Bond flicks. Sort of like Harry Potter first showing up on M*A*S*H as the loony tunes general, only to come back as Col. Potter.

“License to Kill” was just so self indulgent, beyond any reality. But part of that was the state of the world at that time. Communism, the classic Bond enemy, was on its heels. Cocaine was the the new boogyman. So let’s send in James Bond…

Pierce Brosnan had the smoothness to play Bond, in the style of Roger. Plus the scripts, while still fanciful, were less self indulgent. Daniel Craig played Bond with a grittiness we had not seen before. In a way, Dan played Bond more in the way Ian Fleming wrote him in the original novels, and not so Hollywood (or the Brit equivalent) slick.

To me, the Roger Moore depiction of Bond was nearly unwatchable. From the moment I first saw him on Remington Steele, I was waiting for Pierce Brosnan to play Bond. Unfortunately, previous contractual obligations kept him from doing no more than a pitiful few.

While Sean Connery defined the role (and will always be #1), I feel that Daniel Craig’s portrayal is such a close second as to be virtually tied as the best film Bond.

Oof, I’d be super pissed if I were John. Though mostly from seeing behind the curtain, but still just knowing Thomas you’d know he’s screwing with you to some level. In this case it’s the first body in no mans land.

The 50% of the population demanding a apology regarding anything said to them thing seems to be the general attitude on some media platforms especially forums, its like you cant say anything without someone getting bent out of shape over it…its like saying the sky is blue and then getting 20 people argueing its green or pink.

I’ll agree with you on Rocket Power, but Ahhh! Real Monsters was good. I demand an apology. ;-)

My feelings on Disney’s version of Doug are mixed; in and of itself, it was okay, but it didn’t feel like the same show. Largely because creator Jim Jenkins was not involved much after seeing all the notes Disney gave him. Also, Billy West couldn’t be on the show to play Doug/Roger for some reason (union rules, I think…).

I’m sorry you like terrible things, like my comic & Aah Real Monsters.

I never watched enough Rocket Power to understand where you’re coming from, Crave, but it never came off as insufferable to me. So it was about a bunch of teenage thrill seekers, living on an oceanfront town. That may be shallow but not a sufficiently bad idea for a show. Now Cartoon Network’s daytime block…woof, they have been releasing stinkers since they dropped their anime block (or Toonami block). Not to mention all the new age Nickolodeon and Disney shows, outside of a small handful. Riddle me this, Crave. Would you rather watch a show which you’ve mentioned here, or watch the following: the Simpsons (post 8th season), the Cleveland show, Family Guy, Drawn Together, Camp Lazlo, Breadwinners, Chowder, The Adventures of Flapjack, Allen Gregory, The Adventures of Billy and Mandy, The Regular Show, Lucy the Daughter of the Devil, Saul of the Molemen, Squidbillies, Xavier: Renegade Angel, Frisky Dingo, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Teen Titans Go!, the new Powerpuff Girls, or the House of Mouse?

Guess he missed your post. Personally, our of all those shows, the only two worth watching are Camp Lazlo (The final episode has a reference to Joe Murray’s other famous cartoon: Rocko’s Modern Life) and Disney’s House of Mouse (I assume when you said “House of Mouse”, you meant the show with that title, and not as a nickname for Disney in general). I’ll still watch the Treehouse of Horror episodes of The Simpsons.

I liked The Regular Show up to the last WTF season.

I also liked Flapjack. Not because of the art, but the puns – OMG the puns. It was like Chowder and Flapjack were written for people like myself.

I am curious about these notes. I can’t find a reference to them on The Internets. Not swiftly anyways.

But I DID find out that Billy West wasn’t brought back because he had become a fairly well-known voice actor, and was thus more expensive than someone that wasn’t.

So Disney couldn’t be bothered to get Billy West back for the final season of Doug because he was too expensive? What was his agent demanding from Disney? The mint?

I don’t think he was demanding “the mint” so much as “a little more than a newbie would”

Actually at one point, Billy West changed agents because the agent was asking for three times the normal fee they ask regular voice actors. I remember being on the Panel Committee for MegaCon wanting to get Billy West to come do a panel, but holy shit it was expensive. He charged more than Shatner, so we got Shatner instead.

I keep thinking “No, not Allison Mack!” but then I realise that’s just because she was good at playing Sweet Girl Next Door Who Just Happens to be Drop-Dead Gorgeous Too, and I haven’t the faintest idea whether she’s actually a good person or not (which she doesn’t seem to be).

