270 A Short Drive.

In case any of you were wondering, I decided to finish Custom Robo. It was handy one night, so my choice was made based on not having to get up. Perhaps not surprisingly that’s the reasoning behind a lot of my choices.

As I’m sure some of you know screen legend, Charlton Heston, took his final breath late last week.  I didn’t say anything about it then because it would be even more lost, in the din that is the internet, than it is now…  Arguably.  I liked his work.  When I was little, he WAS Moses in my mind.  Much like George Burns WAS God for a time.  Of course, now that I’m older, and so much more mature, he will always be Taylor from Planet Of The Apes.  I’m not sure where POTA ranks in my list of questionable classics, but it’s gotta be in the top ten at least.  Anyway, he’s passed into legend, and will eventually pass into obscurity, but for my part I’ll keep his dream of a mostly ape-free society alive. 

 It would have been hilarious if they held his funeral at the church of the bomb… 


Panel 2 — remove the speech, replace it with: ‘Soon shall I rule over mortal lands! Yet this heroine named Carol escapes me still! Send my vastly overpowered elite high archdemon dragon shapeshifter undead mages to slay her! MWAHAAHHAHHAAHAHHAH!!!

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