I had to look up who we were even talking about Didn’t recognize the name(my celebrity name roster isn’t very long, and well off Main Street).

She may have once been a good person, but she’s apparently a brainwashed cultist now. That tends to affect one’s behavior.
Not excusing her current actions, just … who she is now, it isn’t a reflection of who she used to be.

If nothing else, I think we can say her old self was a TERRIBLE judge of character.

Demanding not only apologies but a sort of permanent exile from gainful employment. Apparently starving to death is now a requirement to not have your business burned to the ground according to the “justice” part of the SJW movement.

Ah but you misunderstand the reality of the situation. It is just one more brick in the 1984 wall of doublethink.
Each word in the acronym is the antithesis of what is happening in truth.
So SJW translates as Hermetical Injustice Assassins.

What was wrong with Ahh! Real Monsters? I mean, yeah there were better Nicktoons, but it wasn’t god awful like Rocket Power, Jimmy Neutron, or Spongebob.

Was Ahh! Real Monsters! bad because it was a Klasky Gsupo production?

Look, I know the animation and character designs for that cartoon and other KG shows were ugly as fuck but they had some fun writing to them.

And fuck me if the Gromble wasn’t the best character in the show!

I want apologies for the Star Wars Prequels. And Abrams’ Trek films.

Not happening, I know…

And the new Star Wars films. :P I didn’t even bother watching the new one after that mess that was episode whatever, which would have been marginal even without Emo-Vader. Lawrence Kasden, or more likely Disney and Abrams, have ruined Star Wars.

Star Wars died a long time ago. (KotOR was its last gasp.) People keep hitting it in the hopes it will seem at least a little alive.

I dunno – Rebel One was a solid little movie, and the most fun I’d had with Star Wars in a long while.

I know people who would argue that the “Star Wars: Clone Wars” cartoons were pretty watchable, too.

Emo Vader? Huh. That’s how about 60% of enlisted Marines behaved, including a few that outranked me. Seeing his performance, I absolutely knew where he got it from.

The Star Wars fans had been begging Lucas since the end of The Return of the Jedi to make a new Star Wars movie for more than a decade although Lucas really didn’t owe the fans anything. Episode 1 gets made and the fans lose their shit because it didn’t live up to the original trilogy.

Classic case of wanting to have your cake and eat it too.

You know, the hilarious thing about the Abrams Trek movies is that actual lifetime Star Trek fans wrote the script, designed the ships and begged for the cast that got picked for the films. Abrams only directed the thing – he did not cast or write the script.

The newest Trek movie was actually better because SIMON PEGG co-wrote the script. But according to Star Trek assho – I mean, fans, we disregard the odd number movies.

For everyone bitching about Luke being emotionally unstable and quitting – Luke was like that in 90% of the Extended Universe stuff. Either he joined the Dark Side and had to be brought back by Leia; screwed up being a good teacher so his students left him in droves to use the Force however the heck they wanted; dropped the ball in finishing off threats to the New Republic that came back to haunt him; or quit entirely once his wife Mara Jade was killed by his niece.

And the Solo kids were all sorts of messed up. The favorite one was blamed for the death of Chewbacca and had to die becoming one with the Force to get his dad’s love back. One joined the Dark Side and had to be killed by her father after she murdered a lot of people. And one became a tool of the alien race invading the galaxy.

I actually like the new movies because I was tired of all the stupid BS of the EU.

The first of the new Trek movies wasn’t that bad. It had flaws, and Sulu’s space-katana was just so backwards to both what was spoken and what was done with Sulu in the past that it really stuck out(and I’m pretty sure space samurai Sulu was Abrams’ call), but… it wasn’t an awful movie.

Into Darkness, though… THAT was an awful movie. I never saw Star Trek Beyond, and that call was made almost entirely on the demerits of Into Darkness.

The odd-number rule has never made sense to me. Yes, 1 and 5 were bad films, but 3 wasn’t at all. And Generations, AKA 7, was the only Next Generation movie that WASN’T excrement.

Hey, Jackie, just gotta say, I noticed this today, with all the time its been since we last saw the guys talking, how much your drawing and comic’s art has improved. There’s just so much more detail, and small things that make everything work. Anyway, just wanted to let you know, I’ve been really impressed! Thanks!

It would be pretty sad if I hadn’t improved at least a little after a decade, although I’m so close to it I rarely notice it myself.

Sorry about all that stuff. Not that I had anything to do with it, but… it’s sad when stuff doesn’t live up to its potential.

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